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  1. Yes, if you are an illegal alien - you seem to be a dying breed (very slowly dying -- very very slowly) ... though 500 is still a minuscule percentage of those...
  2. Not necessarily, it really depends on how greedy the thieves are.... If they stay too long and get greedy with the pickings they may get caught, but it takes time for surveillance to catch up - so if you come -- make a few good targets... then leave and onto the next country -- it can be safer than just staying in one country (your home) where everytime you do it you roll the dice but sooner or later it comes up craps. Just don't do it in a sharia country or you might become the one handed bandit!
  3. I seem to remember the hassle (and cost) to get her license (for her and her car) my sister had when she was posted to Vietnam -- was quite about more costly and worse than it is here in Thailand. (no personal experience, just a vague recollection of the time and cost of the process was more than I would have expected -- I think also the cost of car is higher (based on minimum insurance packages) -- though she had her own shipped in). But the grass is definitely greener over there..
  4. Caucasian... which includes Europeans, Western Asians (i.e. the caucuses), Central Asia, North Africa (i.e. Egypt), and South Asia (i.e. Indians).
  5. Yay! As my old CEO use to say... Mongrels rule! (by the way white is not a race, only a minor trait; I also find it funny about people talking about 'white people' becoming the minority... but have to misuse/mistake statistics to make it white vs every body who is not "white" -- now does that include Spanish people or Portuguese or Italians? )
  6. You are free to make mistakes as humans -- and to suffer the consequences of your mistakes -- but Thailand does not have to -- since there is no entitlement to stay here if you are not a citizen or permanent resident (like most countries).
  7. Yes, going down the drain fast... quick... everyone leave before it is too late! Crap, no one is listening... only complaining
  8. Legal status must mean that you cannot say you are a citizen of both countries... if that is the case -- residing here could lead to the deemed abandonment of permanent residency.
  9. I did not pick Thailand because it was most affordable... so yes, if that is your criteria... by all means... look elsewhere... you won't be noticed other than maybe the posts here. My criteria is that I actually like living where I am living (and it is warm), and has reasonably good quality communications/internet... as a bonus, the friends I was closest to when working in UK, US, and Canada... live in this region as well (Singapore and Hong Kong).
  10. option meant that that there you either had to show proof of other insurance or some sort of self-insurance bond. Not coverage is optional
  11. My guess is that we will be given the option of public health policy at "unsubsidized" rates... enough to insure Thailand that on average -- farang retirees will not left unpaid bills at the end. It will intersect with Thailand as a medical hub.
  12. A bond is a reasonable requirement to ensure some level of self-insurance if you don't have other insurance to take care of things when you finally kick the bucket. I have told my relatives that when/if I eventually kick the bucket here, I should have enough funds to cover things... but for gods sake... if they wanted to use my body as leverage - tell them to keep it. I have also said that my preferred method of disposal right now is the cheapest... I started out with just feeding me to the fishes, but then I realized if they find anyone that does flesh removal via those bugs (you see in TV shows) that it might be a better solution since there is good value in selling real human bones for skeletons (worth much more than those created with molds) Just don't drag my dead body all around the world ...
  13. And when you go back you will find it is 2x+ more expensive than you thought.
  14. Yes, to each their standards. I find going out nightly to bars pretty mindless and boring. It is fine once in a while, but to be quite honest I find a lot of enjoyment in my hobbies (Computer Software, Physics, and Math) a bit more interesting... and I have enough friends outside of the bars that I don't need to sit on a barstool counting down the days.
  15. I live in a modern 3 floor townhouse in a gated community about an 18 minute walk from a Skytrain station. I pay about 14,000 baht (up from initially 12,000 baht when the station opened). First world accommodations at a fraction of the price of what I would pay back home (which has gone up considerably in the last 10 years). I could get a reasonably nice (if small condo) for 7,000 baht/month. You may scoff at that farmers house, but in the countryside that is all you really need. A small amount of work would make it look just fine.
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