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  1. In my experience, the checkpoints etc. have always typically been aimed at illegal aliens from neighbouring countries who have slipped into Thailand to work illegally. They tend to ask anyone who looks like they are from SE Asia for their ID. Farangs, they tend to wave that requirement off like they are intentionally avoiding accidentally catching one.
  2. I actually think technically he was within the bounds of the original topic as outlined in the original post. The difference between the minimalist in the OP and the 'giddyup' was that he would allocate more to accommodations (and obviously less then to 'partying') From the OP post
  3. The whole event could in fact be counter productive since the policy makers were not there... They had officials there to implement it and thus could not respond any other way than the law is the law and that is what they must abide by. Having this public spectacle might have felt cathartic for some, but what was necessary was a smaller private meeting with the goal of sending back small but important adjustments to the existing laws to make it easier on the people to abide by them (i.e. being able to register 'permanent' addresses with a contact phone number - where if you are in country and not currently registered on a temporary TM30 (hotel) location -- that is where you can be found). (if you violate that, then you lose the ability to register permanent addresses and revert to the current regime).
  4. You may not be able to control how much you make (to a great extent), but you can control what you want. Basically, if you want less than you have or will ever have you are more likely to be happy. If you allow what you want to get out of control, you are more likely to be stressed about what you have or make -- and generally will be less happy. When I look back, I figure I probably wasted (spent money on things I did not need, sometimes because at a certain position you are expected to) probably enough to send a whole small town to University (ok very small town)... I think I am generally just spending things on necessities and the odd hobby and if that makes me a cheap charlie - so be it. When I was a child, I probably grew up in a house 5 times the size of my townhouse now, and this place is about 2 times the size of what I am renting next... I basically need or make use of maybe 3 rooms (not including the bathroom), my computer room (aka office), a place to sleep, and a place to cook... everything has to have a function... and the side effect it is easier not to get carried buying stuff and filling it, and of course... much easier keeping it clean. One oddity I picked up from my mother is if I invite someone over it has to be spotless... which is why I don't hire a maid... my OCD about it would force me to clean up before she arrived...
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