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  1. I always check that the bill has been paid when paying my own bill monthly. Same for water and estate charge. Would serve notice to quit if bills not paid.
  2. But now they have shut again and even though I have an appointment for 27 April they say they are only doing 2yr licences and I will have to rebook and get new medical and residency letters in June!
  3. The announcements I saw and queries direct to DLT was that licence renewals would not be done till April and the police OKd this. Shouldn't have believed this and booked anyway. Will still attend my appointment on 27 as you can't believe anything the DLT says
  4. Had a 5yr licence extension booked for 27 April at Banglamung. Saw announcement on 16 April- no more tests till June. But also saw that those with appointments can still attend. Rang DLT this am and was told they are keeping appointments for 2yr temp licences but 5 yr extensions should wait and rebook in June. Asked why- no reason given! As I have been waiting since Jan 14 when they shut again at short notice this is particularly annoying. What's the difference between a 2 and 5 yr extension? Nothing but the date. So it will be 6 mths before I can drive again! I will be going to my appointmen
  5. Still time to import barfly party animals and government officials to fill the bed spaces and declare Phuket a quarantine island!
  6. No because that would reduce the foreign investment funds of seriously rich thais. They must worry constantly about their Thailand holdings against monies they have already spirited abroad. Now their must be an algorithm for this?
  7. You honestly think Insurance Companies/ (scammers) will pay out on expired licenses in the case if an accident. They definitely won't!
  8. London has attracted vast investment in its property market albeit some from shady sources and yes that includes Thailand by allowing foreign and offshore investment funds to artificially inflate property values enormously. Can't understand why Thailand doesn't do the same, not that I am holding up the UKs corrupt money laundering as any sort of example!.
  9. Yorkie's! 143/158-159 Moo 12Nongprue Banglamung They supply many shops/stores around Pattaya
  10. I think they do this to prevent arguments over average when the applicant or agent drops a large sum into the account towards the renewal date and then attempts to average that over 12 mths. That is why they prefer the income to be from a pension with regular monthly transfers
  11. Because pre existing conditions are not covered and stastically that is when you need it most. Better off putting the equivalent of the premiums in a bank account and use that to pay for treatment when you need it so that you don't have to pay twice. Better alternative is travel insurance which will cover emergency pre existing conditions but will insist on repatriation for follow up treatment. However the deal and profit share struck between Insurance companies and immigration is that they don't have to pay too many claims if any.
  12. And before vaccinating medical staff and health volunteers. Who owns Phuket?
  13. Agreed, have done the same. Alloys most unsuitable for Thai roads as they bend if you hit a pothole whereas steel gives a better ride as they have more spring in them
  14. Tipmanee cable tv has it in their 3600bht annual package. Don't know if they are just in Pattaya but they are much better than True or Sophon. Give you EPL FA Cup Europa and Championship games as well.
  15. Had this on mine. A good clean stopped it. Condensate was falling onto drip tray and not draining away. The clicking sound was the water hitting the drip tray in greater quantities than normal as the coils were clogged . Your landlord didn't clean it before you moved in
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