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  1. It's all the Chinese tourists. They come here and smoke themselves and everyone else to death!
  2. What a joke! Why can't they just redirect traffic to a temporary booking site? THIRD WORLD AIRLINE FROM A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!! (Malaysia)
  3. ...Just for the record, I do like the toasties and will often treat myself to two, all washed down with one of Thailand's favourite Chang beers
  4. You cannot blame May for running down the clock. She is fighting for her (and her party) political life here. Most people would do the same in her place. ITV journo overheard the chief negotiator saying it's either the WA or a delayed Brexit and that the vote will be in the last week of March. Hoping it's a delayed Brexit. This will mean it will never happen. 70% of the UK don't want it anyway. If the UK stays then it gives me more options for retirement (dual AU/UK). I sure as hell ain't gonna live out my days in smoggy CM, nanny state AU or crappy climate UK. As for those deluded, uneducated idiots who voted leave, they can go to hell for all I care.
  5. You sound like a bit of an ass. I'd imagine this is all made up, and your reality of fine dining is a cheese ham toastie and large leo from a 7eleven.
  6. It's bad here in Nimman. I can barely make out the holy mountain!
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