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  1. Snipers, another way to take care of business. And from another country yet. How to not get blood on your hands as an Iraq politician. Geezer
  2. It is no wonder that so many people in the past left Great Britain, for some other part of the planet, to have a better government if nothing else. Seeing this stumbling along in the English Parliament is embarrassing, and boring at the same time. Who ever is still stalling for any deal, where they get everything they want is just dreaming. Get on with the thing already. Geezer
  3. Wow another storm and more bad times for Japan. Good Luck to those affected by this storm, I am glad that I did not head for my Winter trip to Thailand, with the weather like this. I am hoping for more peaceful conditions in January.
  4. Mr. Carbon Tax, Trudeau, Mr. Black Face, Trudeau. Mr, give 10.5 million to a killer, Trudeau, does not deserve to be a PM of Canada. What Trudeau deserves is to go back to being an obscure teachers aid, is some rich kid school in Canada. That's my opinion anyway. Geezer
  5. I have visited quite a lot of places in the north part of Thailand. Life on the farms and small villages are, hand to mouth, and there are a lot of poor families. This is the facts, and when some of the teens get to 16 or 17, they go off the farm to try find work that will make money for them and their fathers and mothers. I met a few of these young women who had ID's showing that they were older, and that is how this whole situation can and does happen. It is Asia, bye the way. It is not where most of the commenters on this forum are from, try to remember that and that Thailand and other countries in Asia are a lot different that say countries like Canada, USA, Australia, etc.. Geezer
  6. This won't happen again until the next time, just like a few cases in Canada and the USA. Oops, sorry never again, promise, promise. Geezer
  7. RIP to the fellow who is dead, with the Thai reporting, if he was not fully off the floor, they said he was kneeling. Think about where this event happened. Thailand reporting has been criticized by lots of commenters about lots of news stories. This story is no different. I like staying in Hua Hin, as there is lots to do in the city and area. It is the only place in Thailand where I feel okay to ride a motorcycle. Geezer
  8. Well to some people these two women do not look over weight, or old or even to the Thai photographer, Ugly, so maybe they look okay. Wow some of you bar stool commenters are sure getting fussy in your old age.. Geezer
  9. I had a policeman friend in northern Thailand that probably fell asleep as well, and totalled the Police chiefs car. Once the car was repaired, my friend promptly took a transfer to another part of the country, to save his face. Then eventually quit the police department, as the pay was not that much and he found other work as a hotel chauffeur in Bangkok. Such is life in Thailand. Geezer
  10. Here is Thainess, this truck would not be allowed to operate in a 1st world country with the windshield like this, or the pickup with a box full of people like the 2nd picture. Face it Thailand is a 3rd world country and will not change. All sorts of accidents happen in Thailand that are far less frequent in countries with laws that are enforced. Geezer
  11. The video of this accident show lots of vehicles along the road and some going by at a fast speed. Looks like a place waiting for an accident to happen, then it did. Third world country with a third world accident and result. I do hope the pickup driver gets a long time in a jail cell to think about his actions. Geezer
  12. So Turkey is backing Syrian rebels to fight the Kurds? What kind of a situation is this, is Turkey trying to keeps its hands a bit clean, by using rebels to do its fighting? Maybe the Syrian army of Assad should kill off all of these rebels, so that Turkey needs to use its own people to fight its battles in Syria? Just my thoughts to this long, long war. Geezer
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