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  1. Seriously doubt these were Heidi Fleiss girls serving the rich and famous. More likely dropped into the numerous shady massage shops (and other venues) serving the middle class across the country. I doubt any client list was ever accumulated.
  2. Vendors configure the equipment they sell to best match the local market. What this says is that price is more important than capacity here.
  3. I have been served some pretty tasteless noodles on occasion, but never felt I needed to go to this extreme. Hope the vendor recovers fully, and the officer is dealt with properly (though not holding my breath).
  4. Pointing at Trump, without also pointing at the CDC itself, is a whitewash. There was plenty of incompetence during this debacle. At the Federal and the State levels. Let's see if we have learning anything going forward...
  5. My guy at the iParts store on Sukhumvit 101/1 quoted me 16,000 THB for a full screen replacement for my 2014 MBP 16"
  6. Not even considering the "risks". Simply will not give my money to a company in the country that is responsible for not attempting contain this virus properly. A country that continues to obfuscate and lie.
  7. Unless they also provide a poop tracking map, it is not authentic. https://sf.curbed.com/2019/4/23/18511865/sf-poop-human-waste-map-forbes-dpw-dog But, it does make for some nice photos at T-21.
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