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  1. Well reasoned, and I agree, it's a complex situation. Legal experts say that unlawful presence in the US by itself is not a crime in most cases. However, it still a civil violation, that puts a person at risk at being deported. Unlawful entry is classified a misdemeanor. So, someone in the US without a valid permit could be considered breaking the law by having entered the country illegally, or breached the terms of a tourist visa and never left. So the classification of an undocumented alien being a "criminal" is not crystal clear and open for debate. And yes the children born in the US to undocumented immigrants did nothing wrong per se, have spent their life in the US and know no different, however are used and "anchor babies" and the loophole is abused widely. Whilst I do not believe Trump will be successful and believe he is just baiting and triggering the Left for fun (much like Greenland), with 11million (up to 20 million) undocumented aliens, it's something that needs to be considered. lucky they can't vote, or The Donald would never had gotten elected.
  2. The prostitutes are tool old and can't stay awake any later.
  3. I clarified a very important point on illegal Vs legal immigration that the Left seem incapable or unwilling to understand. If this birthright discussion is not rooted in immigration status, what is it about? Come on Kid, bring something worthy of a debate, not just playing spelling bee and semantics.
  4. Firstly, the left needs to get educated. He is the son of a legal immigrant. Can you not understand that simple distinction between legal and illegal? It's really the entire premise of the argument, so understanding that will help your cause. Secondly, it's "moron", not "morron". That irony will also help your cause.
  5. Except for the fact that it was Obama that built these camps at the border and started detaining children at the border...
  6. The USA has more than 12million undocumented/illegal immigrants. "Anchor" babies that have birthright then give access to the Mother and extended family to also establish legal residency in the US. Removing birthright status from babies of illegal parents seems a logical loophole to close and reduce the border crossings. Makes sense.
  7. Thats awesome. Love the guitar. Mine is full of drum kit, coke machine, retro video games and a glass desk and comfy couch. It's my escape pod.
  8. I do not deal with the Thai market and buy in places foreigners prefer to be. Issan does not figure in my plans. I also don't build or buy off plan very often. It's not my area of skill or vision (or interest). I usually buy new and complete, and often buy the actual show villa/condo fully furnished. Do I pay more than I could if I was "smart or courageous"? Yes. But I don't have the time or interest in building or interior design. In that 18 - 24 months, I have probably sold it and made a few million baht, or it just adds to passive income. Everyone has different investment plans and I hope whatever you do it works for you. Right now I have an 8 rai plot with a 4-bed/5 bath 450sqm house and pool with stunning views in Chiang Mai for sale.
  9. Good for you. Every man needs that man cave where we can enjoy our privacy surrounded by all the things we like. The inner sanctum. Enjoy your lovely house.
  10. How is the Chinese rail project progressing? Serious question. I am not up to date.
  11. I just wanted to see house pictures... I prefer to buy property instead of rent and despite the negative comments, you can make very good returns in Thailand if you buy right. My experience has been ignore anything sub 5million as an investment. My sweet spot has been 8m - 15m. Anything more and it's a mental fight between acceptable rental % return and capital gain, so I spread that risk. Over the last 15 years, it has been hard not to make good money on rent and selling in Thailand. But you have to buy smart and in the right location. You make your money when you buy. The demographics of the market continually change, and local and global uncertainties are axiomatic, but cyclic. I never leave money in the bank. Ever. That is probably the worst "investment" advice. As peace of mind and liquid assets, money in the bank is nice, but as an investment, it's one of the lowest performing assets you can have...and with current fluctuations, often a losing asset. Having said that, I have exposed myself more than once to cashflow problems...and that's not fun. Disclaimer - I am not a financial expert. I just do what works for me within my risk/reward limits.
  12. is the logic that people will drink more because of an extra 2 hours, more people will go out because things are open later, or more tourists will come because of later opening bars? Might want to rethink all these Buddhist and election and birthday bar closings to really make it effective. But personally, I don't see it making that much of a difference, and just causing more problems over a longer night...
  13. Wednesdays at Kad Farang supermarket in Chiang Mai does not use plastic bags on Wednesdays and you either bring your own bags or use the extra packing boxes. It works really well, and saves me 10 or 12 plastic bags. Prayut is looking at this from the wrong angle. Ban manufacture, import and use of all plastic bags. Don't look to the public to solve it...it's too late by then. He is spineless and just paying lip service to the problem. Be a leader Prayut. You're not so strong with Article 44 taken away.
  14. What are you talking about? If your phone is off, it stops communicating with the cell towers and can only be traced to the cell tower you powered your phone down...or when you turn it back on again....and you could literally be on the other side of the planet.
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