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  1. Jimmy Fallon for president. Yes there is a future for everybody. Geezer
  2. I just hope that there is an huge majority of Americans that vote against Trump and his gang, and they all get to enjoy Opposition or early retirement. I will not miss any more of his tweets and other garbage. Geezer
  3. If his assets were a house, well we foreigners can only get condos in our name. So of he also put other stuff in her name, duh, good move guy. The rest is standard if you want to live in a house, you need a wife to have the house in her name. Not a great ending for this fellow. Geezer
  4. Well the fan will have to be fixed by someone else now. The guy is going to take a few days to feel good enuff to do much. Geezer
  5. How about the salty oceans, which should be a bit like chlorine in the pools, I think the closing of the beaches was a stupid action as well as the closing of the pools. I guess the bars can be left closed as the local tourists are not big drinkers. Good luck on your reopening Thailand. Geezer
  6. A great read, and you are right about the USA, there are 13 states where the virus numbers are increasing but it looks like Brazil is in the race as well. It is always sad to hear about young children dying, because of inattention of the adults around. I hope that the International travel starts with even a few flights to get the last of the stranded people back to their countries or Thailand. Over a half a million people have died of the Covid virus, and the USA will be more than 100,000, but with 300 plus million, they may slowly get a more serious attitude about the virus. Looking forward to next week, Enjoy the pool and the cleaner air. Geezer
  7. I hope the old chap get to UK and has learnedthat not allThais are good people, just like that all over the world. Some people on this forum are likely younger and can still take cold Winters. There are many tho with joint and back pain who find that hot weather is easier on them, as well as the moist air. There are also some poster who live in their bubble and cannot think outside of it. Someday you will be old as well. Geezer
  8. I thought there was some corona virus in Iran, why does this leader have the same luck in not getting it. Of course the same could be said for the USA. Wonder what the future will bring. Geezer
  9. Better 2 fingers than slim jim. Could have been so much worse. Geezer
  10. Bbi1 must be a single old retired guy, living the dream in Thailand and does not have a care about people who are separated. I know of a few families where the foreign husband works in his home country and goes to Thailand on holidays and days off to visit his Thai wife and family, so Bbi1 have a little imagination and try to think of these peoples situations. It seems to me that some posters on this forum are pretty clueless. I am glad that I only have some Thai family in Bangkok and some other areas who will be okay that I will not visit them for 2 years or so. It would be nice to see some compassion and understanding with more people on TVF Geezer
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