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  1. 2 hours ago, JimLuce said:

    Hmm, uhm my plan, tough question let’s see here. I know we’re going to stay where we are and keep going on with our life. No reason not to lol. I hope it doesn’t drop again because of the virus. It started improving before the virus so probably not but governments stimulating their economies might have something to do with this progress it’s almost back up to 33 baht to the USD again I haven’t seen the USD doing this well in Thailand in ten years. So hell yeah I’m stayin in Thailand you’d have to be crazy to leave now. And leaving now would only cause even more craziness and unrest.

    Just stay put, take reasonable precautions, and it’ll blow over eventually they always do I know this one is scarier than usual because of it’s incubation period but we’ll get through it so the answer is KEEP MOVING FORWARD! I love that quote it’s my favorite inspirational quote. From Rocky 6. 


    You haven't seen the US dollar do well in years! Australian dollars holders envy you people.Our dollar was worth more than yours 7 years ago and the exchange rate for baht reached 35 baht. Now you get about 19 bahy ir 57 cents. You have it easy.

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  2. 10 hours ago, ChipButty said:

    What precautions are they taking in jail? if any or dont you know yet?

    I didn't know earlier, but my friend's wife visited him in jail today and the warden told her the prisoners had all been given what I assume is flu vaccine as a precaution. This is in a provincial medium to long term prison on the outskirts of Bangkok. No white falang prisoners.

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  3. 3 hours ago, geriatrickid said:

    Outbreak of Covid-19 in a Thai prison will condemn the prison population and guards to infection and death. Considering the number of inmates with TB, HIV and other ailments, a large number will die.

    I have a Thai friend in jail with a low immune system who has twice contracted TB during his 7 years inside. I have warned him about the virus by mail. Thai jails are tailor made for the spread of disease and infection.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Skallywag said:

    Not sure how "minimal medical personnel or equipment can help with a brain tumor.  Though I admit Sheryl, your advice has always been the best, assume you were/are a doctor or medical practitioner. 

    They did tell him at the hospital to fly home.  I would have gone straight to the airport, changed my return ticket and flown home.   

    Insurance can be dealt with later.  


    From the related news article: "The couple was then told the medication to reduce the pressure inside Alex’s head will only work for a few days and it would only be safe for him to fly home during that time." 


    It does appear there was a window of opportunity for them to get out while the swelling was down. Unfortunately they believed the insurance company would pay for their treatment OS and delayed. I have my car and house insured with Allianz. I will be reading the find print in the policies before renewing them.

  5. 1 hour ago, Rama said:

    Travel insurance is not general medical insurance. It on;y covers emergencies and accidents. It does not cover all medical conditions that you can travel back home for treatment, or that existed before travel. If the doctors told him he had a tumor a month ago instead of the flu, why hasn't he flown home already. He should read his policy.

    Whatever drugs you're on seem to be doing their job well. Wouldn't mind some myself!

  6. 2 hours ago, FarFlungFalang said:

    "Up the creek with out a paddle" means to have problems I made an addition to the saying to mean to have very big problems,just my sick humor.You remember asian financial crisis?

    I am happy I send a lot money when Australian dollar was strong now I just wait until strong again.

    You will be waiting a long, long time.

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  7. 1 hour ago, ICELANDMAN said:

    it would be a good thing if at school there was a teaching program on the protection of one's own territory. Education is the only road that will still be long for a........ few centuries maybe.


    Teachers are probably as oblivious to the environmental dangers of plastic bags as anyone else in the community.

  8. Just now, spidermike007 said:

    Good on this woman for speaking out and calling out the corrupt school gangsters. Social media, when used in this manner, can be a very effective way to out creeps, and thieving heathens. Now all we need are the names of the teachers involved, so we can shame them and their entire families. Only then, will things begin to change. 

    She spoke out then dropped it without recompense. Seems semi pointless to not push for a result.

  9. Just now, soalbundy said:

    Altruism is for freedom fighters not pensioners. If my IO suddenly says this is the way we have to go I'll give the man his sugar. It's just another hoop. I already have hoops from Falang land as well:-

    Once a year proof of existence for UK pension

    Once a year proof of existence for German pension

    Once a year proof of existence for German company pension

    Once a year German tax declaration that I live outside the EU

    Once a month transfer of income from Germany to Thai bank

    90 day reporting in Thailand

    Once a year extension of stay at immigration Thailand

    TM30 when travelling back from another province in Thailand


    It's just another thing to be done, is it stupid? Yes, am I going to get up tight about it? No.

    Just thinking how lucky you are to have so many pensions. If I was eligible for one, I can only access it within my home country. There but for the grace of God go you but not me. 

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