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  1. If they allowed Australians in on an economically viable 14 day quarantine/90 day visa, I would leave tomorrow. We have so few cases here even the quarantine should be waved but that's not going to happen in a hurry. Instead of taking reasonably safe steps to reintroduce tourism they come up with these grandiose schemes involving ridiculous tourist sources and expensive resorts, even proposing taking highly risky Scandinavians in November. I am sure there are much simpler and safer ways for Thailand to resurrect their tourist industry. The last thing cruise people will want to do is spend 90 days in Thailand.

  2. 5 hours ago, ianezy0 said:

    Why, too few tourist numbers from both Countries.

    More Chinese tourist used to visit Thailand than the total population of both OZ and NZ......chicken feed 🐓 

    The article also contained the following quote:

    'But a pact with China may open the door for similar travel agreements with countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan,' Phiphat said.

    I was suggesting Australia and New Zealand could be added to the list of bubble countries suggested by Phipat. They were originally part of a bubble suggested by Thailand several months ago. There are not many countries with numbers as low as Australia or New Zealand and I would not imagine their tourist numbers are that much lower than the other countries named. Surely Thailand would want to receive tourists from as many countries as possible.



  3. 26 minutes ago, AhFarangJa said:

    I don't know if this particular problem we are now having is happening elsewhere, but since the Government announced tax on vacant land plots a lot of areas in Hua Hin are being cleared and planted. Many of these areas were overgrown and provided the dogs with "safe havens", and territories. Now they are all wandering the roads in packs. Yet we still have the moronic people ( Foreigners, as much as Locals ), leaving large bowls of rice and other foods on the road for them, so they will obviously stay where the food is. 

    What's the alternative for the dogs! Don't feed them and watch them die of starvation? Blame them for becoming aggressive as they fight for their very existence because no one is giving them food? This is not a humane solution. 

  4. 6 hours ago, Hamus Yaigh said:

    Noticing many more strays sleeping on the streets these days, abandoned by owners no doubt facing financial troubles during the pandemic. The dogs need taking off the streets now.

    And the previous owners who dumped them need taking out of circulation too! Puppies are cute but when they grow they all too often get dumped, sometimes just by being shut out of the property in which they have been raised. Then Thais don't want dogs to be sterilised so their numbers in the streets just grow. If Thai people acted responsibly and compassionately to animals, particularly dogs and cats, these sorts of problems wouldn't arise. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Nout said:

    Evidence for the above assertion? I believe people who relish this news are people who dont live in Thailand especially Australians who are unable to leave

    What a load of rubbish! I am one of those unfortunate Australians stuck in stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne for what seems like forever. I would kill to get back to Thailand and more particularly Cambodia. It would hardly help my cause for Thailand to suffer cases and further provoke restrictions and prolong the country's opening. Sure it might be a year before I am able to leave Australia, but it's hardly going to increase chances for freedom of international movement if any country suffers 2nd and 3rd waves.

  6. 14 hours ago, DrTuner said:

    Highly likely that it swept through prisons long time ago. Perfect breeding ground. They could test for antibodies, but ... "too expensive". Better buy a few more submarines.

    Haven't heard anything from my Thai mate in prison about it. But letters are censored before they are sent out, so who knows what the truth is. Can't get there to visit personally, though he is also afraid that guards listen in to conversations too. He has twice had severe TB inside so I have been afraid what would happen to him if the virus got inside the prison walls.

  7. The dog did not choose to be a stray and deserves more compassion than is shown by many posters here. Why does the woman feed the dog? Because she owned it as a pup then put it on the street when it was no longer cute and lovable? Or because she feels she will gain merit by feeding it? Suggestions of befriending the dog are morally far more acceptable than rat poison or sticks with nails. I fully understand the dog owner's concern for his two small dogs and he should be able to enjoy a walk with them without feeling harassed. But unfortunately this a country that makes no attempt to control the dog and cat population through neutering programs, as a result of which dogs are forced to fend for themselves in the streets. It's a dilemma and I hope the owner can find a solution that doesn't involve cruelty and suffering for the unfortunate stray.

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