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  1. What a MORON. And NO boo-hoo for you! This cracked actor crybaby is reported to be earning close to $125,000 USD per episode recently. I enjoy the show, but OVERPAID IMO.
  2. They were alotta fun! Always sad to hear such news. Had the pleasure to meet Davy Jones (who died at 66) in Boston Logan Airport in the early 90s. He could not have been nicer and more approachable. I strolled up and mentioned I had just seen him on Howard Stern and we both had a good laugh...then a nice chat. Seems Peter Tork would have been the same kind of friendly fellow. Condolences.
  3. Allegedly...not apparently, until proven otherwise. Others have been convicted here in the court of jesters and popular, emotional opinion...only to be wrong when the actual evidence is gathered. Jumping to premature conclusions is not a pathway to the truth.
  4. There is no UBER here anymore. GRAB bought UBER (SE Asia) nearly a year ago. Spot on!
  5. Many cases of reported rape turn out not to be true. At least the article says allegedly. Why does anyone need to forcibly rape anyone...especially in Thailand?!? And a guy on overstay yet??? Just doesn't add up. If true then the dude should be jailed, but sounds more like BS. If a setup and/or made up...then the girl(s) should be jailed.
  6. Lots of ongoing tech issues here. Gonna have to notify the Thai Tech Poleet!
  7. I use Huawei (second one now. gave the first to a friend in need) and LOVE them. Excellent smartphone with full features at a great price. The rest of you...just keep overpaying for expensive Apple products as my AAPL stock needs a boost!
  8. Excellent movie. Great casting, acting and especially the music. Liked it so much...watched it on 2 consecutive long haul flights. It gets my vote!
  9. Wasn't aware Thailand had any tech...so much as Tech Police!
  10. I leave numerous times each year. I live in BKK and previously Pattaya...and have never done a TM30 and never heard a thing about it. Renewed my extension based on retirement just this past December and not a peep. Never done one and don't intend to ever do one. Should they ever fine me the ฿1600 or whatever it is...it's totally worth not being bothered with all this idiotic, unnecessary, ridiculous, onerous nonsense.
  11. Enjoy the show...lots of great music and babe-age! He's a good actor, but if this is a fake...a really stupid dude. Hope it's not true or his Dad...Luscious Lyon...is gonna whoop his ass!
  12. Why always...deny, deny, deny??? While everyone is entitled to their own opinions...none of us are entitled to our own facts. The article is not made up BS to justify the headline. The facts and stats are gathered (and have been consistent), THEN the results are what produce the headline. Forbes is a Right leaning media source, but sorry it is does not not meet your FNC...Faux News Channel...standard.
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