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  1. Never forgot that fact. Its just the endless issue of "Why should I, Why should they" "They are going to die anyway", well yes, they will die anyway, but being a little on top of things makes life a little longer and keeps things under control until the expiration date placed on you. Why push that date ahead by not thinking about how you take care of yourself...….but then most Thais just live from one day to the next. A friend from California, who lives near me and is 85 calls me every morning to let me know "Hey bud just calling to let you know I didn't wake up dead". He has fought cancer, heart problems, and other medical maladies for the past 20 years. He says the last 20 years have been the best of his life because he changed the way he ate, stopped smoking and drinking started to be active and traveled. Had he not taken care to change, he would have died and never enjoyed life after working hard for 46 years and retiring only to die the next day or week. Yes Re-incarnation, but that's because you screwed up your previous life and need a do-over, but then people never learn, and the cycle continues.
  2. Once again, all words, no action and of course blaming everyone else instead of the internal country woes due to the monetary issues incurred because of the rise in Baht. When the Baht to USD was this low in 2011 and so on I do not remember the local economy suffering this much, and the tourists were coming.....but then maybe I am wrong like I always am....just ask my now ex-wife.
  3. I asked specifically about obtaining one in English at the Amphoe when I did the process as I described. They indicated that only Thai la gauge is used on the birth certificate and not in English. They indicated I needed to do what I did. Not sure where you found your information about them.giving you a copy in English for 10 baht.
  4. I have noticed more and more television broadcasts discussing low sugar recipes, and places serving food with less sugar and a lower glycemic index. The Diabetes epidemic is starting to increase tremendously here as I have noticed with the ex-in-laws now having to start diabetic medications. They eat white rice like it was going out of style, and drink those 3 in 1 coffee's as well as the M-150's and bubble tea like it was water. I warned my now ex-wife many times and here response was always, we all die when we die and no one can change that.....what a closed minded group. Its no wonder we divorced.
  5. Take it to a translation service that is also a notary and will stamp it as such with the notaries signature on it. Then have it sent along with the original to the MFA in Bangkok for it the copy to be stamped as a legal document from the MFA in Thailand. It can then be used just like the original Thai birth certificate but as an English version. Have done this twice now so we had it when completing the Visa process for the USA. Plenty of Notaries that translate and will take care of the legalization for you at the MFA, but I can not remember the cost, off hand as it was 2 years ago. Needed it for my Thai born daughter to enter the USA, as well as for registering her for school.
  6. Painting everyone with a very broad brush are you not. You categorize all Americans as a "Little short on patience", pray tell where you came up with that analogy Traubert. Yes we are nice folks, but hen so are all nationalities and cultures I have met.
  7. Wow, looks like lots of people will be called in to be questioned according to the illegal activities....wait isn't everything here illegal in ones perspective based upon their views. I hope that this activists comments do not create another protest led by pro government and anti government individuals which will block intersections, sans of 2014......
  8. MAX, Chase will transfer USD, you have to choose the option. The wire fee is $40.00 to do it in USD, and the rate I received was 29.80 Baht per USD, the FX currency exchange rate was at 30.05, so I lost about 1,250 baht or another $41.35, but no bank fee on my end here from Kasikorn, but again that was January 1st when the USD mysteriously dropped. Total fee of $81.35 USD, so yes looking at what the TransferWise fee is I would save a few bucks.
  9. With my Chase account I pay only $5 for an international wire transfer, Kasikorn hits me for 300 Baht, so approximately $14 dollars, no extra fees. If I transfer in $5,000 USD, no fee at all, and it shows in my account within 24 hours either way. Looks like USD transfer is the way to go as it shows as a TFN, International Transfer and not BAHTNET. Will build my account up to the 800,000 THB within 6 months. Then I will move it to a FDA account and leave it there.
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