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  1. Cummings evil influence has wrecked the UK's economy by lying to the UK's gullible electorate throughout referendum and general election to foist a puppet on the public that he controls. He advised on 'Herd Immunity' and delayed lockdown. He illegaly prorogued Parliament. He infected the Cabinet then ran away illegaly to avoid the consequences several times. This man should be locked up to avoid any further damage to the UK
  2. With hundreds of thousands of Thais out of work during lockdown and subsequently due to recession why import itinerant workforces?
  3. Just done mine via pc with no problems except after it was approved I opened the next appointment which then wouldn't print using their print key so had to print screen to Microsoft word to print. Never had that problem before!
  4. It's just that I am due to do mine at the beginning of August and with the amnesty finishing at the end of July it's likely to be pandemonium at Jomtien?
  5. Just done my 90 day on line. Don't see the problem with continuing with your 90 day reporting and changing to a marriage visa when your year is up including a border bounce if necessary
  6. I have now done 15 mths of FTT TransferWise transfers into Bangkok Bank and collected Credit Advices for each which I then take back to my bank to produce the IO letter. No extra charge and no 7 day wait
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