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  1. No mention obviously of your ridiculously over the top border closure to all other states even though Covid 19 is all but eliminated countrywide. The attitudes of Queensland and WA to opening up the country have dissuaded me from ever voting for a Labour government again at state or federal level. If Thailand follows WA's example it will never again open up its borders to tourism.
  2. Reading threads like this convinces me that I never again want to make Thailand my home. I smoked for 40 years and quit in 2011, but I have never developed the kind of intolerance of smokers and smoking expressed by so many people here. I lived in Thailand for a number of years, and a large part of the country's appeal was its lack of regulations compared to western countries, particularly my home country Australia. Now it seems the Thais are actually trying to oudo their western counterparts with the crackdown on alcohol and cigarettes. Last year I stayed in a B&B in the Lumpi
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