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  1. Check the Thai embassy in your country for info on financial requirements. You don’t need money deposited in Thailand in order to apply. That comes later. However, you’ll need to show bank statements from your home country to establish that you meet the required threshold of financial stability. Again...check with the embassy for details on this.
  2. Consider buying new...from a reputable builder. I bought in a development built by Land and Houses and it came with a one year guarantee on everything...and a five year guarantee on structure. Our onsite “after sales representative” handles all the details related to mechanical and appearance issues in the house. The builder also paid to have the entire exterior of the house repainted at the end of our first year as a normal course of events for all owners. We’ve been in the house now for three years and everything is still going great.
  3. Perhaps consider implant retained dentures. The placement of a few implants in strategic locations are used to hold your dentures in place. They have designs that will allow you to remove the dentures for cleaning and then “click” them back into place. A better solution than using paste to hold them in place! Whatever route you choose...I wish you the best.
  4. "The best laid plans of mice and men..." One might consider, if at ALL feasible, leaving the 800K for three months after your extension and then reducing to 400K in the account. (UbonJoe describes the requirements above) If your plans do NOT change and you do indeed leave early, go ahead and take your money out of the account once that final decision is made and before you leave.. If you follow the prescribed timetable for funds deposited in your account, and for some unforeseen reason your plans change and you decide to stay here, you'll be well positioned to adjust your d
  5. I don’t think DHL is the problem here. I’ve used both DHL and FedEx over the past several months. DHL customs in three days. FedEx shipmenttook seven, yes.... seven weeks to clear customs. All for a tube of ointment that was included in the shipment (from USA) that was ultimately deemed to be medicine and forbidden from entering. The bulk of that time was spent waiting for the actual inspection of goods by the food and drug division. Pre-covid I shipped these types of items regularly with no problem clearing customs......done in a day. I think the volume is now so low that th
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