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  1. People often get confused on here about what is 'free trade' (often a misnomer - i.e. freer trade not free trade). Free trade does not mean you are free of bureaucracy of import export into a market that has different rules, it means the products that are import are free of duty... this is different than a 'common market' where you change the relationship between trading partners to effectively become a market where the rules implemented are the same for all parties and thus are free of both duties and bureaucracy of import/export. 'Common Market' is basically becoming one domestic market wi
  2. It depends on how the grid is setup - is it just Norway or does it connect other countries to the grid.... if there are other countries, then it would make sense for Norway to act as a conduit and a wholesale vendor and make money both from selling electricity but also make money on electricity flowing through the network from one country to another. It also means there should be more redundancy in the grid the more sources and customers that you connect.. (i.e. don't end up like Texas).
  3. The US has been pushing for stricter regulations with reporting on countries that have catered to people who evade taxes... the UK however is an offender and while they were in the EU the likelihood of the EU being able to tighten regulations was a little more limited. Not saying this is the reason... the reason is actually much simpler (IMHO).... When countries enter trading agreements each side negotiates with an eye on the bottom line - is opening the market in this area offset by the other side offering something of equal benefit so that it is a win-win situation... The UK either was unwil
  4. Not a coincidence, but then not forced. Normally the strategy of having a central agency order and distribute is a better strategy for things like this, but like any government agency sometimes there are failures. Having 27 countries competing the same thing that is in short supply only usually ends with them driving up the pricing of it and not getting more overall in the end. Since Europe usually has open borders between countries the goals should be to reduce it as much as possible continent wide so that things can start returning to normal. Having the vaccines not role out in a strate
  5. It is not legally binding as part of being part of the EU, but an agreement between sovereign nations that happen to be in the EU to agree to work together on ordering rather than competing. If the country decided to join the joint ordering, they agreed not to at the same time compete with it.
  6. Then they stuck their fingers in their eyes, slapped their face and called them names... and did so for years (to be fair decades). [i.e. it approached the negotiation in a very non-professional way] Though to be honest Countries don't have friends, they have allies as such based on common interests etc. The UK has decided for the most part that they have little in common with the EU and wants to go it's own way placing sovereignty above all else. Any deal you get into you give up some sovereignty to do as you feel like at any time you want for a common goal... but you remain
  7. I agree with you on that, there is a lot of corruption in many western countries - it is just 'made legal' in some cases and in other cases there is no 'direct link' (i.e. quid pro quo) -- just an understanding -- through buying access. Examples of 'made legal' was that for the longest time in the USA effectively insider trading was not illegal if done by Congressmen but always illegal by individuals so that you could effectively 'bribe' people with information - which politicians use to make lots of money through the markets... There is a reason why most Congressmen leave office
  8. Wow the health ministry is apparently made up of one small team that can only do one thing at a time.... I did not know the UK had such a slim administration. There are contracts that have been signed for PPE with people who have contacts in government - that have no experience in that industry... that to me smells of corruption... Transparency and accountability... without those you end up in a corrupt kleptocracy.
  9. Divorce though is a bad comparison since in divorce law you have divorce courts which balance the power imbalance between the two parties... this does not exist... and the EU has much more power economically behind them than the independent UK does. This is just the way the world works... Scotland will have the same issue temporarily, but in their case (depending on the EU) the road to rejoining the EU will not be that long... as they already were a member (through being part of the UK) -- and they are not seen as a threat generally speaking (like Turkey generally is because of issues with r
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