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  1. I walked out of Schindler's List. The hardest part of watching that movie was opening a packet of crisps without waking everyone up.
  2. Yes. She had quite a story. Her father disowned her for many years for "moral reasons" I believe, but they have since made up.
  3. Most Thai ladies I know wouldn't touch a farang with a barge pole, and they do have the opportunity. They're happy with their healthy, happy, hard working Thai partners.
  4. I have found there's normally some logic behind some of their beliefs. Like the one where they can't wash their hair when they have their period. Someone explained to me "think about it. You're trying to rid yourself of fluid and cooling your body down. It's better to stay hot". A bit like some of our early beliefs like covering a mirror during a thunderstorm. Old mirrors used to use lead paint and apparently would attract lightning.
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