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  1. Any proper diving course eg PADI, as I did years ago on Ko Samui would start with a minimum of 2 - 3 days in a pool for training and establishment of minimum swimming requirements under water, one length without breathing equipment. They also teach you how to check equipment before you dive. Seems that now they are fast tracking tourists without proper training, the Thai way. Result - incidents and casualties like this. Welcome to the Land of Smiles and Carelessness.
  2. Yes, but few serve that term, as there are often early paroles for Royal leniency and other reasons. Also if they are well connected or can pay money, sentences will be cut dramatically.
  3. As usual it’s all about money. Shops want to rent even to unlicensed customers as they get income. Police want to stop unlicensed riders as they get income, now they’ve seen an additional income stream by fining the shops. Prevention gives no income.
  4. Part of the problem is that red lights here don’t always mean stop, unlike most other countries. For example, can turn left against red, also when pedestrians have finished crossing but lights still red, traffic can start again, if lights turn red at junctions, several vehicles will jump the lights. This means there is no inbuilt or educated respect for red lights, no habit of stopping for them, and no enforcement for driving through them. When using the roads here never assume red means stop.
  5. Haven’t read through all the pages so don’t know if anyone saw that there are actually two issues 1. Issue of Red Notice by Bahrain 2. Issue of Red Notice ALERT by Australia. After the Red Notice was issued, Australia would have checked passenger list against Interpol records which flagged the footballer as wanted, so they told Thailand. They should have checked his refugee status which would have stopped them notifying Thailand. Thailand should have checked his papers on arrival, confirmed he was a refugee and either refused him entry or allowed him free passage. Detention was not justified.
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