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  1. In one video, he goes to great lengths to explain that he asked his "Thai friend" help him to pronounce Pattaya correctly. Then proceeds to butcher it. Apparently his (imaginary) "Thai friends" like to make him look dumb.
  2. OnNut has some advantages. I live on Sukhumvit 81. I have a three story townhouse in a quiet moo baan at 35,000 per month. When I see people paying 40,000+ for a shoebox condo, or 100,000+ for a condo half the size of my townhouse, I wonder if they were dropped on their head when they were a small child. I can walk to the BTS, Lotus, and Century mall. The area is occupied primarily by Thai people who work someplace else, so it is like a "bedroom community". I like the fact that not every Thai person speaks English. I like the fact that I am not being exploited everywhere I go (never been charg
  3. The proverbial "Foolproof Prenuptial". From the movie "Intolerable Cruelty". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intolerable_Cruelty
  4. I would recommend a Massey prenup. Also, when I was married to a Thai national, I did not use that as my means of staying in Thailand - I stayed on a retirement extension. That may not be an option for you, but removing that (your extension of stay based on the marriage) from the equation is highly recommended.
  5. Personally, I would be very hesitant to invest in a company in Thailand that I did not have 100% ownership of. The idea that I would have an investment that could easily be nullified by someone reporting me to the labor/immigration department would definitely negate any interest on my part.
  6. There is nothing that prevents you from investing in a Thai company, other than common sense. To legally work, you need a work permit. The gray area of working without one is a question of your risk tolerance, and the work involved. Clearly, many work under the radar online, but if it were involved with a Thai company, especially one you are invested in, I think your risk increases somewhat.
  7. I am not sure that you understand what "orders of magnitude" actually means.
  8. I believe the poster was implying the exact opposite of that -- that the property sellers themselves need to adjust their prices to reflect current market conditions. Personally, I cannot imagine paying the prices being asked for those concrete boxes. And there is no question that the prices are beyond the means of most Thai buyers.
  9. I have a Bangkok Bank account, and setting up an international recipient of transfers required that I have a work permit. I had to file forms in person at my branch. I had to wait a day or two for the approval process to complete. It was ridiculous. I also have a Kasikorn Bank account (KBank), and I use the KBank mobile app on my phone. With the KBank mobile app, all I did was enter the account information for my bank account in the US, and hit go. Not forms, no permissions, no work permit required. The only limitation is that the transfer must be done during normal business hours
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