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  1. In 60 days my girlfriend, who is from Myanmar, needs to obtain a new extension of stay for here in Thailand, as her extension she is currently on expires at that time. I am not sure, and neither is she as to what the requirements, and documents needed, are for someone from one of the ASEAN countries. She does have a daughter who is a Thai citizen, but was never married to the father. The daughter spends half of each month with us. The extension she was given in 2018 was good for 2 years. Does anyone know what documents she will need to show at Immigration, and as I have found there are only certain Immigrant Offices here in Bangkok she can go to. No luck finding anything on the internet or making phone calls, other than what I am required to show for my extension of stay and visa. Additionally, should she wish to travel, would she need the same type of re-entry permit as myself in order to keep her extension valid. I hope someone can help here with this issue.
  2. bbi1, in light of the recent issues revolving around O-A visa, extensions based upon retirement, and the issues at Jomtien, then yes this post is relevant in the fact that it should for a few calm the fears that immigration has caused. However, there are those that have caused their own problems.
  3. A man traveling from Wuhan to Washington State was just found to have the Coronavirus, Wuhan Strain. As such the US has jumped on board with monitoring people entering the US and the CDC has raised its travel notice for Wuhan, China, from level 1 to level 2, of three possible levels, according to its website. On Tuesday morning, the CDC advised travelers to "practice usual precautions," which is part of its "Watch - Level 1" status. As of Tuesday afternoon, the agency advised travelers to "practice enhanced precautions" and increased the status to "Alert - Level 2." The highest level, "Warning - Level 3" advises travelers to "avoid nonessential travel." The agency now recommends that travelers to Wuhan avoid contact with sick people, dead or living animals, and animal markets. It adds that "preliminary information suggests that older adults and people with underlying health conditions may be at increased risk for severe disease from this virus." "This novel coronavirus has the potential to cause severe disease and death," the CDC says. You just have to wonder if the Chinese will be valiant at screening the folks who are trying to leave the country for the Chinese New Year Holiday, as well as looking at its H to H transmission now with extra precautions put in place. The CDC is saying this was transmitted from animals to humans, which was being denied as well as H to H transmission.
  4. Govt blames public for PM2.5 levels Here we go, you can not make it up.....straight from the PM's mouth....Time for enforcement of the laws on the books to help us all. But then according to that certain person in power it would not be good because financially they could not afford the fines!!!!!
  5. Nope straight off of the Bangkok Post interview he conducted Nick.....I don't post what's not original.
  6. Straight from TAT: Their definition, and in no way did I imply they were ignorant. You need to do a little homework.... TAT's executive director of Advertising and Public Relations said: "Thainess is a distinctive characteristic that lies at the heart of the national and cultural identity of Thai people. To convey Thainess, especially to foreigners, is a challenging task, so we have defined seven areas that we are promoting to the foreign target market: Thai food, Thai arts, Thai ways of life, Thai wisdom, Thai wellness, Thai festivity and Thai fun. This, in a nutshell, is how the TAT has defined Thainess . From the Phuket News: "embrace the longevity-enabling optimistic outlook for which Thainess is foremost and firmly rooted. Mai Pen Rai na, Yaa Kit Maak ไม่เป็นไรนะ อย่าคิดมาก – It’s alright na, don’t stress it!" Its why they just go with the flow Thomas...…..change is hard, its work, its a fight, just accepting something is as it is, leaves one as a part of the problem. If your kids throw trash on the ground, do you just walk by and leave it, or do you pick it up and put it where it belongs. To accept things as you see them as being just fine is not a solution to the ever widening issue.
  7. Nowhere in my comment did I say anything about most Thais and being stupid. Choose your words wisely. As I indicated there is something they can do about it. Stop burning, fix there vehicles which spew exhaust. Do not blame the fact they do this because they are poor. Its done because as you say the government does not enforce this.....wrong!!!!!! As I said its accepted and they just continue on with daily life, even though they are ticked off about it. Its like someone complaining that they can not do anything to change the world we live in...ego aside, everyone can make a difference and his comments were what I responded too.
  8. Do you not pay attention to the consequences to ones health from breathing all of this acrid smoke and pollution in, or are you just trying to wind-up folks. Your just being silly with this comment Neal.
  9. Yesterday, here in Nonthaburi near the Ministry of Public Health the air was horrible. I took a short walk around the park on the Monistries grounds and what did I see but burn piles of leaves being burned, which just adds more to the poor air quality. Off course who would have thought that the Government Compound responsible for one's health would be making it worse... go figure....Thainess strikes again.
  10. Once again, all words, no action and of course blaming everyone else instead of the internal country woes due to the monetary issues incurred because of the rise in Baht. When the Baht to USD was this low in 2011 and so on I do not remember the local economy suffering this much, and the tourists were coming.....but then maybe I am wrong like I always am....just ask my now ex-wife.
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