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  1. I used to see the money amount that airlines supposedly lost, and would wonder how they were still in business. Then I finally noticed that it was only a loss of the profits they were forecast to make. If Thai Air does go bankrupt, for sure, then I will know that they have actually lost too much money, and all the rich people in the background have lost money as well. For now this airline has way too many people as execs etc, and really needs to get rid of most of them. Maybe then they have a slight chance to survive. Geezer
  2. How about the volcanoes, when they erupt, they affect the gases in the atmosphere as well, but the Green people do not want us to know just how much the natural world affects our climate. Modernizing the factories, and making less polluting vehicles help the situation, but I hate the governments just charging a carbon tax and squandering the money. Pipelines do not pollute, and oil will be needed for many more life times as it is used in making so many other products. I support the factories and other big machines should have scrubbers and other means to reduce the harmful emissions
  3. Having the various speeds, is confusing, and does not make the roads any safer. I guess the speeders can just go faster now without getting a speeding ticket. I always tell my Thai family drivers that they are brave to drive around Thailand. They all just chuckle, and agree. Geezer
  4. Most posters seem to think that the prosties, or entertainment women are accepted as same same as a respected woman who does not do that activity. You are wrong. Most Thai families know who is involved in the sex trade, and they are indeed treated differently than the teen girls and women who are not. Saying that there is no damage done, is just a lie. I know that even in my Thai family there were a few who were wild and got involved. They never married, and told me why. Sad life really. Geezer
  5. Working with explosives anywhere is dangerous. This fellow will not mess up again, and it seems that he was using very strong. explosives. Geezer
  6. Okay maybe it is the 3rd quarter of 2022. Just a misunderstanding once again. Geezer
  7. Neighbours helping neighbours. I guess that is the new desperate message that TAT is trying to tell us. Good Luck TAT. I doubt that Thailand will see so many tourists, but I am not an optimist. Geezer
  8. Aww poor Donny, well I do hope he will be a poor guy in the future. Karma! I think he will look great in an orange jump suit. and prison bars for scenery, oh what a nice future for Donny. Geezer
  9. Half a million dead so far, likely nearly 1 million when the virus is finally under control. Then there are those anti Vaxxers who want their freedom, what will happen to them. They have the right to bare their arms, I guess. 555 Geezer
  10. The question is, has Texas learned anything from this freeze? Will they actually change anything, or winterise their power plants, or will it just happen again at the next cold snap? TIme will tell I guess Geezer
  11. If the Texas utility companies did not Winterise their power stations, and they froze up, well fire all the guilty parties and charge them all huge fines. Corrupt people have caused so many others pain and ruined homes. Of course some would go after Biden to say that somehow he is the cause of their disaster. How about, Cruz, his great support sure has helped, huh? Geezer
  12. Thanks Rooster for the lot of news of the week. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Geezer
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