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  1. I use Nord VPN. There's usually special pricing deals quite often. Free ones I've used (eg. Tunnelbear) have data caps which are small or slower connections (for my use).
  2. A friend of mine had need of emergency care (broken hip prosthesis). He 'misunderstood' the Govt hospital staff about the impending surgery, overcharged significantly until he was told they were incapable of the surgery. Once he paid that bill, he was allowed to leave and transported to another hospital. There he had to deposit 250k baht prior to the operation, which cost 125k baht. It took a while to get the refund. No problem about paying the correct bill, but the chances of skipping without paying were zero. The opportunity to overcharge was excellent. The relative cost of health insurance is uncalled for. As another contributor alluded, 'what is the Bank deposit for'?
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