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  1. I have this problem and as I prefer natural methods I purchased a neti pot. I use this to irrigate my nasal passages with saline solution. I also have a regular morning routine of vibrating my skull with a nnnnnnnnnnnnnn mantra. Take an in-breath through the nose and then place your tongue behind your upper teeth. Then whist breathing out make an nnnnn sound. You can tune it by moving your tongue around to direct the vibrations into the sinus's. Eventually you will feel the mucus draining down the back of your throat. It's simple but very effective. You add to it by tapping the forehead and cheeks with your first and index fingers. A variety of traditional and modern neti pots are available from Lazada. Give it a try.
  2. E mail is not generally location sensitive. It is after all an international system. So simply relocating should not block it. I was in Egypt recently and was able to access Yahoo and Hotmail without any problem. But increasingly they are becoming device sensitive. If you try to log on from an unfamiliar device email servers are now seeking some additional verification. This is why it is important that one should have a mobile device or an alternative email address through which they can contact you.
  3. Well I must confess, I have noticed on TVF that the US banks do seem to a lot more troublesome than their UK counterparts. I've been living in various locations around the world, including China ever since the advent of on-line banking and never had any adverse issues.
  4. You will never catch me protecting organized religion! My comment was aimed at the quality of some contributors to TVF.
  5. I've been a globe trotter for years. I've never had a bank block access to my accounts.
  6. Clever. A very good example of the notion that we often: 'read we what expect to read'.
  7. Wasn't he? His feet aren't even touching the ground! And if I recall correctly, the embassy staff broke normal protocol by inviting the police in to remove him as he refused to leave of his own accord. But agreed, he was evicted for being, amongst many other things, a proverbial pain in the backside.
  8. Which, may I point out, I would not have been on had you not used a topic heading which suggested that it was about the army and made no reference whatever to golf. I wasn't surprised to discover that the golf forum was about golf. I was surprised to be there at all! And that I think takes full circle does it not. Have a nice round.
  9. Learn how to quote, you've quoted the wrong person Yes TVF does that doesn't it. You quote someone's message and TVF attributes the quote to the next person down the chain. Don't blame me pal, blame the webmaster.
  10. I do not think that there are any, or least very few falangs around who have sufficient knowledge or information on this topic to make this survey worthwhile. It's simple an opening for the usual crop of religion/Thai bashers to 'have a go'.
  11. Hmm. I think I'll go away and ruminate on that a while. On the other hand, I'm never likely to use one so I'll just forget about it.
  12. Parochial, Meaning: Having a limited or narrow outlook or scope. Oh, is that how you consider none golf players to be is it? Note to self: Do not take up golf. Golfers appear to be a snooty lot judging by this last message.
  13. 7,500 Baht. A bargain? For doing what you can easily do yourself for free. Not my idea of a bargain.
  14. Me too. My wife's son serves in the army so I have an interest in that topic. But golf? No way unless it's a VW Golf.
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