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  1. I've bought cars in several countries and this is the only one I've come across that cannot register a vehicle within a few days. Even bureaucratically overloaded Saudi Arabia could manage it within the week. It's ludicrous that you buy your new pride and joy then have to wait for months before you can drive beyond the bounds of your province or drive at night.
  2. There's an article about it on Wikipedia.
  3. I had some UK state pension payments which I was able verify with 'Foreign Exchange Transaction' (FET) forms from my bank. They where printed off, signed and stamped in about half an hour and accepted by Immigration. That may be of help to you. The bit I don't understand is why you can't have a marriage extension as your company pension well exceeds the requirement.
  4. Imagine for a moment that you are back in your home country, wherever that may. You are member of a community forum in your home country and a group of foreigners join that forum. That foreign group begin to hurl daily insults at your country and its people. And they do it unrelentingly on a daily basis and there is nothing you can do about it. That is what @Yinn has to put up with on a daily basis, from a group of very ignorant, cowardly people who would never dare to say the things that they do if it were it not for the cloak of anonymity. So just show a little bit of sympathy and understanding will you?
  5. It's not the lamppost that does the crushing, it's the kinetic energy in the vehicle and the side is the weakest point of most vehicles. Modern lampposts are designed to snap off when hit by a vehicle. I don't know whether that's true of lampposts here. I've never examined one in detail.
  6. Well he didn't drive his pick up into the pole, he lost control and broadsided into the pole. T- boning as the Americans say. Another young life lost due to the lack of appreciation that pick ups are dangerous vehicles that shouldn't be driven so fast.
  7. 11 likes, 3 thank yous and 1 re-quote (from me) say otherwise. Stick to it @Yinn
  8. An article written by a journalist whom I very much doubt would indulge in cheap, cheque-book journalism. https://thediplomat.com/authors/shawn-crispin/
  9. Well said Yinn. Thank you for sticking to your guns against the tirade of, as you put in your own words, the ignorance of: 'The last 4 months proof how stupid you guys are'. I am so glad that I live in a small, Covid free Thai village, well away them all.
  10. You do NOT need to download an app. except maybe a QR scanner. Thai Chana is a web based platform. Scan the QR code, press 'open link' and your there. Very simple to use.
  11. I'm sure that's the issue. I came out of Big C the other day with shopping bag in one hand and my treat from Dairy Queen in the other. I resolved to go back and check out once I'd eaten my sundae, but I forgot. Oh well, never mind.
  12. No I very much doubt that. I has never happened to me in 5 years of riding a Click with CBS. What I find is that the left lever is good for normal braking, but you have to use both levers if you want heavier braking. I've never had to do an emergency stop in anger, but I've rehearsed it several times and I think that the front could be locked using the right lever, but I've stopped short of proving it for obvious safety reasons.
  13. Indeed so. In fact the Royal Thai Air Force have come up with such an app. Google 'covid air track' (Can't provide the link because it's on the rival news media) I rather suspect though that there really would be strong resistance on the grounds of privacy issues.
  14. To put it quite simply, that is technically not feasible. It is not a movement tracking app such as one might use for walking. In fact it's not even an app at all. It is simply a data capturing platform that relies on the data that you provide.
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