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  1. After doing my 90-day visit to Jomtien Immigration, my habit for years has been to then have lunch at Richman Poorman restaurant. Today, I did my 90-day; but when I went for lunch, I was sad to see that Richman Poorman is no more. The soi-side exterior wall has been removed with stools placed looking out over the soi. The menu has been replaced. The place is now open-air, no longer air conditioned. All of the paraphernalia of the old place is gone: the wall of license plates, gone; the chalkboard with the specials, gone; sports memorabilia, gone; our friendly proprietor, gone. My favourite lunch was only available a few times a year, but worth the wait: the shaved prime rib au jus, served on a baguette. Best coleslaw in town; wonderful pecan pie. Do any of you readers have any information as to what happened? If so, please post. I hope that the former proprietor is well; he was always great fun to chat with. Definitely the end of an era.
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