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  1. Thanks Oldie and all .My tapes are being transcribed as we speak ! 250 per tape .So many thanks .Line telp 0632823641 for anyone else .Thanks again Oldie!
  2. Thanks for that Im going to his shop ill update everyone as news happen
  3. Tks for all replies.My camcorder is not functional.If anyone wants to.transcribe the tapes Im willing to.pay.Please These tapes have a sentimental value as my ex is dead .Hopefully davemos
  4. No idea .tried battery replacement still nothimg ?Who can fix.or trounleshoot ?Thanks
  5. Hi im in Bangkok Phra Kahnong. Pic and coins attached for size.Tks
  6. Hi I have about 10 hours of tapes from a Sony camcorder. I have no way to watch them .I have the camcorders but its not working .Does anyone know who might turn them into MP4 or ? Thanks in advance !
  7. Garmin is the best gps etc any phone bluetooth
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