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  1. I've never heard of that expression before, but I like it. I shall use it from now on whenever I read TVF killjoys criticizing us seniors for riding motorcycles. (with or without a helmet)
  2. What if I can never leave Thailand? No problem. As the old saying goes: 'Wherever I hang my hat is home'.
  3. You could kindly suggest that he uses the side stand like the vast majority of riders do. Even those with light weight machines!
  4. A live test of their track and trace system, including the Thai Chana app. (hope you've all still got on your phones up there in CM) Let's see how effective it really is in practice. They've done well in the past when isolated cases have popped up. I'm confident they'll contain this one as well.
  5. Bath tub. What's a bath tub? Oh one those old fashioned things. I've not had one of those since I left UK in 2006. OK, only fooling with you. Actually I have had this self same problem in the 1st house I ever bought, only it was a little more challenging because having a wooden floor, the water, would seep down into the kitchen! At least in your case the water's not doing any harm. I did try the @Crossy solution, but the water still managed to run down the end wall and onto the floor. I had to install a shower door similar to the one in the picture to stop it.
  6. I've lived and traveled in many countries and have always adapted quickly to the local cuisine. And I loved them all. Chinese, Indian, Arabic Turkish. Bring it on and I'll scoff it! But if I was to choose one country where I enjoyed the food more than any other it has to be Saudi Arabia. The variety there is just amazing. Food variety is one the aspects that I do miss living, as I do in rural Issan. Madam Moon is a great cook and I enjoy everything that comes out of the kitchen. But I do often yearn for some great Indian or Arabic food.
  7. The answer to that should be pretty self evident. With the hand brake of course, as do many disabled folk in adapted vehicles.
  8. And all this could be true. But there are two points to raise. Firstly cigarettes are very expensive in the UK, discouragingly so. Secondly there is and continues to be a vigorous anti smoking effort in the country. So whilst vaping may well be a contributing factor, I'm sure it's not the only reason that smoking has been reduced.
  9. Do you have 'counter-flow' in your pool or use what they call 'tethered swimming'?
  10. OK, be in denial if you wish, however even a very quick trawl on the internet will lead you to at least 10 different sites that say more or less the same thing. The point I'm making is that Dr. Pathanawanich is not just spouting nonsense. There is a lot of supportive evidence out there for his argument.
  11. Try this for evidence: https://news.usc.edu/168364/vaping-combustive-cigarettes-smoking-usc-research/#:~:text=A USC study finds that,than those who don't.&text=A new USC study finds,who never used e-cigarettes.
  12. The going rate for security on our house whilst we're away is a good feed for my wife's uncle and his family when we return. They haven't let us down yet. I certainly wouldn't pay a policeman to do the job he's supposed to be doing anyway.
  13. Still trotting out the same old hackneyed idea I see. It is becoming rather boring now.
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