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  1. Let us all hope that Thai Imm' thoroughly, and I mean really thoroughly test this new app before they launch it. They have enough 'egg on their faces' following their previous attempt to 'ease our administrative burdens'. Let's all hope so and please folks, 'don't knock it 'til you've tried it'.
  2. And the downside? Well there are a number, but the chief one IMO is that yet another young kid is dumped on aging grand parents whose interest in raising said kid is, at best, dubious.
  3. I use a woolly jumper for the few 'cold days' (those that descend below 200C). Less work, less pollution and zero running costs. Sorry O/P, not knocking you. . Enjoy your fireside days.
  4. But will the quality of their shorter, unhurried lives be any any worse than the frantic frenzy that is associated with a western lifestyle? There are two sides to every story.
  5. From my many years of association with Asia, I have concluded that they do indeed tend to walk much slower than those of us from temperate climes for the very reasons that you state. We are, I feel conditioned to walking faster simply to keep warm and it has become an ingrained habit. But oh yes, the bloody smart phone. Grrrr! Just yesterday I had to prod a young lady from behind who was stood texting at the bottom of an elevator in the mall.
  6. You can gauge the effect that booze has on ones thinking from the following conversation: See what I mean?
  7. You'll get plenty of responses regarding this matter - once they've sobered up!
  8. Try 'Opera Browser'. I've been testing it for 2 days now and no issues at all. My computer is running much better.
  9. Basically, O/P in words of one syllable. 'What's it got to do with you?
  10. Best way to learn about a country is to get out there and explore. So, you get lost a few times. GPS will help you out I'm sure. And you may have some great adventures on the way. Call yourself a biker? Stop being a Nancy and get there.
  11. Nor does it matter that transactions are not marked 'international'. I've proved it.
  12. Have you forgotten any O/P Try people who think that those without health insurance are parasites who have no right to be here.
  13. I'll come and ride for you for free! Just pay me my return travel costs.
  14. TVF does not make me feel negative about Thailand at all. But the negative attitude of so many of the posters here does rile me a lot at times. I often wonder why on Earth they stay here at all. However the simple act of going for an hour's walk in the clean air and rural beauty of the Issan countryside that surrounds me soon lifts my spirits again. It's the perfect antidote. I have also discovered the usefulness of the 'ignore toggle' in the settings section. Certain people who used to really get up my nose, don't anymore thanks to that facility. (No doubt my handle also appears on some of their lists as well. Suits me fine ) Have a great weekend everyone.
  15. There's a rai or 2 of land for sale behind our house. Hmm.
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