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  1. Not probably - definitely. At least before it gets any better.
  2. Tell that to my son (26 yo) and my nephew (24 yo), both of whom are serious MGTOW proponents. They are sick of the women they meet in the US, the PC attitudes, and the legal ramifications of marriage.
  3. Maybe it is political burnout reaching into every aspect of life.
  4. I am sure China see the HK protestors as terrorists, so, good comparison.
  5. Classic lawyer scum. They love to quote "legal precedent" to enable them to ruin more peoples' lives. Court rulings do not create laws. Courts prosecute laws and interpret laws. They cannot set a precedent on a law that does not exist.
  6. For me, these latest Angels seem to have no femininity, unlike the previous versions.
  7. That's what I did. Married in the US. Later, registered marriage in Thailand. Then divorced in Thailand. The US must accept the divorce decree of Thailand, just as Thailand accepted the marriage decree of the US.
  8. Assume much? What if his son is an adult? What if his son is from his home country, and is here working? What if he needs to work in his home country to earn the money to support his son? What if he sent 100,000 THB every month to support his son? What if he is currently paying to put his son through the best university in Thailand? What if it is not your life to judge.
  9. Correction: to ensure that no farang company can withhold payment only Thai insurance companies reap the benefits.
  10. I suspect a user experiencing withdrawal would consider it an emergency situation.
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