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  1. Oh dear... naughty naughty.... altering my post is against forum rules. but never mind, it bothers me not. I’m actually more curious about wether or not you actually read the post that you quoted, in particular, the dozen or so words preceding those that you altered, contrary to said forum rules. assumedly not, as therein lies the answer to your question.
  2. Sanctions in the form of trade embargo’s, is what I replied, as outlined below, in the post that you quoted me as having made (your name is on it, because I lifted it straight from your response to my post.... my words, quoted by you, but obviously not read and understood by you) Would it be easy ?... no would it succeed?... arguably not would it be right? ... arguably yes the real purpose?.... international condemnation of the trump and US foreign policy the result?... quantifiable damage to America’s reputation.
  3. So... now your saying 608 Americans died because Iran gave guns away.... and you still ignore the fact that hundreds of thousands have died by American weapons that were sold to third party countries. at least the Iranians weren’t profiting from those deaths, unlike Americans profiting from the deaths of hundreds of thousands... who then holds the moral high ground... those profiting from death, or those non for profit entities?
  4. Lmao... I mis spoke... and ya got me. 36% of weapons are supplied by the US to 98 countries world wide.... but then again... that’s just about anyone who wants them isn’t it?... the rest get them thru third party dealers.
  5. Debatable... what “they” need, is to not make an enemy of the school yard bully, which is a completely different thing, in that the adversary being feared, is the supposed friend. The US could use its might for right, however, it appears to be eschewing traditional moral values to further its economic growth (or that of its masters)... to wit... North Korea has a great real estate potential to build trump hotels on its coastline... according to your dear leader.
  6. No... I’m not going to try and deny that 608 Americans died because Iran sold some guns. are you trying to trivialize the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have died because of American supplied guns and bombs. your choices here are limited... the most obvious response is to admit to a staggering display of hypocrisy. and then there’s the whole NRA suck my second amendment thingy, because guns don’t kill people, people kill people, so I guess whichever way you jump, going forward, hypocrisy is At the heart of the matter... American hypocrisy... and that where you (the Divided States) lead, others should follow, is pretty messed up.
  7. Right there, you just described an international bully vs a geopolitical leader. You may be calling a spade a spade, but... the US shouldn’t be using its spade to shovel Shiite. and... there is a big difference between honoring, for honors sake (willingly) vs being compelled to honor (forced) sanctions that the world, should it decide its in the best interest of all, putting aside regional rivalries, to thwart the efforts of a would be autocrat, who’s government is unwilling or unable to control him, might include reducing sales of metals and other materials to wage war, as well as defying US sanctions on others. Think South Africa and the end of apartheid.
  8. Wow..... I need this explaining Brian hook blames Iran for 17% of US deaths caused by Shiite militia fighting US occupation.... because Iran supplied the guns thats your argument?..... thats an argument? with the US being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, suppliers of arms to just about everyone, your line of reasoning means that the US is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.... and in response, 608 Americans died? do you actually think about this stuff before you post?
  9. It’s a really hard sell, when trying to discuss others believes, by mirroring your believes on them. (Mirror being reversed) i have spent my life believing that the US and the UK were good, and that Iran and Iraq were bad.... but much as the trump has pushed lefty liberals way way to the left of left leaning liberalism, the trump has pushed me way way away from believing that anything good can come from the present US administration and its intervention in what was otherwise a fairly stable situation in the SoH. Further, without changing its constitution to enable proper congressional control of a rogue leader, those divided states will forever lack credibility, and it’s just plain unfortunate that the Brits, usually a dependable backstop, are licking the trumps boots, whilst attempting to extricate themselves from the EU It (regional stability) may not have been great to start with, but it was essentially a workable passage for merchant shipping.... and then along came the trump, and now the entire world needs to have a serious look at how it responds to what are oftentimes demonstrable lies, that come from the WH, and it’s proxies in the region, who benefit from the largess of the Divided States. meanwhile, The trump rhetoric of “destruction as the world has never seen before”, oft repeated by his fan club, is such a stupid statement as to make one wonder if the originator of those comments, and his fan club, have ever read a book, or watched anything more educational that a commercial advertising Hamburder and fried chicken prices. if the US persist, there will be blood, no doubt, but the US is incapable of absorbing that cost, as Vietnam proved, whereas Persia will withstand whatever comes its way, just as it always has.
