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  1. Thanks? Haha. Just thought to check back in. Amazing y'all are still at it. Impressive. Checking back out now...surely to the contentment of many.
  2. Sigh...405 pages and still the same ol' zero-evidence based claims, superstition and nonsense.
  3. Should never have shut down to begin with. The long term damage is done. Reopen in 120 days or tomorrow...recover (maybe) in 120 months.
  4. Certainty no one expected a smooth and easy process. This place is not capable of rolling anything out in an intuitive, smooth and timely way. Never has been and never will be.
  5. This place has been leaking oil ever since it started taking itself seriously and trying to convince themselves they are a first world country. Total -show with baditude. Inept, incapable and incorrigible. Pretenders and wannabes. Fools only fooling themselves.
  6. GETTING frustrated?!? They've BEEN frustrated. Those not permanently shuttered, that is.
  7. Bangkok too. Recently been imbibing in beer, babes & billiards under above conditions in 2 bars in BKK. Wonderful to have a bit of normalcy and human interaction again! People are OVER IT.
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