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  1. The article also contained the following quote: 'But a pact with China may open the door for similar travel agreements with countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan,' Phiphat said. I was suggesting Australia and New Zealand could be added to the list of bubble countries suggested by Phipat. They were originally part of a bubble suggested by Thailand several months ago. There are not many countries with numbers as low as Australia or New Zealand and I would not imagine their tourist numbers are that much lower than the other countries named. Surely Thailand would wan
  2. Hopefully the street protests will continue for a long time as they are entirely warranted. If that keeps the Chinese away, well and good.
  3. I am surprised Australia does not get a mention. New Zealand has just opened a one way travel bubble with Australia, and the government also seems to be loosening reasons for travel exemption - they are apparently entertaining applications from people who will leave the country longer than three months. These two countries would provide a very safe tourist source for Thailand.
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