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  1. Yup, lose of face and big nerve, that Thailand will only have AZ or the great Chinese vaccine, or maybe the Russian vaccine. Please do not go to anywhere in the USA, like Hawaii, and get Pfizer or Moderna, Noooo do not do that. Stay in Thailand and maybe this Fall sometime get the other great choices offered. Geezer
  2. The Grace Hotel in the Nana area was full of a mix of these and other Middle Easterners. at least it was several year ago. As well as some other nearby Hotels. So it is likely they had others of similar appearances in the same area. Good catch When will the deportation take place? Geezer
  3. Thailand has lost its charm. In the 60s and 70s it was an interesting and cheap place in Asia to visit. Now it is not so cheap to stay at, as the price of meals in restaurants have risen a lot, and the price if guest houses, or Hotels are not as cheap. It is still cheaper than Europe for some things, but once you have seen the sights and museums a few times, Thailand is just an Asian country. TAT and the dreamy government can try woo the rich, but good luck, as most of them are not rich because they are stupid. As some posters have said, maybe try to give your l
  4. TD is Toronto Dominion, a Bank in Canada. They sell travelers insurance to their clients. as well as other banks and some other companies. CAA is Canadian Auto Association. AMA is Alberta Motor Association. As I said, I do not know what the UK has for medical insurances, but in Canada it gets more expensive the older you are, or if you start having medical problems. Other Banks like Royal Bank, or CIBC bank are more expensive as banks go. Geezer
  5. The mention of wide spread corruption, was the least surprising sentence of the whole article. Geezer
  6. This business guy flies to Guam, and works from there as well as gets his shot. Sounds like he would be able to write off the trip, as a business expense. Likely got a Pfizer or Moderna shot. He also enjoyed some time in Guam, which sounds like a good break. Good for him. Geezer
  7. I have seen many Thais sleep on a thin bamboo matt on a hard floor, so those cardboard beds may actually be comfortable to them. I also know that most expats have not often slept on a bamboo matt, but in comfy beds, so they just do not know the difference. Have many of you posters gone and visited some Thai families who are not on the rich side of the fence? My up country relatives have pretty basic houses, and I had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights at their places. I was very happy to return to my guest house with its comfy queen sized bed. Geezer
  8. Maybe the Thai government leaders are still waiting for the big brown envelopes from Pfizer and Moderna companies. Geezer
  9. From what I have heard on the news and have read, there are no vaccines that will make you immune to the COVID virus. The vaccines will keep you from getting as sick or dying if you catch the virus. Is the 96.7 percent, considered against dying from the virus if you contact it 4 weeks after you have received your shot of the vaccine AZ? Maybe this is just more propaganda? Geezer
  10. Maybe since Thailand likes to be the hub of things, it will be the new hub of the Clusters. These clusters should keep Thailand in the state of semi lock down for quite a lot longer. It is a good thing that some Thais still wear their masks for the protection from pollution, as well as the COVID virus. The expats on this forum seem to forget that in Bangkok at least, there are days when the pollution alone is a good reason for mask wearing. Good luck with you vaccines, and hope that Thailand can get everyone done by the end of this year. I guess it will take ano
  11. I have noticed in the past that many teens on their motorbikes have not had proper training, and it is only time until they end up crashing like this 16 year old did. I have had a lot of them come onto the roadway ahead of me without looking, and I have managed to get the brakes on to avoid hitting them. I doubt that Thailand will change in the next 30 years, as the Thai attitude does not change at all. This crash is not a surprise at all for most of us forum posters, Sadly. Geezer
  12. Anutin, the Tycoon and part of the shambles of a government the Thai people are not too proud to have. This military junta is full of corruption, but again I guess that is just how it is in this part of Asia. The elite crowd of Thailand must just love the quality of their leadership, as nothing seems to change over the years. Geezer
  13. Just like a lot of the Government of Thailand this guy seems to have few morals. I am always amazed at how the rich and elite of Thailand can do what ever they want and do not face any justice. I guess Thailand will always be a 3rd world country in my eyes. I do have a faint hope that some day in the future this country will be come a real democracy, but that will be a long time from now. Military lead Junta, i what I see for the near future at least. Shameful Geezer
  14. China has not vaccinated a large percentage of their population. Just like India, I bet that less than 10 percent of the Chinese population is vaccinated, just the wealthy and the lucky. India has less than 5 percent of its population vaccinated. I wonder just how much Russian population has had their shot? Brazil is a disaster, and I doubt that most African countries had been vaccinated as well. I guess it depends on how much support they have got from the WHO, and how many vaccines have been sent to the countries affected. This COVID virus is certainly, a bit of a res
  15. So, this is why TAT is working from home. They do not want to show their big lying faces to the people of Thailand or to the expats and others. The truth is out. No tourism for Thailand until 2022, at the earliest. Forget the million or so promise of tourists, when you include the 14 day quarantine. Maybe a few hundred thousand, determined travelers would be the expected numbers. Thailand, it is time to join the rest of the world and get your population vaccinated as fast as possible. Give the people some choices of vaccines as well. Let the private hospitals ge
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