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  1. Not so fast... https://www.pattayamail.com/news/thai-travel-restrictions-to-continue-beyond-july-1-301934?fbclid=IwAR0sQ0PPQl8mEJ4Jey1Q-F0Ilgdk_qUkHxs1flCYuF5A8e0r9HVgBvsLkVg
  2. Mental midget spoiled little turd can dish it out, but sure can't take it when he's called out. Which unbelievably happens way too infrequently.
  3. The pussification of the world. Everyone so <deleted> fragile and easily offended. Get over it
  4. Thx for the kind start, but semantics aside...many people on 1 year extensions based on retirement or marriage have long term lifes, wifes and other dependants, property, investments, REQUIRED in Thai bank, etc, which apparently amounts to a pile of to them as we are indefinitely prevented from entering without even a mention. Seems unfair, illogical and simply wrong to me, as I am not a tourist and just need to get back home. Personally would gladly pay all costs of mandatory 2 week quarantine and any related expenses, including test and medical checks. No prob with that at all. Don't understand why this simple solution should be so difficult is all I'm saying.
  5. Tampa Bay Rowdies vs New York Cosmos cir 1975 at Tampa Bay Stadium...fondly known as The Sombrero. Most of you will not consider this proper football, but The North American Soccer League was a BLAST!
  6. I did it on visa exempt...month in, month out...for 23 years before getting a "Retirement" visa 5 years ago. No wrongdoing whatsoever. Now am locked out due to this BS but have required B800k+++ in Thai Bank, Thai GF of 8 years, a house in Kanchanaburi with 3 cats and 3 dogs, an apartment in BKK, a Thai driver's license, a car and motorbike but because I don't have a work permit or marriage certificate...NO ENTRY. Completely idiotic and WRONG if they don't allow ALL long term visa holders to return "home". My everything is in Thailand yet I'm stuck in USA renting an apartment I don't want, leasing a car I shouldn't need, bleeding cash I'd rather keep while separated from everything I love and they keep jacking us around unnecessarily.
  7. Probably the most underrated rock guitarist EVER. Dude could...and prob still can...BRING it!
  8. 1 more death!!! They'll prob lock it down for another 6 weeks!
  9. If I didn't have a long term life and wife here...doubt I'd come back. Maybe once...but why ever return? Place has been over for a decade.
  10. LONGEST post of the thread. Took all that to say I don't know???
  11. ALL foreigners with 1 year visas should be permitted to return as long as they are willing to undergo the medical screening and quarantining procedures upon arrival.
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