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  1. The problem is not the man in office. The problems in america are the banks,the feds and the stock market. These will destroy america. Trump is a liar and we all can see that. But he is not the cause of american problems. Americans and i am one are the problem. We are over the top consumers and the debt we have acumulated will send the world into a recession while america goes into a depression. We have added 36 percent to the deficet in 2019. Its going to crash and burn.
  2. Does anyone else here notice whats happening in the usa banking system? Its QE4 Its too late already. The 100 billion per day for bank bailouts till january will destroy the usd. And america. If 70 percent of the worlds currency is usd the entire world is going to be in a depression. And usa will be in a civil war. Its doomsday folks so nothing to do now but prep. Maybe gold and silver but i certainly wont buy baht. Maybe thai gold.
  3. Obama told the kurds that usa involvement would be temporary and tactical to fight isis . Turkey is the original usa ally. What a mess. Its a no win for usa. Turks and kurds need to knock it off.
  4. So i guess the ones on the right side are yin and the left are yang. And so it all comes down to the don in the middle. Yes lets all make it as hard as possible for anyone who actually wants to be here and spend money. All in favore iiiiiiiiiiio ok then its settled tm 30 and visa rejections forever.
  5. The only thing you can controll is youre entry point. I would first go to Kl it has most flights per day like 10 .So if you are denied entry youre not locked up overnight in a cell and you can fly back same day to kl at youre great expense. But it beats a cell mate. Then you cross by land. There are many ways to enter. Like all the land boarders. 1 really easy spot is langkawi to phuket. Take a ferry to koh lipe and youre in. The immigration at koh lipe is just a tourist mil on the beach. I just did my 90th visa exempt in 12 years. I flew out and in same day to kl. Got really lucky it seems reading all the hype.
  6. Is anyone really surprised at this? Its dukes of hazard here daily. I hope to not be added to the taley before i get out of here.
  7. This should help thailand. If not directly then indirectly. Win win
  8. I would want revenge. The lesson here is in thailand you have no freedome. Its all a illusion. At any moment any one of us could be held against our will. Treated like a dog and pretty much destroy our life. I realize this now after many years of thinking if i am not doing anything wrong i am fine. The us military probobly saidvlet him go or no more hardwares
  9. There are just so many people having issues. Its clear that the thai government is not interested in western long term tourism. Clearly they prefer mass chinese short term tourism groups who daily destroy the enviornment from mass tourism. Good luck thailand. You are shooting youre foot on this one. Youre enviornment is being detroyed by youre ignorance.
  10. The usa stock market will crash. Today tomorrow its inevetible. The entire world will be brought into the usa implosion. I dont think thailand will survive the gloable depression. Not with tourism and not with exports. The subs and tanks and such actually might be needed to keep all us westerners from migrating to the teflon thailand. Edit Me i am going to indonesia and change all my usd into rupia. And live on a secluded island. The exchange rate is nearly at a 10 year all time high. A pcx 150 is 800 usd cheaper in indo. The people are friendly.I was in thailand for the beaches and those are all now destroyed from plastic and chinese tourism. Seriously cheap living in indonesia. Not much tourism.
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