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  1. Sounds like none of these experienced 'experts' have spotted or commented on the obvious. A 'decompression sickness' (DSC) can occur in as little as 10 meters of water if the diver holds their breath whilst ascending. Air Embolism (a burst lung in simple parlay) is also classified as a DCS and is the most likely cause of this incident. It's one of the biggest risks during early training which is why the 'never hold your breath' rule should be hammered into all trainees.
  2. It would appear that you weren't following this topic. It was all the rage this morning. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1083740-marriageretirement-interpretations-explained/
  3. But, that is not what you do with it. It's up to the bank to confirm that deposits come from abroad. So you stick it on the desk of your branch manager and say 'confirm'. (politely of course!)
  4. You make sure that you keep the T/W transaction slip that you can download from your activities page. Irrefutable proof that the deposit has a foreign origin. I am keeping all of mine, just in case.
  5. Well, with respect Sheryl, Tanoshi did mention TransferWise way back in his post on page 2, #20 which I reproduce below: ''They even showed me examples of local bank statements, then the same statement from HQ, which gave precise details of the overseas source of income, sometimes with pension providers names where they were paid directly into their Thai bank account, others as Foreign TT transfers (Transferwise as an example) and government state pensions paid direct through the bank of Thailand, which clearly state a Bahtnet deposit''. Perhaps he come back and reconfirm that. Was TransferWise specifically referred to by TI O/P? I am saving all my T/W transaction slips, so I shall be able to prove to the bank or TI that they are authentic foreign deposits, if they are challenged. Many thanks to Tanoshi for his efforts. I think I can sense a collective 'sign of relief in Thailand today'.
  6. Just need to look at the accidents stats. No 1, motorcycles, No 2 Pick-ups. And they way I see them driven sometimes, that comes as no surprise. Would never buy one.
  7. Very good advice Doc. I once had a small fissure on my heal which I ignored and It got infected. It quickly became very nasty and when I did see the doctor and he was very concerned. So yes, watch out for infection. and get it treated quickly if it does develop. I agree about your comment about antibiotics. I had a badly grazed knee a while ago. Our local clinic did a good job of cleaning it up and dressing it for me and then gave me a pack of penicillin tabs, despite the fact that there was no evidence of infection. Didn't even ask if I was allergic to the stuff.
  8. I've been an Issan dweller now for 5 years. Married to an Issan gal and adopted by her family and I am quite content with my situation. It wouldn't suit everyone of course, but I'm a country dweller by nature so for me it's fine. So enough of the 'desperate falangs in god forsaken places' if you don't mind. Back on the topic, I would be forever grateful to IM, if they would accept that a pension income is for life. It makes no sense to have to keep proving year after that 'yes, I still have a pension. The same one as last year'. It would save them a lot of unnecessary work and us a load of hassle. It would also remove the underlying worry of currency fluctuations which are, of course, beyond our control.
  9. No, I am aware that unless you have a proper incinerator. (I don't think my oil drum qualifies) these items shouldn't be burned. If our local guy can't deal with it, I dump in a communal skip in town. It's not perfect I know, but we do the best we can.
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