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  1. Hilarious. If I was to try to do that I would be stopped for entering a red zone several times for a start. By the time I have been to all these offices if I didn't have covid before I would most likely get it in this process. I hope we don't need all that to get it done at a private hospital, although the nearest one of them is 75kms from where I live. Thanks for nothing.
  2. As clear as mud once again. Will someone just let us know what will be considered as proof of residency? Do you need to have the residency certificate or is a retirement extension enough? Left and right hands coordinated for once.
  3. Here we go again some brainless official (K. Ratchakitprakarn) wants tourists to pay a "tax". If tourism is to recover in Thailand this is the last thing to encourage new visitors let alone returning tourists who already know about double pricing and scams.
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