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  1. You may have missed the last paragraph saying they were all male prostitutes... Death by Bunga Bunga for you. Not that there is anything wrong with that...
  2. Prayut is no difference to any other world leader who gets it first... ...however, the AZ vaccine showed up out of the blue... ...or did it?
  3. "May", "may", "may"....thats a lot of mays. Why continue to speculate?...form a committee and make it happen...
  4. So, how has that worked out for them? Failed dealing directly with anyone but the Chinese and paying more than other vaccines. So your "potentially" better deal failed miserably... ...and you may want to read up on COVAX - middle income countries are not footing the bill, but they also don't get it for free - which being a middle income country is correct. The USA has pumped $4bill in and the UK has pumped $734million...and given Thailands lack of success, they would have benefitted from that.
  5. That 50,000...not coming. It was all a PR stunt that got caught up in the European short deliveries. The other AZ ordered from the EU? Not coming, until Siam Bioscience are able to produce the vaccine in Thailand. Until then, it's Sinovac. Should have joined COVAX.
  6. "how quickly could YOU build, or adapt a production plant to produce millions of doses per month?" Really, you asked that and expect to be taken seriously? The point is that Siam Bioscience are taking 8 months from signing an agreement to producing vaccines...supposedly. Given the absolute urgency, you think they were the best choice?
  7. Astra Zenica took 6 months to formulate, create, test and manufacture a vaccine from scratch. Even with the recipe, Siam Bioscience can't manufacture the vaccine within 8 months of signing the agreement. Good choice AZ.
  8. It is an interesting dilemma, but I tend to side with FB. I saw FB and "old media" relationship as somewhat symbiotic. News posts on FB could be compared to click bait or advertising, linking back to old media and their outdated subscription models. It's not FB's fault that "old media" cannot figure out how to get people to pay for what they deem to be free, so why should FB pay for something that gets posted on FB. So Zuckerberg simply gave them what they wanted and removed news content...and yet old media is still not happy. So, FB is testing the waters in
  9. Given the timely nature of the pandemic and the urgent need for vaccines, you would have thought that the very first criteria would be "Can you be up and running by January 2021?". The logic of June makes no sense and I cannot believe that there are not better options in Singapore or Vietnam. I agree, AZ must be monitoring SB very closely to make sure QC and manufacturing dates are met. I am very curious about this deal and what's going to happen.
  10. How come AstraZeneca has said nothing? ...and what is the purpose of the statement? Does it mean that the first AZ vaccines Thailand receive are from SB...and the ones they were expecting from Europe are no longer? Odd Press Release.
  11. So, a company with zero vaccine experience, 581million baht of accumulated losses and will take 8 months from announcing the deal to actually producing a vaccine (supposedly) at "zero profit" is the best in the Asian region? What a sad state of affairs.
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