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  1. Yes i agree finished recently "Crime and Punishment" brilliant book hard to put down, Russian books can be hard going though with the unfamiliar names which seem about 2" long then they all have a nickname about the same length then a family nickname all these these names for one person can be used in a couple of paragraphs so can be a bit daunting, am reading "The Idiot" at the moment not as gripping as "Chrime and Punishment" so far that is!
  2. Agreed looking at a smart phone for any length of time does my old 82 yr old eyes in, much prefer my old Kindle "paperwhite"
  3. Yes i agree Thomas Hardy books are well written but also a bit of a downer no seemingly happy endings, all the main characters seem to be losers, in Jude the Obscure the only winner (if i remember from a long time ago) was the woman who prostituted herself or was a prostitute can't remember which!
  4. I tried three times last week Jomtien not working (as usual) must go to IO!
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