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  1. In our village the authorities have recently installed a water dispenser. Basically it's a hut with large tanks, pipes and meters inside. One places your container under the spigot and for the princely sum of 5 baht the machine delivers 20 litres of water. This water is half the price of the potable water delivered by the numerous vans around the district. I dare say many of the money concious locals will use it. Personally I can't be fagged, carrying 2o litres in this heat and will pay the extra 5 baht to have the bottles delivered. Any other village have this set up?
  2. Yes the burning of corn stalks is bad but it's only part of the problem. The OP makes no mention of the vast areas of forest that are burnt to facilitate the picking of 'smoky' mushrooms. You can't move that to Burma.
  3. About time the Thai authorities did the same for all the 'stateless' Hill Tribe peoples.
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