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  1. "Under control" would have been when you found the first positive cases, implemented testing, quarantine and vaccines for all new prisoners. Now, it is so far out of control, that you cannot contain it. I hope your contact tracing for prison workers, van drivers, court staff, police, vendors and all their families as well as the other 141 prisons across Thailand is better than your efforts so far. Fail.
  2. Thailand did not just wake up today with 2,835 positive cases. They kept it quiet, instead of manning up and adding it to the daily infected total, hoping they could contain it before they got found out. Whichever way you look at it, this was an attempt at manipulating the numbers to keep them low. We didn't trust your before (well, some fools did)...now we can never trust you...
  3. Your advice is sound. However, the reality of being able to get a vaccine when you want is somewhat flawed.
  4. If Thailand was doing a stellar job with testing, you can be sure we would hear about it every day. The UK reported they did 1.3million COVID tests yesterday and do excellent summaries. Considering where the UK and Thailand were just 3 months ago, this is incredible. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk Reports suggest Thailand is doing 10,000 - 16,000 tests per day, mostly in hot spots or hospital walk-ins, which, if correct, would be a 12.5 - 20% positive infection rate. Whatever Thailand is doing, it's the bare minimum and could be greatly improved
  5. Yeah, it's a bit murky on what SB will deliver to Thailand. I guess it comes down to who ordered and when from AZ and how much SB can deliver to fulfill the orders.
  6. So you saying this report is accurate and correct, with no clinical proof, and every other study is wrong? Wake up Kid.
  7. Fake News. This "report" cites no clinical methodology or clinical data to support. Complete bunk. There are dozens of reports out there to support the business...here is just one. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-00785-7
  8. Siam Bioscience claims to be able to manufacture 200million per year. However SB is only the manufacturer for AZ - the vaccines are not "owned" by Thailand, and only 26million is scheduled for Thailand and 174 million scheduled for export. SB is not the white knight everyone thinks it is. https://www.nationthailand.com/in-focus/30401459
  9. 2 posts in 1-day on this topic. This is really concerning the Thai Government...only because of the extreme loss of face...
  10. That's good news that the vaccine has assed quality tests in USA and Europe. ...but I doubt for 1 second any tests the Thai's can do will surpass the testing done in US and Europe. So, rubber stamp it already and let's start shipping it to the Thai people. I highly doubt, given the choice, any foreigner will take AZ over Pfizer in a private hospital. If it open's up Thailand, then what' a few blood clots an facial paralysis?
  11. Why aren't they in a convention center like everyone else that tests positive?
  12. "The government expects 61 million shots of AstraZeneca to be produced locally from June. But these vaccinations and those from Moderna will not be offered free." Wow. Just wow. The locally owned and locally produced COVID vaccine is going to charge Thai people to use it? They just slipped that in there when they thought no one was reading. This will come back to haunt them. ...but, but, but...
  13. A lot of details are lacking JD, so it's hard to understand the situation and legal implications.
  14. With the 2 major Thai investors in Sinovac and Astra Zeneca, these will always be the go to vaccines in Thailand. ...but, it doesn't hurt to be able to say we are vaccine neutral when the inevitable delays and health issues happen. Reduces the heat on Cha Cha and Anutin.
  15. Will you change your handle to "Phuket Spotter"?
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