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  1. As I'm a life long socialist who considers even the US democrats to be too far right for comfort, I think you maybe barking......up the wrong tree I've explained why I support Trump, and that's for the damage he's doing to the USA
  2. I wouldn't exactly call a former president of the USA a private citizen. Although I would say I credit Canadians with more intelligence than to act on his advice. As for you suggesting I may be a Trump supporter. In one respect yes I am, but only for the reasons Putin put him there in the first place. To hasten the demise of US hegemony, Highlight the USA for what it is, and show the world they cannot be relied upon in any way shape or form. Oh, and there's also Trump's entertainment value
  3. Why the hell can't they keep their interfering noses out of other countries' business.. The world doesn't want to listen to their self serving opinions. They squeal like stuck pigs when others interfere with their elections
  4. That mere text can damage the image of Pattaya is beyond belief At least state something more realistic like "alters the laws of physics"
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