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  1. Well at least the PM and his horde will likely stay at one of the hotels for their visit. I hope they can see just how deserted Phuket is at the moment. Geezer
  2. It seems that this Pareena woman is a Trump in a skirt kind of person. Toe the government party line and lie about the PM and his so democratic way that he got elected, and is staying as PM even though it is not only the student protesters that want him gone but a lot of the Thailand population. This woman's blinders are as evident as the PMs are. Geezer
  3. Maybe just using the Gyms for exercise like walking or running laps, should be all that is allowed at these covid quarantine hotels. The less the staff has to clean equipment the better. If the quarantine is going to be reduced to 10 days, there should be rules for people to get one more test at day 14 or even 21 to be sure they are still healthy. This virus is not a normal flu and should be treated as such. The posters that used to say that this corona virus is the same as a normal virus, should go chat with people who have survived it and see what they say.
  4. This Amnesty stuff, and extension of temporary stay, and all this temporary methods that the immigration department is using is all BS. This is the time to get rid of the gazillion types of visas, with their own confusing conditions, and rates you have to pay. Basically if you pay for a 90 day visa, it should be lowest visa you can get, not some 60 day visa that is what I could get in Canada, for just a visit. If I wanted 90 days, I would almost have to have a job waiting for me in country and then get the 90 day work visa. The 6 month, or 1 year visas should b
  5. If you have a place in southern Canada, well you will at least have nice Summers, You will get your pension when you get to 65, and can start your CPP at 60. Your wife can become Canadian and qualify for a pension at 65, as well. Yes and the medical issue is real, as hospitals in Thailand are expensive if you have to go and stay in one. My Thai family has told me of how many baht they have had to pay for some older relatives that have gone to the hospitals in Bangkok. You can even buy your wife some Winter clothes pretty cheap, if you chose to go back
  6. If you listened to Biden, he did not say that he will immediately shut down the oil production, anywhere. He is saying that oil production is a polluting industry, and is planning to do something about that. Of course you will not find a Trump supporter who will tell the truth of what old Joe really said. Trump is not the great leader that his blind supporters try to claim that he is. He did not drain the swamp, his own people are in that swamp. I have not heard of the great wall of Mexico lately, just how is it coming along, and how many ladders are proppe
  7. It will take 2 more life times for Thailand to actually get a real democratic government, and I am being very hopeful with that conservative figure of time. Geezer
  8. If Thailand TAT and Immigration, plus government, actually looked at expats who are still in Thailand as stable money for Thai businesses, they would quit all the nonsense of the extensions to all visas, and just be happy that lots of foreigners are still living in Thailand, but no it is all about the money, isn't it? It would be nice if Thailand would make the S T V be the only visa needed for anyone in Thailand and make it a reasonable price to pay. No more borders runs needed and make the S T V 365 days instead of the 270. Simple solution, but will never
  9. Oh, oh, I am shocked that Biden is the only one of the two guys that has a bad son, with some issues. Trump is pure as New York snow, or his family members? This Giuliani guy, how pure is he as well? Is this maybe some fake news from some other source? The last week of this election sure is getting dirty. Geezer
  10. This Thai, man child should lose his place to his ex wife, and go to jail for several years for his criminal act. Of course this is Thailand and he will likely get a slap on the wrist. Disgusting... If he had his own residence, do you actually think that this couple were still happily married. My guess is that they were separated at the very least, and likely on the way to a divorce. Geezer
  11. So, What will all those American do after the election is over. It will be November, so guess they will be preparing for American Thanksgiving. then comes all the Christmas shopping. Welcome to Winter America. Hope you prepared a nice dish of humility for Trump. Geezer
  12. We could keep spending money on space projects, or spend it in the black hole of Earth, and all its causes. I would rather see it being spent all over. Geezer
  13. Again, I am glad that Indonesia and the Philippines are giving out a better reporting of the covid cases than some countries around the world. Geezer
  14. At least it seems that in Indonesia, the numbers of covid cases are not being hidden. Good for them and the Philippines for being honest about the covid numbers. Geezer
  15. When I read of some charts and stat to show that the percentage of people who died is small, it means nothing to me as I have had a relative and some friends, who have died of covid. So for the stat and chart people, go to blazes...OKAY! Stick your stats where the sun don't shine.... okay. Do you get my drift? Geezer
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