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  1. Are we all not in the same boat here? Many other countries are vaccinating all and anyone that wants a vaccination, yet here Nationalism takes precedence over all others, and one wonders why the script is the way it is when the world is in the middle of a pandemic. Make you wonder if they want the foreigners to just be last, yet foreigners also work on the infrastructure of this country, and I am not just talking about us, but talking about the Migrant workers on construction sites, working in Condos as cleaners. How do you protect any and all if the workers around you are unvaccinated and
  2. Saw a news story this morning that one of the deaths from covid was an infant. Sad reality is that it hits everyone and anyone, not just the old and infirm as some would have you believe. Stay safe. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/covid-19-thailand-daily-record-35-deaths-2-month-baby-youngest-14831052
  3. Must be the ministers courier here in Thailand. Sure when he is returned to Australia he can run for office and be appointed Prime minister because he was not arrested in Australia but in Thailand.
  4. And there is the information I was waiting for. Thank you @anchadian for your daily posts. I was also looking to see if there had been a posting or tweet. of those 3,394, invariably 1,408 must be the prison cases leaving just under 2k for the general population.
  5. Waiting to see what today brings, other than the already flopped backwards Walk-in centers for vaccines. You just have to take each and every hour here sitting on the edge of your seat, its like watching a tennis match as the ball is lobbed to and fro.....
  6. A giant Flop backwards. Why is he so against a walk-in center? Is their not enough sinovac vaccine to go around here in Bangkok. Someone seems to be a little over controlling in my book. Lets roll out the vaccine, lets put Viral posters on the news and in ads showing the vaccine is safe and all Thai's must do their part, yet lets also just Sslloowwllyy roll out a vaccine to those that really want it. I think he is afraid there will be few that show up and then vaccine will be wasted and need to be tossed in the bin, or better yet he is wanting the mor prom app up and running so that when f
  7. Just found out the GF's ex whose wife tested positive for Covid, is still out delivering food as a delivery driver, he was supposed to be self isolating for 14 days or until he showed any symptoms. His wife is in a hospital, and we have the daughter with us, and have for 6 weeks now. The GF reached out to the medical staff to report his actions but received the obligatory, we know but he was supposed to stay at home until we tested him again. Today he posted on his Facebook page that he has a fever, but still must work to pay his bills including the house payment he has.....can not make this
  8. Since you have your finger on the pulse of MOPH supposedly and your in the medical field, why don't you reach out and have them check the Covid ward occupancy rates. The general wards where non Covid patients are of no concern when we discuss hospitals nearing full capacity. So report back to us, it is vitally important, well according to you so you can disprove the stats that have been posted daily.
  9. Yet you don't read the article you just criticized the link. Here you go straight from the article I linked. According to Bank of Thailand (BoT) data, debts under financial-relief programs stood at 2.79 trillion baht at the end of 2020, equivalent to approximately 19.9 per cent of the country’s household debts. The new round of pandemic is expected to further increase debt outstanding under financial-aid programs during February-April 2021, although such levels are not likely to surpass the prior peak seen in the third quarter of 2020. But as you said it has to be from
  10. Just in time for the July 1st Sandbox rollout. Excellent said Bill to Ted.
  11. And then there is the Household debt issue https://www.thaienquirer.com/26412/the-thai-household-debt-situation-after-covid-19/ https://tpnnational.com/2021/04/07/thailand-household-debt-hits-14-trillion-baht-in-q4-2020-highest-in-18-years-says-kasikorn-research-center/ So continue on borrowing from the banks, all is good and they have plenty of money to weather the storm.
  12. Here I thought it was one of these.....hmmmm where is my mind today.
  13. Went out to lunch, well tried to here in Sathorn. Walked into a restaurant and was told each table can only seat 1 person, new rules only 25%. My GF looked at the lady and said we will need 3 tables then, one for the 6 year old, one for me and one for my BF. Lady looked around the 10 tables and said sorry we only have 2 tables you can sit at one will have to wait. Out we walked. 25% means 25% capacity not 1 seat out of 4 at a table. We live together, drive together in the same car and hell the GF and I sleep together. Guess dining out will have to wait here in Bangkok. The funny thing
  14. Colonoscopy's are a bitch as well, but that digital rectal exam takes the cake. Yet there are some who fantasize about it. Never was one wanting to sword fight. Even though there are some very hot ones that have had major surgery, just look at the throat area for that Adams apple and ask them to straighten out their arms, tell tell signs... To each their own, but not my cup of tea....
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