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  1. Very true just had a friend go in with one week left they told him come back 1 day before. Crazy
  2. hereforgood

    TCL TVs any good?

    they are 3rd biggest TV maker in the world behind Samsung and Sony.
  3. I went through this just a short time ago. I finished working cancelled my work permit went down to Social Security in Lam chabang to collect my Social Security payout that I have paid in as well as set up paying my contribution to continue my medical insurance. Getting them to approve my money to be sent to my bank account was no problem but they then told me I could not continue my medical without having a yellow book with my name in it. I had never heard of this before and was told by a friend this was not the case. He told me to go to the rayong Social Security office. I did and was in and out within 15 minutes having set up my voluntary deductions to continue my medical insurance at the government Hospital. I have since Been Told that in Lam chabang they are very uncooperative which I found to be very true. I wonder how many people give up not knowing that the information they're getting from them as false. In any event it was a matter of filling out three forms which were all in Thai I had a friend with me that filled them out. You submit them to staff and then the following 15th of the month they started to deduct the 432 Baht from my bank account.