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  1. ToddinChonburi

    Chonburi - Pattaya Motorway speed limits and gantries

    They have placed lane speed radar in several locations but they seem to be already broken. That I think is where the Thai's think the camera's are and hit the brakes. Everyone I past going south yesterday was way over the speed I was actually traveling. More money wasted .
  2. ToddinChonburi

    Air pollution alert for Friday

    Great news, more water more water. Lol
  3. ToddinChonburi

    Smog in Bangkok 'no cause for panic'

    Oh yes let's follow China's example. Lol. amazing Thailand.
  4. ToddinChonburi

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    The wall is already being built in New Mexico and Texas. This money is just to add to the current fund. 3.8 billion still in the fund. This fund was originally created under the Bush years.