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  1. Ubonjoe ok but if I go to immigration to get a 60 days to visit wife will they require one although it was a straight in/out . I need the 60 days as due to the virus I need to have the 400000 in the bank for 2 months as I think this is the safest was now to stay here. so best I do not fall foul of the law . last in/out was mid january

  2. iam due a 90day border run 19 april with a non o based on marriage I understand I could get 60 days to visit wife but could I put 400000 in the bank and get an extension based on marriage ? my visa does not run out until end of October. also does the 400000 have to come from abroad thanks

  3. I have a multi entry non o based on marriage am due a border run mid april, I need to go to the UK in june so a 60 days to visit wife would be fine for me.

    my question is if it works out ok I could get through until late December could I then do a further 60 days to visit wife taking me to late February before I need to renew visa thanks

  4. Brit man too

    the thai baht does seem to be an exception but I do not think it value will stay high . For now it is seen as a safe haven ! Time will tell ! With the age of retirement rising in many countries expat numbers I think will fall not just here but to many countries! As for tourists travel insurance  is something you have to pay up front and claim when you return home ! 

  5. Travelled to Savannakhet on Monday 28 oct and submitted form with documents on Tuesday 29 oct .

    Arrived about 0800 gate opened at 0900 , 5th in que first 4 slow with one being refused 

    my turn handed in documents , paid 5000 baht all done in less than 2 minutes ,collected passport next day with multi

    entry non-o based on marriage.

    Very good and easy experience, first time , will go again if still available

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  6. ubonjoe

    my situation is much the same as Russell we built a shop and with stock fixtures and fittings cost about 2 million baht , it is not registered or a partnership but my wife pays a tax every 6 months  her family help some of the month and get paid for their work . if I cannot get a work permit can I help her from time to time or is this a no . if no is there any I can help sometimes and stay within the law 

                                                                                               thanks in advance

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