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  1. I pay social security for an employee with a salary of 9,000 baht. So a Thai national can be in at that level. Not sure if that will apply in your case, but I would think it would.
  2. And, hence, the reason the US is lining up for some serious pain in the not too distant future. We have much bigger issues to deal with than "your syntax offends me".
  3. Great Idea. Good to see projects like these.
  4. Being one of those who insist that one can live in BKK with a small income, I will say that if you are working you will have additional unavoidable expenses that will make it much more difficult to live cheaply. Commuting, wardrobe, meals, etc., will add up quickly. For someone working in BKK, I would suggest that 60K baht per month is a minimum. Professionals (IT, Engineering, Legal, etc.) typically get more than 100K.
  5. Thong Lo aside, my experiences with Thai police have all been very positive. Much better than my experiences with police in the US.
  6. We all know that it is already here. A cigarette brand with two initials.
  7. Give us a pile of money, so we can hand it to ourselves, to reproduce existing technology implemented by industry leaders. A sound investment I am sure.
  8. So, they are going to S-curve their way around that strong baht. Excellent. Genius leadership.
  9. Well, the taxi drivers, massage ladies, food cart owners, and small business owners that I chat with must be part of the educated majority then.
  10. Before you proceed with surgery, but sure to get a proper diagnosis. There are multiple causes of CTS, and they do not all require surgery. In my case, it was mostly inflammation of the tissue surrounding the nerves that was the cause of the nerves being squeezed causing the CTS. The doctor diagnosed this by prescribing anti-inflammatories, and putting a splint on the wrist to limit motion. Within two weeks the problem disappeared. Then it became a matter of managing the use of my wrists to limit the inflammation.
  11. Right. Single-handed, he did it all. Employees, investors, advisors, they all just sat on the sidelines cheering. Where are their golden parachutes? The man built a company on a weak premise, dragged in many millions of dollars, blood, sweat, and tears, and could not deliver. Yet he is being rewarded, while many investors are being punished. A crime.
  12. The only ones who appear to have been affected would be those in charge.
  13. Maybe it is the motivational video played before Operation Black Eagle.
  14. I stand corrected, and thank you for the link. I would think that "stable prices" and "preserve the value of the dollar" are for most intents the same thing. However, inflation at 2% pa clearly makes them not the same over a very long period of time. Given the many modern alternatives for preserving wealth, I suppose the "stable prices" mandate does make more sense.
  15. Until they abruptly cancel the program and renege on the deal.
  16. The Fed has no business dealing with anything other than it's mandate - to maximize employment and preserve the value of the US dollar. They have failed miserably on the latter, and have a dubious record on the former. So why in the world would they think they can help with anything beyond their mandate?
  17. In other words, for some it will be getting nothing for something. A government handout to an industry certainly lining their pockets. Indeed I do. But unlike many, I have no interest in wasting good money preserving a decaying body. Happy to check out when the time comes, and leave those assets to my children who can put it to better use. Again, why would I want to pay anything for nothing?
  18. I have an HSA account with 3M THB in it set aside solely for medical bills. I have paid every medical bill in Thailand on time and with cash. Why am I to be forced to purchase insurance I do not need? Unless, as stated previously, you are not eligible for any insurance. The simpler solution is for hospitals to simply state that uninsured people must pay up front. And free services are simply not provided. Done and dusted without the current corrupt bs being painted as solving a problem.
  19. In general, if you have no plans to file for an extension at immigration, it is a non-issue.
  20. Ah. With the existing house and everyone doing well, then the Jomtien condo is more of a "vacation place", and that makes a lot of sense and would be quite nice for the family.
  21. And, more significantly, his wife has the option of purchasing an actual house, while us Farang are restricted to condos. A house may be a far better choice for her in the future, especially considering owning the land as well as the house.
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