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  1. Hmm,..I prefer to believe somebody that knew the guy vs. the version of a lousy journalist of the SUN !!!
  2. Thank you for that honest version of the facts. If we only hear/read one version of every story we get the very wrong impression of things....and journalistic quality's have been going down the drain these days. They only want to sell there garbage articles spiced with shocking lies and exaggerations,... R.I.P. to your friend and my sincere condolences to his family and friends !!!
  3. Lieutenant William Calley Was pardoned by the President Nixon !?!?! https://www.history.com/topics/vietnam-war/my-lai-massacre-1
  4. He had been drinking lao khao all day and when he saw the woman he fancied a bit of a grope. ?? been drunk is the nr 1 excuse for wrongdoing in Thailand !!!!
  5. 24,866 people nationwide ware riding motorcycles drunk !!!!!
  6. Yep,..from a lazy post to a inactive one ,....5555
  7. This was the first thing I saw,...!!!...as I expected someone to attack from the back !, call me a Thai basher if you want ?!
  8. I guess we can call this "KARMA" !!!,..some justice in a way ,...
  9. Nah,..they ware counting the money he paid for his last trip,...may he R.I.P.
  10. In my 30 or so years in the land of smiles,..I had so many songkrans in Chiang Mai, Bangkok (Nana plaza), Koh Samui, Pattaya, Sukothai, Luang Prabang, etc,...I really had a great time in most of those places, but that's it for me. I saw people (Farrangs) open car doors of slow driving cars in Chiang Mai to trow a whole bucket of water inside,...I saw a Thai Airways hostess Drive her bike to her work in full uniform been attacked by dozens of water trowing people, they acted as a pack of dogs, some were garbing her breasts,..I saw guys drive there motorbikes drunk as skunks hit people and objects,...I saw people trow buckets of ice cold water with big ice cubes in it trow it a motorbike riders, hitting them with the ice cubes in the face, I saw wounded and dead people laying on the road while other people ware taking pictures with there smart phones,..I saw so many more disgusting things I won't talk about,...If it was just the water trowing? I could live with that and I would participate with great pleasure again, but it's the feeling some of those people have that they can do everything the want or just copy from others in worse, "if he/she can do this? I can do better/worse... all unpunished !!!. I really had it, no more for me. I keep the good memory's and try to forget most of the rest..
  11. With the Thai government it's really Wishful thinking !!! when they need rain, they say it's going to rain next week despite international forecasts not seen a thing !!! Same with road fatalities they say they will reduce road fatalities 5 - 10 %,...without really doing anything,...?!?!? just wishful thinking !!!!!
  12. Hmm,...no doubt he will say anything the the US agents want to hear,..True or not !!!!
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