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  1. Amazing. Free to walk around the shopping mall with hundreds of strangers, but have a friend come to watch the game on TV, and you are a criminal.
  2. A good read of their "Terms Of Use" page was enough to make me cringe. Especially section 10. Risk Disclosure. https://celsius.network/terms-of-use/
  3. It is a good thread. YouTube's recommendations are quite narrow. Hoping we get dozens of pages to skim for those times we would like some fresh content ideas.
  4. First guess, passport number. Love how they have the "?" for the COE Code, but not the Reference ID. Truly professional stuff. Two fields, and could not make the effort for the first one.
  5. Channel: Old Time Radio Researchers For us older Americans, these radio shows are gems. You can search for "Old Time Radio" and you will find numerous other channels uploading this content. I find it fantastic to listen to while working or falling asleep. Some even include the advertisements from that era, which are priceless.
  6. Channel: Serpentza This guy spent over 10 years in China, and reports some very interesting insights. He has ridden his motorcycle all over the country and has seen things few foreigners ever see. Married to a Chinese doctor. You know he is reporting serious stuff, since the CCP has spent serious effort attacking his efforts.
  7. Not sure how strange, or surprising, but I enjoy many of the After Skool videos. Channel: After Skool Numerous well done animated hand illustrations of presentations by some really interesting speakers.
  8. Evidence she was not staying with @NCC1701A - she would have never left the room...
  9. The gf walked in on me pipe jacking, and the flooding problem got worse.
  10. Makes sense, since a foreign court cannot be properly corrupted trusted.
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