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  1. oh yes memories of laos 25 years ago when the tourist industry was just getting started, they meant well but food in restaurants often took an age to come and when it did arrive it was often the wrong order, but we ate it anyway because we didnt want to wait and wait and wait for the correct order. sometimes you just have to chill because fighting the system just gets you stressed.
  2. i'd be very wary about massage for medical conditions in thailand. i have a friend who is a professional masseuse and who paid a lot for a course with a thai instructor in chaing mai, basically the instructor knew considerably less than my friend and the whole set up was badly run and unprofessional. i believe many people who work in massage in thailand are not qualified or trained to any professional level. for a relaxing massage i'm sure such people are fine, but for medical conditions refer to medically qualified people.
  3. you honestly believe the government figures are a true and accurate picture of the effect of the covid virus in thailand? i'm not sure about the usa, but so far so goodish in the uk, though after whats been happening recently the next 3-4 weeks will give a clearer picture.
  4. the proof is given that you have to register again in every single store in a shopping center. isn't that simply proof of a badly designed/developed app? surely a well designed app would not require the same data being input multiple times? another couple of questions; who is inputting the data collected by pen and paper? - and who is checking this is being done? who is doing all the tracing?
  5. that may be true unfortunately while children may not develop symptoms they can carry the virus and infect others. thus, for example, a child may become infected, go to school and infect teachers and other adults at the school who do develop symptoms. the child may also pass the virus onto other children who then go home and infect their parents who then develop symptoms. therefore having appropriate social distancing and other precautions in place in thai schools, as in schools around the world, is very important.
  6. OP, having a go at staff, especially in franchise restaurants, is not only a waste of time but also displays ignorance and a lack of class. if you have an issue with restaurant policy ask to see the manager and speak politely and calmly to them.
  7. interestingly i had more giks, or fwb, back home than i've ever had in thailand; my busiest time was when i simultaneously had a british born chinese girl (student), a filipino older lady, a recently left school girl from an indian family and an english dancer. good times. never any financial consideration, then or now.
  8. it's not the death rate that should drive the easing of lockdown and other restrictions, it's the R number. In an epidemic, one of the most important numbers is R - the reproduction number. If this is below one, then on average each infected person will infect fewer than one other person; the number of new infections will fall over time. The lower the number, the faster the number of new infections will fall. When R is above one, the number of new infections is accelerating; the higher the number the faster the virus spreads through the population.
  9. the uk has five core values; democracy rule of law individual liberty mutual respect tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs not sure how many of these apply in thailand...
  10. if you have relevant qualifications and experience it's quite easy to get a job with a 'decent' EFL organisation.
  11. the way things are going, and barring any massive second wave, i see many countries slowly opening up to incoming tourism in the coming months. what countries need to do is get things going with domestic tourism, any western country with the stats thailand has i.e. considerably more deaths, on average, on the roads in two days than in two months from the virus, and with what must be an incredibly low R number, would be considerably more opened up than thailand
  12. went to school, and played rugby with, rory underwood and rob andrew, also richard tomlinson, the MI5 spy but my mate, who knew nothing about music or really who he was, was good friends, through their children, with julian cope, i was jealous about that.
  13. just plan ahead, my sister emigrated to australia over 20 years ago, before leaving she moved her bank account to our mum's address and hey presto no problems. just use a family/friends address, banks prefer not to write to you these day anyway so will be more than happy to communicate digitally. easy.
  14. what i'd do is contact uk banks; send them an email or give them a call, explain the situation and ask what your options are. alternatively, depending on how much money you're taking about, return to the uk, stay with a family/friend and use their address to open an account, and have a nice holiday too.
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