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  1. Police forces throughout the world rely on the public for information, apart from forensics that is all detectives have to work with. You may call it ratting, others may call it being a public spirited member of society helping to deal with criminality, although some may be motivated by revenge or do it for the reward.
  2. From vinyl display board overload press conferences to Keystone Cops foot races they never cease to show what a self-promoting bunch of wasters they are. The public want to see you patrolling, reassuring, and enforcing, not acting like a circus troupe!
  3. The reason people generally obey traffic laws in the West is because of the fear of prosecution, not the certainty. That is because police officers patrol in marked and unmarked cars, and there are red light and speed cameras everywhere. Prosecution brings with it substantial penalties of fines, points on Licences leading to disqualification, and large increases in insurance premiums. Driving whilst disqualified or uninsured leads to possible prison time and your car gets crushed or impounded at your cost until you provide insurance. Here, because it is so difficult to get police to deal effectively with offenders unless they can keep the fines, and the penalties are insubstantial, there is no fear. That leads to half baked ideas like this instead of dealing with the root causes, lack of education, penalties and enforcement.
  4. Typical Thai solution, address the symptoms, not the cause. Sharp contrast to SHENZHEN in China where I was impressed to see nearly all motorcycles and many cars now electric. The air was much cleaner than Bangkok.
  5. The reason this is enforced is to make sure the airport get their 50 soon to be increased baht tax for providing nothing. Taxi drivers try to avoid it and the inevitable time is money queue by dropping off and picking up on the 4th floor which harms no one except the airport tax collectors. If anyone at a mall tried to charge a tax for picking up passengers there would be an outrage. Why is it ok at the airport?
  6. Since I arrived in Thailand In 2003 I have been surprised by the lack of trust and cynicism shown by Thais to other Thais. But experience has told me they are right to do so. So sad.
  7. Wrong, natural rubber from latex is one of the biggest ingredients of tyres/tires. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tire_manufacturing
  8. I lived in a hotel in Taipei on a project for six months, very handy for the office, condoms supplied free in the bedside cabinet, girls all over the lobby, never bothered me once I made it clear I was not a buyer, always pleasant. Many guests short timing but apart from occasional noise, no problem. This was just normal practice, why Thailand with its reputation expresses this outrage I don’t know. Maybe brown envelopes not full enough.
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