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  1. Would digital nomads pay tax... that depends on Thailand, but I expect it to be based on existing tax policy. A person is resident if they live more than 180 days out of the year here, and Thailand taxes based on world-wide income... as such legally a nomad visa where you are resident here 180 days or more out of the year - you would be liable for taxes here. With pensions etc. they are typically not taxed because technically it is not considered 'income earned' in the current year -- i.e. it is deferred income (in your home country you pay taxes that were deferred from the time that the inc
  2. They likely do, but they need to demonstrate their will... and 10,000s of thousands out in the street is not enough.
  3. Protests do not necessarily represent a majority make, they look like they number in the 10,000ish range... until the general population is more motivated - the demonstrations are but a drop in the bucket. You might get some notice with that size of a demonstration, but for the most part it will be ignored. I participated in demonstrations when I was in school, might have had on the order of 15,000 people.... (not overthrowing a government - just policy demonstrations)... I don't know if it was a majority position, but at that number you generally get ignored. If you are trying to overthr
  4. I am being very generous since I am a guest in this country, it is up to the locals to determine if it is the democracy they want.
  5. It had elections, the people voted, the result was a government was formed... so for now... it is democratic... probably even more so than the United States right now.... where the President has his people and the rest are enemies... and the system has been setup so the elected can chose who votes for them (gerrymandering), and dissuade people that they don't want from going to the polls etc.
  6. City is in Canada (one of the large ones). The nature of the work is all intellectual property based... software development (all phases of it) for large systems. That includes Software Development, DBAs, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, and Project Management.
  7. I have been working remotely in one way or another as needed for more than 10 years (software development - large systems). The end product is virtual in nature (not a physical product, and I don't need access beta hardware that would be controlled in a lab). When I first did work remotely as needed 10 years ago, I was to some extent isolated from the normal development process. The pandemic hit, and the office in a tower downtown closed and has remained closed (probably til next year). The ability to work in a team environment while being remote has improved considerably in the last 10
  8. Well then, it is lucky you are in a democratic country where the government listens to the wishes of it's people...
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