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  1. i can't help with the SWIFT code, but i have just registered with OFX and will be sending from the UK, could you let me know how the first transfer goes? - will you send a 'test' amount first?
  2. turning this around i have asked many of my thai friend's children if they are aware of the phonetic alphabet for learning english pronunciation, if it used in lessons and if there is a phonetic alphabet chart in their classroom, their answer are always; 'what?' and 'no', even those with foreign 'teachers'. i find this bizarre.
  3. hopefully a substantial donation to cave rescue organisations. and some funding to improve thai rescue personnel training - i understand four thai rescuers got themselves trapped and had to be rescued.
  4. had my eyes tested in the uk, told the optician i would get frames and lenses in thailand, she agreed it would be cheaper. and indeed it was. specsavers have some good deals sometimes but a few years ago i had an eye test there that proved to be incorrect - i thought at the time the 'optician' seemed less professional than i'd expect, anyway, i dont go there now.
  5. it's now a requirement, it took two minutes at Siam last week. and yes, it is an exercise in pointlessness, just grin and bear it.
  6. a country that jails people for not having a motorcycle license or wearing a helmet would be a much worse place than thailand. can you give examples where this is the case?
  7. what is the evidence that the phone was stolen rather than lost?
  8. dont use bank TT rates, you can easily get better rates; smart currency exchange, oanda, ofx...
  9. £0.017p/min to a uk landline on skype for mobiles use the AIS prefix 003 and it's something like 1 bt for first minute then 25 setang/min after that for others i use any number of internet apps to call free.
  10. comes under professional conduct (individual in question and their line manager) and should be dealt with by their line manager, probably the director of studies, or if they are not up to the task then HR. regarding professional conduct this would be one of the easiest i'd have to deal with.
  11. in 20 years never been asked to show my passport except to IO, bank and my apartment owner. i've never met anyone who's had a different experience and i've never seen a foreigner being asked to show their passport. i never understand why some people seem to think this is such a big issue...? have never carried my passport around, but now have photos of relevant pages on my phone, just in case. but i'd put money on never being asked.
  12. just sounds like an excuse for thai bashing from a 'new' member. suggest this topic is closed.
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