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  1. These hoses are there for the Brigade to fight fires and will be pressurised when needed by the Brigade! Individuals without professional experience should not interfere with them that's why they should be locked. Non professional lay public can at the most check that they are aware of the means of escape routes and in case of fire evacuate as fast as possible not using lifts. Lay public should not attempt to fight fires!
  2. Because there is an idiot in charge whose strings are pulled by an evil <deleted> who is peddling herd immunity. Simple. Bit like the USA!
  3. To be safe you need to get a motorized auger/drill to see exactly how deep the piles need to go- the length of the piles you have purchased should be a guide
  4. Yes why is this needed when Thailand has Wuflu totally under control. Oh it's just to ensure Thai insurance companies and their partners tie up this lucrative new source of extortion without leakage elsewhere!
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