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  1. My simple question is. How much land does Isreal claim today, compared to the past? More or less? Just asking! Geezer
  2. I have only seen graffiti on things where the tourists target, for their so called art. It really is not that popular. So I agree that it was likely a simple thinking Farang. Unfortunately! Geezer
  3. Nice day visibility at least 25 kms. Just came into BKK from Jomtien and had good air all thevway. Geezer
  4. Happy Honey Moon! Hope others take this warning... Honey Moon somewhere else . Just joking. Happy Valentine by the way.. Geezer
  5. If there was another shutdown the whole lot from both parties should be fired, and some other more mature adults put into the Whitehouse to form a government for the people, instead of their own egos, and selves. Geezer
  6. To the Donald, Yemen is one big sand box for him and his 4 year old mind. Geezer
  7. Maybe she will resign in the morning of April first. Just a thought. Geezer
  8. Won't the virgins be sheep? Good riddance to this murderer. Glad that most the others are gone for life as well. Geezer
  9. Grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, I am curious about Vietnam, do they have the 90 day rules? I have heard that some things are cheaper and we would all be Viet millionaires with their currency so low. Do they have the same sugarcane burning air pollution problems? I only visit Thailand for now 2 months per Winter, but who knows what the future holds. Geezer
  10. This should of course include the area where the Judges houses and condos are built near Chiang Mai, right? Geezer
  11. The guy is lucky to be important, or he likely would be in jail already, and not in Thailand or Australia. Glad that he did not want to go somewhere else. Geezer
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