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  1. Think you need to do some research. She has authored many decisions, and has a fine record for a judge, even as a 7th circuit court judge. Her rulings may not be likeable, but rulings and writs are what they are.
  2. Sounds like she returned as a Thai National, she does have dual citizenship it sounds like. If she is Thai she could return without a STV and her husband and child probably followed on an O visa based upon Marriage and parentage.
  3. As long as they can obtain the votes they can try and do anything they want during their 4 year term in the Senate. Just like a President who has 4 years in office, he or she is not a lame duck during the year running up to the election. Foolish for people to believe that is truly the case. 4 years is 4 years. Just like having a contract as a CEO. Until your last day there your still the CEO and can do what is needed in your view for the good of the country, I mean company.
  4. Could have, should have, and would have, all great and speculative terms. No one has the power to create certain legislation that would be opposed and held up, which no matter who it was in office the other side would have done there best to shut it down and then complain it was not done properly. Just like Mom's punishment not equaling dad's and Grandma and Grandpa having a fight over who was right and who was wrong. No win situation.
  5. It is pretty much a forgone conclusion that she will be voted into the position she was nominated and passed through committee for. She is qualified in every aspect. She may not be what some want, but can she do the job as a conservative Judge following in the footsteps of her mentor, the answer is yes she can. The Dems do not like this and they are already making preconceived guesses about how she will vote on certain hearings schedule before SCOTUS. That my friend is call prejudice and is a true statement.
  6. And you truly believe that just one man could have save countless lives. If you believe that then there is definitely something wrong with everyone else not doing there part as well. He must be superman, able to leap tall buildings, and to crush crime and everything else in your world view. It takes everyone pulling together. The Dems and the republicans never learn, and are always putting there beliefs ahead of what truly needs to be done. Then you have States rights and the Governors doing there own thing regardless of what the federal government says. Can you see how ludicrous your vi
  7. However, getting the insurance waiver that Thailand wants for certain visa's signed by the directors of your insurance company outside of Thailand saying that your insurance plan covers and meets what is in Thai law, will never happen. Legally its a dead dog and a turd. Lawsuits will abound if they do not live up to what Thailand wants, and the folks are denied coverage here by the Insurance company from abroad.
  8. And again, I can honestly say, your guess is as good as mine to answer all of your questions. These tools, I mean fools, er I mean....well whatever have no clue yet as it has only been proposed. Imagine having all these proposals and eventually they either get stuffed through or fall by the wayside. It boggles the mind.
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