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  1. Yes so thats why im lookin for a school that teaches manual :) Or am I understanding you wrong?
  2. It does yes, but my thinking was its a good idea to learn how to drive manual, since thats the licence i will be getting. The cars available to me when i have the license are all manual. But maybe learning automatic and then switching to stick is fine? My understanding was its a pretty big difference. Thanks for your reply!
  3. Looking for a driving school that offer this. I want to get some driving experience for the purpose of getting a license in my home country, which is a lengthy process so thought u would get a leg up by learning how to handle the car atleast.
  4. Bit of a fun update went to the big hospital opposite big c and they wanted 20 000 baht. I have read about private hospitals overcharging but...
  5. Hi looking for a good clinic or hospital. Was quoted 3000 baht per mole at one place seems a bit pricy
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