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  1. The first additional thing that the IO asked me for, when I first applied for a marriage extension at Sakon Nakhon was source of income. (They come under the same regional office as Khon Kaen of course)
  2. Sorry pal, you're way behind the times. Sniffer dogs in Finland Dec 2020
  3. Whilst much of the focus is on the overall Covid statistics, the sensational ones, I thought many would find it useful to see how the stats break down around the country. The source for this information is: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=nbtworld&set=a.10151767958672050
  4. What a weird and totally unnecessary speculation. My wife's son is in the army and he has indicated to me that he will ensure that I am taken care of on my demise. 'Mama does not have to worry' he said.
  5. It sounds like this is the kind of pump you're looking for. Get 2 so you can have one recharging. Electric Water Dispenser Pump
  6. I had extremely bad back pain over 20 years ago. All attempts by doctors failed to find any cause nor could they offer any cure. And massage made it worse! I eventually discovered a book by a Dr. Leon Root who prescribed exercise and it worked. I have never forgotten the routine I learned and practice it occasionally to maintain back health. There are plenty of websites with exercise plans available. Here's that is not dissimilar to the one I use. https://gogoodguru.com/sore-back-workout/
  7. Here's my latest contribution for those who have access to the BBC iPlayer. 'Killing Escobar' is a drama documentary about a team of British mercenaries who were recruited to go into the Colombian mountains to take out Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug cartel leader. The mission failed but this a fascinating story about their recruitment, training and their survival. It is also a very personal story which I found quite intriguing.
  8. I live in Sakon Nakhon and have been following the trend here. All of the cases (98 so far) emanate from visitors or returnees from the central region and all of them have been contained. For a population of a little over a million, that's a pretty low figure. And that trend seems to be fairly consistent around all of the provinces. Here's a snapshot from May 16th. One can go back and find that this is fairly typical. Western region: 100 North East: 70 Eastern region: 119 North: 30 Southern region: 127
  9. Your personal issue has nothing whatsoever to do with topic in hand, which is the legality of insisting upon employees accept a vaccine offered by the company. If you you feel that Sinovac doesn't suit you then you're free to seek an alterative. Personally though, I think your fears are unfounded and Sinovac will soon join the list of WHO approved vaccines. WHO Inches Closer to Approval of Chinese vaccine
  10. Our village in consortium with 2 others, have a cooperative fund which covers the basic requirements of all funerals. Whenever there is death in any of the 3, a collection is made from every household to top the fund up, each according to their means. No one goes without a funeral, not even the poorest. As my wife and most others know, I am completely areligious and have no interest in Buddhist rites. The monks also know that, so a simple trip down to the cremation ground is all that I am interested in, but my attitude is 'it's up to them'. If they want to waste money on a more ela
  11. The report indicates otherwise. If they can swim, they stand some chance. But if can't the result is inevitable, even in still water.
  12. What a load of fuss over a vaccine that has been administered to least 160 million people, worldwide without any serious consequences. Sinovac supplied 260 mln COVID-19 vaccine doses globally
  13. No, not according the report in Thaiger. It said: ''The new limit applies only to highways with 4 lanes or more (at least 2 lanes travelling in each direction, divided by barriers). In the case of roads with traffic signs that indicate minimum and maximum speeds'', There is other criteria as well which is explained in the article. Speed limit on Thailand’s highways increased to 120 kilometres an hour
  14. There was an article in the Bangkok post, dated Apr 20th that suggested that even cases that have been tested positive, but only have or no symptoms might be able to self isolate at home in order to free up hospital beds. I don't think we've reached that stage yet.
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