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  1. Never had a problem getting travel insurance for much longer than 90 days.
  2. I would prefer to see them humanely disposed of as there are probably too many of them competing for a limited food supply. It's a muslim area and I know from experience the people there do not like dogs, so I am surprised there are so many of them. I know because I once took one there and had great difficulty getting accommodation or hiring a boat.
  3. I like the sound of your hotel? Love to know where you stayed at in SR! Thailand's drinking laws are draconian and yet another reason I would prefer to take my holidays elsewhere. Despite the advantage of speaking reasonable Thai, I no longer enjoy staying in Thailand.
  4. Top respect for your honesty and the fluid style and content that was a pleasure to the senses to read. You provoked thought and raised issues to which many can relate. Retiring to foreign shores at 65 is not as smooth to negotiate as I had imagined.
  5. Sorry I obviously misread it. On reflection I think the poster was talking about a private USA medical cover which returned a percentage of overseas medical bills. The fact that you are covered and not wiped from the system for living abroad is certainly a bonus.
  6. Consider yourself lucky that you are American, that your Medicare gives you some overseas discount on medical treatment and that your dollar fetches 31+ baht. If you are Australian, your medical insurance, free or private, covers nothing overseas and th Australian dollar, only 5 years ago worth 35 baht, now fetches just above 22. Plus an Australian pension will only give you about 42000 baht a month - if you are able to access it overseas. Personally, I would much rather be in your situation than mine.
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