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  1. Well,...He's free to tell any excuse he can find ! It's up to the Police and justice to believe him or not !?!
  2. As long as I see motorbike drivers without helmets I wouldn't believe any strict measures bull *****
  3. Check out this picture I took 2 years ago at the Thai/Malaysian Border.
  4. Foreigners are supposed to have money and that's what they want. they are so much in love with money !!!
  5. Hmm,...The driver made the choice by crossing in front of a oncoming train instead of waiting a bit and enjoy the rest of his life !?!?...Risking his life and the life of his brother, and also impacting the future of his bride,...A choice with the most heavy consequences !!! What makes people take soo great risks to win a couple of seconds ???
  6. It had been hit side on by the locomotive of express train no.167 !!! The numbers of the winner !!!
  7. Waaw,...Great for you, You are the first person I read about that is happy and I believe you. I guess that many people don't like to talk about it but I am very happy this is one of the things that really is getting on the right track !!! i have been here on and off for over 30 years and I am so tired of hearing all the talk and never see anything realized in a proper way!, with a few exceptions, like The Sky train and Underground in Bangkok which are great and getting better all the time !!! I sincerely wish you all the best. My very Best regards.
  8. You don't get it do you? they just want to attract tourists to come and spend a lot of money !!! They don't want to legalize it in any way !?!?..It's just like road safety !.. they talk and talk but it never changes.....
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