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  1. It has just been announced under Article 44 (by a Government spokesman) that the Government (Junta) have decreed that it will be illegal for any politician or individual to give false information regarding Vaccine Dates, Times/Appointments, Locations thereof and misleading website or Vaccine registration Apps until further Notice! The spokesman went on to say that Vaccines will be free for everyone by June 32nd! He also said that the time has come to stop Ṭ̄hān h̄ī.....(Pussy Footing) about bars re-opening and suggested that would coincide with the above date!....Howev
  2. I went to the doctor feeling depressed. He asked me why I was depressed. I said, "Because I am always getting ill". He Said, "I think you are suffering from Hypochondria". I said, "Oh No! Not that as well?"
  3. Well I am Flabbergasted! I was due to get my first AZ Jab tomorrow on Samui. I registered like a "Good boy" 2 weeks ago. I just got a text from Samui hospital telling me that my appointment date and location has been delayed until further notice! I can guess when I will get it without paying.......
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