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  1. The australian system must have changed somewhat since I’ve been overseas... is fair play no longer an Aussie ideal? In Australia, you would expect evidence to be provided, prior to an investigation, yet there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by Biden, so what are you basing this rubbish on?
  2. Dude... it’s always been an international award. That it’s international, makes it the preeminent awards to watch/have. The academy is for “film greatness”, not “American film greatness”, according to both the academy and history. If you exclude foreign participation, the academies will devolve (more decline urged by trump) to a domestic awards ceremony, and there are 2 dozen or so other American entertainment awards that are domestic already... they will tell you who made the best American picture, but the world watch the academies to see who made the best picture, even if it’s South Korean. how many comments have you read about America’s decline? I don’t know, but I would bet it pales to insignificance when compared to how many times I’ve read the opposite
  3. Ok..... the purpose of the best foreign film category is for “excellence in international film with a non English dialogue” Parasite won that award... it also qualified for and won the best picture awards your issue appears to be that this is an award open to the world... lol... trump might put tariffs on them... sorry... but it’s an award open to the world. If parasite had won an American award, not available to foreign movies, then you have an argument, but this is not the case. crikey... next up would be Olympic medal winners being denied a medal, at any future Olympic Games held within the USA.
  4. The question I refused to answer? a non US film won.... your question is therefore about eligibility The eligibilty rules are clear. .”Parasite” complied with the academies eligibility rules and won the contest... won the vote. you seem to be complaining about a private institutions rules, developed over a century, because a film made in South Korea beat the films made in the US.... trump is a sore loser motivated by the need to tell his followers that America is number 1 at something, which is a challenge, unless lying be your norm. please.... the why of it is explained by the applicable rules. Read them instead of asking others to read them and then explain them to you.
  5. I understand completely. This is your view.... no problems however.... this is not the view of the academy institute. Surely their view on how they award oscars is more relevant than yours. You can easily read up on the rules that the academy has produced over the years, if you’ve a mind to educate yourself... or you can disagree and remain ignorant of the academies role, supplanting your believes on how they determine awards, over theirs. globalized in recent years? The very first ever academy award was presented to a German. Your perception is not reality... reality is that the American films on offer this season, were simply not good enough to compete on an international stage (and the academy recognized this... damn humble leftists, eh what?) .... but don’t worry... take heart... the USA has more domestic film award institutes than any other nation, so an American movie would have won in those domestic awards.
  6. Ok... your wrong. the academy awards are an international award for the “film industry” (which started in america, as it was the heart of the film industry at the time) Best picture awards have gone to many many many foreign films before now.... including “letters from Iwo Jima”.... oops... was that a foreign film?... so this award to a foreign movie, is only new to the ignorant and unread. Because..... the academy chose to make its awards about international excellence... not American excellence.... perhaps you don’t recall the South Korean film industry celebrating American films, because you never looked... or because the South Koreans did not make their industry awards international next up, Sweden to deny Nobel awards to foreigners... same same.
  7. One is a gross, ugly and irrational display of xenophobia, whilst the other is a civil disagreement within Americas own political system. did I win?
  8. Yer... but those looney lefties weren’t as slick as you, were they... no sir... it were you, from the right, which got yer licks in first with your trolling of dems anyway... I’m sure this deal about Afghanistan, which excluded Afghanistan, will be as useful as the deal about Palestine, which excluded the Palestinians. A win for trump? perspective matters... and this looks like a win for the Taliban.... if only someone in the whitehouse knew how to make deals that benefit more than just “it”
  9. Lmao.... how about; a private college has its lawn dug up by a group of demonstrators. Should this be dealt with by a/ police on their own initiative b/ campus security under their university approved protocols
  10. I hope local governments will enforce complete demolition of houses as inundation worsens, in order to maintain nice beaches... I’m thinking 100m from the high tide mark.
  11. Perhaps both sides are probably lying.... but one more than the other, therefore one is more credible... I choose to believe that an internationally acclaimed journalist, not accused of grossly lying to the world, is more credible than a multi timed bankrupt who demonstrably uses his platform to lie to the world. Why is this story important? If this (offer) did not happen, Assange and Dana are involved in a conspiracy to pervert justice in the UK.... if it did happen, Trump and Dana are involved in a conspiracy to pervert justice in the USA. If the UK accept that trump conspired to pervert justice in the USA, they cannot release Assange to the USA, especially given the issues underpinning the current assault on the US DoJ.... if they do, it’s strong grounds for appeal to prevent extradition. as to who cares what is said? Really? Society is governed by managing the varying degrees of guilt within it. You preach anarchy!
  12. I’d say the chances are very very very low. If he had dirt, producing it in 2012, at the beginning of his incarceration, would have happened, vs 8 years after the fact, as you suggest, when he was likely near payroll anyway.... same same silly suicide comment. It’s kinda late for that don’t ya think?
  13. Please explain? Why is this denial important? Get it on an affidavit and I might agree it’s relevant, but important... nah... the whitehouse deny everything and the fact checker has shown that the whitehouse lies at what should be seen by the sheeple, as an unbelievably unacceptable rate... yall must love the taste of it
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