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  1. I think it's a great idea that the a person speaking in public does so without a mask. By doing so the audience has half a chance of hearing what he is saying!
  2. Well if he is, then he's been fooled by a misconception, that being the great myth of 7 dangerous days. I've been here 7 years now and observed the figures for these periods every year. And I along with many others, have come come to the conclusion, that there is little difference between the daily death toll during these holidays and the rest of the year. In fact on occasions they've even been seen to go down a bit. 'The 7 dangerous days' are a complete fallacy.
  3. This is, primarily a discourse between myself and fishtank. (who has not yet responded) However, as you wish butt in please explain what you mean by 'statistics for Songkran'.
  4. Was I not paying attention and missed the bit that goes 'where is your motorcycle license?' Really a comment is not necessary as the article says it all. But what now is the attitude of those kids? They had a bit of laugh by the roadside which they no doubt giggled about for ages afterwards. And they now have a reinforced attitude that the law is an ass and can be ignored with impunity. A bulldog without a bite is a Chihuahua without teeth. Basically it sucks!
  5. There'll be dancing in our village for sure. We've beaten the virus twice now and we're champing at the bit for a bit of traditional fun. Bring it on.
  6. Such accidents have been reported many times on Nation and other news outlets and they are nearly always when the victim is lying on their bed.
  7. Yes, I do wish folks would read the news a bit more instead of jumping to conclusions.
  8. Welcome to the world of call centres. Same moan as many millions of people around the globe.
  9. What are you talking about? It was good enough for Anutin and several senior officials last Sunday.
  10. Pure nonsense. Sinovac has not yet passed phase three of the clinical trials in Thailand.
  11. We brought our Udon Thani registered motorcycle across to Sakon Nakhon. We've paid the tax 3 times since then and there's been no mention of changing the license plates.
  12. 'Stan and Ollie'. Yep that's right. A brilliant BBC film depicting Laurel & Hardy's last tour together in the UK and Ireland. Wonderful acting that was so much 'in character' I could almost believe it was really them. It it's also quite a moving story about the latter part of their lives together. Well worth watching. Available on BBC iPlayer for 11 months.
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