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  1. One thing that confuses me, and I am being serious, because I have no idea. I understand that leaving 800k in a bank for many months as a form of "means test" is not ideal, but if it is so important and you need access to it, and you do spend it, where do you get the 800k the next year...if you have spent it? Was there some "agency" that provided 800k in a bank account for a day, for a fee in the old system? Is that what they are trying to stop? The "merry-go-round" of the same 800k?
  2. I've never really understood the concept of a standard wage, as if all workers are equal. Pay them what they are worth, or they will (or should) leave. If they can get more money elsewhere, then they have skills and worth more that you paid. If they can't, they have no skills, and deserve what they can get paid. It's not my responsibility to pay underachievers, unskilled or lazy workers, but I am more than happy to overpay skilled, loyal and hard working people and set a standard that others can rise to.
  3. Airbnb is great for the property owner, but living next door to an Airbnb property...not so much. The 4 bedroom house next to me in a higher end Moo Baan would get 15-20 Chinese staying at any one time, vans at all hours, kids screaming, "kid soup" in the pool and abusing common areas (gym, pool table etc), teasing and throwing things at my dogs and generally just a real nuisance. I could imagine if 5 or 10 other properties did the same thing, it would be close to unbearable to live here. It took 3 raids by Immigration over 2 months on the property/owner as well as the Juristic people and security who allowed it to happen. Now there is a sign at the entrance saying "No Airbnb", and it has stopped...for now. I pity anyone that has Airbnb next door or even close by...it's not at all fun.
  4. 60 years and you didn't perhaps consider the Caddie was in your shot line and tell her to move? I'm a crap golfer, and I'm nervous when they are standing 90 degrees to me...thats how bad I am.
  5. Thailand grew up....like all countries have in this region. Things got more expensive. Your pension/savings/currency didn't...and in some cases went backwards. If the maths don't work, hopefully there is another place that is more suitable for your financial position, but that too will grow up in time. Nothings stays the same.
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