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  1. Yeah it makes sense. That's the advantage he had with many newbs that are easily intimidated, that really need the job or looking for that big break. Not all, but seems many were not yet high profile when he took gross advantage.
  2. Heard all the thunder in the distance, but not a whiff of breeze nor drop of rain in out part of BKK.
  3. Yes, and as most of us know... ...ridiculously inconsistent rules, regs, enforcement, lack of understanding and interpretations from one office to the next. No surprise at all about that. It's absolute lunacy about the same day activity BS. A load of ludicrous, that. Serves no purpose other than to put the applicant out and highly inconvenienced with petty nonsense. TIT to the MAX.
  4. This is extreme. Usually (from personal experience a few years back), you will be stopped or "flagged" around the 6th entry in a year. When happened to me, was excorted to a higher up and we had a very pleasant conversation in which she politely asked me to promise to get a visa, as it was obvious I was living here. I kept my promise. A friend has been stopped and pretty much same deal, but he still just enters on visa exempt. He may be in for something similar to the OP! And another guy I know, whom is married with 2 kids here, has yet to be stopped, but makes frequent in and outs by air for work. Had you ever been warned previously? Is there more info to share? Seems extreme even for the ever changing Thailand.
  5. I rarely dine at the already overpriced places that include such a charge and always leave a generous tip at places that don't include such a charge. If they include a service charge...then that is the tip. End of story. I don't know where the money is going...nor do you. It is usually labeled as a "service charge" and it's assumed (in the civilized world) that it is going to the service staff...including the kitchen. Regardless where it goes...NOT my/our problem! End of story.
  6. By the OWNER...not the customer. The name itself is a "SERVICE CHARGE". I never leave anything extra when there is already a built in "tip". Just another way to rip off the employees and laying the blame on the customer (usually the foreigners), instead of where it squarely belongs...on the owner. Probably, most customers (tourists) feel guilty and do it. I don't.
  7. I don't care where it goes. If there is a surcharge added...THAT is the tip. I do not leave anything further. Of course the money should go to the entire service staff, including the kitchen...but if it doesn't, that is not our problem. If the "boss" doesn't care about his/her hard working employees...then why should we? Most places with such service charges are already incredibly overpriced as it it...even before the service charge. The money should go to the service staff, but if not, that is an issue for the "boss"...NOT us!
  8. What about in BKK? If so, can ฿400k be in a fixed acct and ฿400k be in a regular acct?
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