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  1. Sorry you decided to read into what I wrote to suit your own needs. The point I was making was why not do it now on-line if you can, instead of waiting and be one of the many, and as you say on your due date. If everyone thinks like you are, then how many need to be there on the specific day the 90 day report is due. I can tell you that there will be two fewer on the dates we would need to show up since I and my GF were able to do it on-line. However, to each his own. It is your life to live the way you choose. The less hassle in mine the better, good luck with whatever you decide.
  2. Yup, lipstick on a pig, thank you for the visual @ratcatcher
  3. You are exactly right. An in person 90 day report after the TM-30 has been initially done is needed before the information is in the system and you can then do an on-line 90 day. If you have a passport change since the last 90 day report then an in person 90 day report is needed so they have your current passport number. I learned al of this through UbonJoe and talking to CW when I was there for my 90 day report in-person, as my address had changed as well as my passport. Once done in person, it is easy on-line, just make sure you disable any VPN your running as the system will not let you even get into the application.....
  4. Why not do it? Instead of being one of the masses trying to do it in person on the date the amnesty ends I did it and it was quick as ever, less than 24 hours and it was returned as completed. Just did the GF's for the first time as she is on a Non-LA visa, and the system now allows for those visa types to report on-line instead of standing in line with the masses at either one of the 2 centers they must go to as she is from Myanmar......I think if it saves time and the system works for you then why not do it.
  5. It is actually pretty easy, but is a real PITA when your in a mall and every single shop you enter you need to check in and then check out. Spent the day at Icon Siam today doing some shopping, the place was fairly empty which shocked me. Apple must have had a new promotion because the lie to get in was to hell and back. Then of course there is this new coffee location called %, and the line to get a cup or whatever else they were selling was also very long. Tomorrow, SeaView Bangkok opens back up at Siam Paragon, and I was planning on taking the kids to see the aquatic life. I will check in with TV after the trip and see how the QR code scanning goes in that location.
  6. Have to be clean as a foreign tourist or else you will be called a dirty foreigner. Maybe they should double the VAT refund, but then would it really frickings matter...
  7. Just enough in my Honeywell stock, and my Tostito's stock who will be making Tortilla Chips that look like masks
  8. What was the saying: "Wag the dog" which in essence means: To distract attention away from a political scandal, often through military action.
  9. Open mouth, engage brain before thinking this is about dead people. A mask is to protect your health and the health of others so they do not wind up dead. Oh I get the sarcastic remark, but you need to use sarcasm when warranted, and not when you try and be serious in your other posts....
  10. Does a fashion designer really give a ...t about who can manage a pandemic? Think before your fingers type nonsensical cr...p......
  11. And you all thought the pandemic was BS, now look what happened OMG, we are doomed I say Doomed, then I woke up and realized someone will get the Pulitzer prize for averting war and solving the Pandemic crisis...glad I am squared away and not three sheets to the wind, or am I...well the world will never know. Just like how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.....
  12. Not in the least. Look at the UK https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8186273/Designers-focus-creating-non-surgical-masks.html And the US design and fashion Area of Los Angeles https://www.foxla.com/news/masks-are-high-fashion-for-la-designer And then the East Coast of the US https://6abc.com/armstrong--wilson-majeeda-monae-masks-covid-19/6204243/ The list keeps on growing outside of SE Asia, and I wish I was making it up.....so once again is it just a marketing gimmick or something that will be long term. Why would designers waste money on a design and product that goes nowhere. They are in the industry to make money, not loose it...
  13. Ask yourself this. Why would the fashion designers now be preparing the next years clothing lines with matching designer masks if there was no need to be wearing a mask....Think hard and long before you answer the question.
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