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  1. Who from Isreal is going to the moon? What unmanned, this is hardly a news story... More junk on the moons surface, but I guess if some people get up there to live, they can start gathering up some of this stuff to use for their colony. Geezer
  2. I hope Thailand loses more of the tourists that it is lucky to get today. The baht has been too high for far too long, and I do know of many people who travel to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and other parts of Asia, as their holidays are not that much more to go see other countries. I will go to Vietnam myself next year, as I am tired of spending 160 baht for breakfast here in Hua Hin, when I can get it as cheap at McDonalds in Canada where I live for the same price.. Geezer
  3. The cheap charlie who had a good time but would not pay the 200 baht for his one night date, deserves everything he gets. He had no business getting mad at the staff of a place that only charges 200 baht to stay at. Any commenters who want to be this jerks new buddy, or lawyer friend, you are welcome to it. I defend the guy who grabbed the jerk to restrain him, The American is either a tourist or traveller from a foreign country, shame on him for his not remembering this fact and behaving himself. Geezer
  4. Until a few politicians kids are bitten, or other more powerful people in this country have a family member mauled, or killed, there will not likely be any changes done to the way dogs are handled in Thailand. I have seen this biting problem gone on, for over 24 years and no changes yet. Absolutely sad. Geezer
  5. RIP to the poor woman who was killed. A long prison sentence to this jerk who, deserves the death penalty. Geezer
  6. Well for one thing, if they are tourists, travellers or expats, they are plain stupid.. Not in their own country, and if they buggered up and crashed, bye bye insurance, if they actually had any, anyway. I see many Farangs around Hua Hin in the country sides, with no helmets, as there are never any police outside the city, who will stop anyone, for almost anything. Got to remember, 3rd world country, with 3rd world police force! No helmet equals brain dead, in my opinion. Geezer
  7. Yes and Canada is the USA lap dog, with good hair, even.. Sad, really Geezer
  8. A boozer anywhere in the world wakes up and it is booze day! Does not matter if it is a week day, holiday, Buddha day, or weekend, it is Booze Day!, drink up! Geezer
  9. Look at what Canada did to their poor, Muslim child soldier, that killed an American medic. Got him back to Canada from Cuba, then paid him 10.5 million Canadian dollars. What a fine country of idiots I get to live in. Please U.K. have more brains than this... Geezer
  10. This teenage girl went on her own accord to marry a terrorist, and have his kid. She should stay where she is, as don't they new young people and kids for the future of the country she is in? Oh she has had a change of heart and now wants to come back to the U.K. Well, Bangladesh, here is your baby, look she is all grown up and has a kid. Do you want her back? Geezer
  11. I am glad that Bernie is running again. Have you seen how Fox.com asian TV is making like. Oh he is a Socialist, sounding like he is the Devil walking on Earth. What a sad pathetic TV station. My opinion of course, I just wish there was an American TV network, CBS, or ABC, that broadcast in Asia. Geezer
  12. I hope this rapist is caught, and loses his nuts, then suffers a slow death after that, of course that is what I wish for all rapists. Geezer
  13. Does it say anywhere that this unfortunate guy looked into the pipe? No, I did not think so. Way to go armchair, expert. Sad day for his family and friends. It is unfortunate a person who was volunteering had to die. How many of you commenters are volunteers, by the way? Geezer
  14. Lots of areas outside the terminals in Thailand and other airports, that have overhangs for rainy weather, no need to panic yet... cough , cough. Geezer
  15. In Thailand there are many reasons for the death toll, with cars and trucks, bad brakes, bad driving, bad road skills, inattention, sleepness. In Canada, the reasons are much the same, except in Winter, there are many crashes caused by drivers that never drove on slippery roads, and go speeding along right into the accident. Then the new driver, usually from some hot country will say. Oh I did not think it was slippery. All over the world, there are idiots that drive, crash, and make life miserable for people around them. That is my take anyway. Geezer
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