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  1. So are yours.... there has to be at least one leap year in that calculation so at least 1826 days.
  2. I suspect -- The problem is the program is designed to give the private company that runs it a nice profitable package, but not the Thai government. The existing private partnership should be split from the visa part. The government runs the visa part and charges 500,000 for the 5 year elite visa, and all the additional perks such as car service offered by private (companies) - to which 500,000 of their price goes to the government (and suddenly the government program is nice and profitable). The private companies can package their own services in to their bundled package and cha
  3. You cannot separate the effects of COVID and Brexit directly, but you can compare the UK to the rest of the EU which has also been hit by COVID.... and get a good idea of the overall effects of Brexit from the overall effects of COVID. Assuming their is no impact from COVID you should be able to see the UK holding the same ranking against other EU countries when it comes to the economy. You should also be able to see about the same impact to the UK economy as other EU countries. If the UK has improved in comparison then Brexit can be assumed to be positive, if it has worsened in comparison
  4. No, it is no longer an internal matter as the Good Friday Agreement et al is an international treaty where the United States is a guarantor. This treaty was passed by substantial majorities by both of the Ireland. It also binds the UK government to the terms of the agreement. Breaking the terms of the agreement means breaking treaties with all the guarantors, Ireland, etc. and should result in some form of sanctions.
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