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  1. Yep, I'm a regular visitor. Couldn't find a more convenient place with a big parking for my 4x4 and close access to the highway on my ways to North or South. Extreme comfort is not my thing. Just a clean bed and a bathroom are sufficient. The proximity of many restaurants and "Foodland" off Soi 5 on the opposite side of Sukhumvit are a very big plus as well ! Best Regards, Off Rod Pat.
  2. Yep, The Crown, New name is (S6) it has lost most of it's charm/attraction,...But is still one of the cheapest places around. By the way Khun "Pachit" (The old Lady) is not the owner, she's the manager. The owners (Family) are Chinese descendants and the man owner died a few years ago. His wife was running the restaurant, but I haven't seen her for a long time. There son is sometimes at the desk . But I think they have a other hotel in Pattaya as well.
  3. Hm,...I Stayed at the Crown Hotel many times as it was a short walking distance to Nana and not so far to Soi Cowboy,....But Thermae was for very late night,...mostly for people who where unsuccessful in pulling a girl for the night, which was really hard to do, as for Anybody with a bit of looks or enough money could go home with the girl of his dreams in Bangkok. All the girls who didn't had a customer or wanted more came to Thermae !!! This was really one of the wildest places I ever saw !,...The first thing that made it so special was that you came in the back way at the parking through th
  4. Thank You for sharing this very interesting information !!!
  5. Advanced Members 1,967 3,433 posts Gender:Male #5 Posted October 12 I started to enjoy his column from the first time I opened the Bangkok post the early days I came here. I learned so much of it, As English was not my first language I learned so much more English and the meaning of Sarcasm from "Night Owl" . Thank you for the pleasure you gave me reading it . I hope you enjoyed your life as much as you seemed to. Rest In Peace Night Owl !!!
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