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  1. Time for some splash for cash, lets unwind all the regulations then, and just throw caution to the wind. Party time and no restrictions, sounds like the CCSA will be playing this one for their pocket books.
  2. Time to round up all of his colleagues and all of the protestors and start testing en-mass. However, why would they as they have just opened the doors to Songkran, water shot at protestors isn't much different from water being shot at others for fun now is it.
  3. Amazing that they would place a2 year old in the hospital sealed away from family. Must be a terrifying experience, just think of the trauma this will cause the poor girl.
  4. If that's true, then that is a deadly practice, and hopefully that practice is changed.
  5. Guess they will have to restart the safety goal board again as 0 INJURIES, 0 DEATHS, but add a new Category for ACCIDENTAL DEATHS.
  6. Not sure a TM-30 is needed anymore when you return back to BKK.
  7. Never have seen a crane offload from a ship directly onto the bed of a truck before. Thats one heck of a fall for the container, RIP poor man. Better question is, Why was he sitting in the truck and not outside in a sfae area, just on the off chance of an accident.
  8. Nope, just like they don't. Test and ye shall find, no test and well, your guess is as good as the next guys, sort of like TAT's numbers they spout weekly.
  9. Unfortunately, I believe that they are still trying to shield money somewhere.
  10. Maybe because we used the appointment system, but then who knows why it's all over the board for some.
  11. Play cribbage, I mean dominoes, oh hell they probably just drink coffee and eat the famous donuts all day long.
  12. I second what DrJack has said. I did my extension in October, with 800K in the bank method, and only needed the letter from the bank, with a copy of the bankbook showing the transaction on that date with a small deposit. Without the deposit into the account there is nothing to update the bankbook with if the interest for the year on the fixed deposit was done earlier in the month. a fixed deposit account is a little different than just showing you had 800k in a regular savings account I do believe, and that may be why your asked to show the statements to prove that it never dipped below the
  13. He has been to the beach, the third wave is called the sneaker/sleeper wave, it comes out if nowhere.
  14. Why look, they already had one of their own medical doctors give a fake vaccine to fellow Thai troops in the Sudan. Don't have to go to far from Thailand the hub of fakes to see this coming in greater quantity as we move forward.
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