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  1. Posting about your silly nonexistent god-thing and his(?) virgin birthed offspring when I'm posting actual silly faces that really exist, tells alot about you. Good news is...none of it matters as they won't send you to silly, made up cartoon hell!
  2. Great back then...sux now.
  3. Close ups? Here's some closer up snaps I got couple seasons ago. Not only Bryde's Whale (about 35 ton mom) w/calf...but Irrawaddy Dolphins too!
  4. YOU are the troll...even tho u don't even realize it. You ignore everyone who calls out your nonsense. Soon you'll be all alone in the TV Universe.
  5. Looks like half-a-billionaire "Mr. Wonderful" was able to cut another great deal. Wonder if Mr. Average, or wife of, would be doing some jail time?
  6. Then why bother? You have made this point ad nauseum for months...that "our feeble brains" are incapable of ever comprehending that which you keep telling us is out there, but don't have a clue about. If, as you claim near daily, this...as far as what IS known, nonexistent thing does not want to be known and is beyond human comprehension regardless. What is the point??? Please just once explain why something that, for all practical purposes, isn't there...chooses to remain hidden, doesn't interact with or have any concern about us...and is beyond "our feeble brains" forever, matters. Why do you care? Why should we care? In other words...what is the benefit? The consequence? What's the impact? To my feeble brain...same as if it wasn't there. Nothing.
  7. Wouldn't offer them a thing. If they asked for something to drink, would oblige with room temp water...nothing more.
  8. In our area of Kanchanaburi, been getting daily showers or t-storms for at least 10 days...a couple of them heavy. Enough each day (or night) not to have to "water" the garden and other vegetation.
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