  10. Oh la la... it’s turned into a muppet show then, has it? iran and Syria are not EU countries, so are not constrained by EU rulings. The destination of the Grace was/ is undisclosed, but its business was interfered with by a proxy organization (UK) acting on the instructions of the US.... because of suspicions. if Released, it can offload at sea, in international waters, as it has that ability, due to the fact that it’s too big to enter a lot of ports. It doesn’t have to go to Baniyas, it just needs to sell its oil, to buy medical aid for Iranians, which the access of evil is hindering.
  11. Very easy to do. you need to get a small tank, 1- 1500 liters should do, unless you want the capacity to store, vs maintain a constant flow with increased pressure (5-7000... better quality.) the tank should be placed on a very well prepared (flat) surface... a concrete pad is good, but slabs will do, on a prepared bed (500-3000) break into the mains supply and plumb that into the tank, with a ball type float valve to open and close the mains supply line (500) then you need to install a pump from the bottom tank outlet, plumbed back into the old mains supply to the house (4000) i would recommend installing an inline cartridge water filter somewhere between the pump and the house, as well. You would be amazed at how quickly they clog up with slimy green goop (2000) Quality pvc pipe and quality glue should be used, and stick valves in wherever you think they might be handy, for future take off points or maintenance (1-2000) I installed electronic pump switch’s operating off volume indicators, with low level light indicators etc, to mine, but they are a convenience more than anything, in case I wish to use tanker water supply, and I have 4000 liter storage capacity on site. (Although I recommend one for turning off the pump, in case your water level drops too low for any reason ( mains supply fault) (2000 baht) obviously you will need an electrician to wire up your pump so... on the cheap.... less than 15000 baht.... decent tank and quality pump etc.... 20000 baht plus. mmm... your op said mains supply... secondary post says bore (not that the actual form of supply matters, but you might need to install an on/off switch on the tank “full” side, vs a simple float valve on the supply line, to protect the bore pump, although some models stop pumping at a certain pressure, which is fine, unless a line starts leaking) another 2000 if using a bore, consider using alum to control solids, and also consider adding small amounts of chlorine to the system yourself. Alum won’t hurt you if drinking, if you do that vs bottled water, nor will small amounts of chlorine, but judging the amount might take a bit of practice.... 100g to 1000 l maybe.... if you smell chlorine coming from the tap... oops... use less. good luck.
  12. There was no proof that the Grace was breaking any sanctions... just suspicions.... and the UK is now (lol.. or was, and will be again soon enough) discussing releasing the Grace the Imperio (allegedly.... much like using the word suspicions above) had a collision with an Iranian vessel and refused to respond to distress calls, which is against maritime law. Who damaged the Japanese / Norwegian flagged tankers? What proof can you offer that the US acted clandestinely to escalate tensions via these actions how many years has it been since the United States started acting deliberately to overthrow and install puppet governments in Iran, which caused the beginnings of the “death to America” chants? iran has always denied nuclear weaponry ambitions and UN inspectors have had a good look up the ayatollahs backside and have verified Iran’s claims, in that they did not or do not have the capability. iran maintains no desire to “delete” Israel from the earth.... they might wish see Palestinian rights returned over the occupiers rights. Occupiers who were given the lands by imperious governments who controlled those lands threw force of arms, at the end of ww2. what about Iran’s support of organizations working to restore Palestinian sovereignty to Palestine by means available, and how does that compare to America’s interference in other countries. but hey.... what can be said about slow executions? I agree It’s pretty messed up. Fast executions, or “humane” executions as practiced by America and some other nations, are a much better way to kill people who transgress against its nations laws. Right? The only thing that is quite clear, is that your demonstrating an anti Iranian bias... and that’s ok... hate who you like, but hate alone won’t turn falsehoods and half truths into facts.
  13. In this day and age, we are all better off assuming that we’re being filmed, and act accordingly. There’s a lot of upsides in this regards crime and apprehension, but obviously there’s the downside of lose of privacy... but we only have ourselves to blame, when every swing dick has to have a recording devise on them, so there’s no real point in complaint, but a lot of point in moderating behavior, making it conform to societal norms. from time to time, society even calls for naming a shaming campaigns, police (here) as well, with rewards (part of fine) offered for dobbing on traffic law violators.... you can’t have it both ways. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/980148-bma-to-reward-for-reporting-traffic-violations/
  14. Ah c’mon... we re talking about folk believing in the powers of a good old fashioned rain dance... it’s as funny as f, no matter how old it is. Obviously I screwed the pooch, cause I was trying to put a smile on your dial
  15. I’m pretty sure i saw a poster make a comment that covers this, not too long ago.... ah... here we go Because.... if you think that the US is trying to induce allies to join them in a quasi military action against Iran, since the Grace was seized, then your definitely in denial.
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