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  1. Why do you belittle Uncle Tuu like this he can also talk frog, and do the chicken dance. as well as a songwriter, and probably even more! Uncle Tuu does chicken dance!.mp4
  2. Have they got an "Index" showroom up there in CM same as in Pattaya i've seen many desks etc. in their showroom, you would have to check on deliveries though!
  3. "Same as most responsible Expats" Easy eh? try doing it when you're over eighty with a couple of minor strokes under you belt, see how much it costs and with all all clauses built in which would amount to virtually no coverage at all, that is if you can get cover in the first place, easy to make these statements when you're young and bullet proof!
  4. Judging from that, he surely must have known what he was getting involved with, or was he that naive?
  5. My Nationwide has not been locked (yet) although i don't send money to Thailand with it, use it only for paypal payments which i set up recently when the aforementioned Halifax card expired!
  6. Halifax Bank are the same they say they have an embargo on Thailand and will not send card, but it does not me stop sending money to Thailand at £9.50 a transfer no matter how big or small, Nationwide no problems sending card!
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