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  1. Think it best not to mention working the system on a UK address as if they twig they can demand it all back. For me peace of mind is all.
  2. Yes had an unusual problem 2days ago and couldn't get in first to their website and secondly after entering ID and password. Next day it worked ok. Got the impression it was overloaded.
  3. At Jomtien tried 4 per A4 sheet to save ink and IO said no and wanted 1 per sheet which in duplicate drained my printer
  4. Transferwise and Bangkok Bank best combination of lowest fees and highest exchange rate plus each transfer identified as FTT for TI
  5. Took us many attempts to register and only after my wife interpreted the intent of each field and then a 6 week wait for the ID and password
  6. Clear to me that as OA does not require financials other than 20k cash and permits 1-2 years stay TI are concerned that medical costs are not covered during that period whereas an O is converted to an extension based on 400k or 600k pa or 40k or 65k pm after 90 days covering medical costs. Believe this is the rationale.
  7. At Jomtien they accepted bank letter listing 40k FTT deposits each month plus pension statements showing source. Best to avoid averaging.
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