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  1. Not if you are using your US address I never had to deal with SS in Manila at all applied on line and 10 Mins later was told all good and when my first payment would be made. This was 3 years ago in my case things may have changed
  2. I used to wake up each Sunday morning and check the newspaper for there specials and most weeks was there for something or other.
  3. Yes It took me 10 Mins to apply on the internet due to having a My SS account. If you have a US address you will never get the are you still alive letter that needs to be returned to them yearly or every other year that alone IMO is worth keeping a US address. I have had some tell me it was a nightmare to deal with Manila but others have said was no issue at all . Good luck
  4. Yes Tony at Magna Carta He handled My business visa and WP for the 2 companys i worked for here in pattaya fast and efficient
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