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  1. had my eyes tested in the uk, told the optician i would get frames and lenses in thailand, she agreed it would be cheaper. and indeed it was. specsavers have some good deals sometimes but a few years ago i had an eye test there that proved to be incorrect - i thought at the time the 'optician' seemed less professional than i'd expect, anyway, i dont go there now.
  2. it's now a requirement, it took two minutes at Siam last week. and yes, it is an exercise in pointlessness, just grin and bear it.
  3. a country that jails people for not having a motorcycle license or wearing a helmet would be a much worse place than thailand. can you give examples where this is the case?
  4. what is the evidence that the phone was stolen rather than lost?
  5. dont use bank TT rates, you can easily get better rates; smart currency exchange, oanda, ofx...
  6. £0.017p/min to a uk landline on skype for mobiles use the AIS prefix 003 and it's something like 1 bt for first minute then 25 setang/min after that for others i use any number of internet apps to call free.
  7. comes under professional conduct (individual in question and their line manager) and should be dealt with by their line manager, probably the director of studies, or if they are not up to the task then HR. regarding professional conduct this would be one of the easiest i'd have to deal with.
  8. in 20 years never been asked to show my passport except to IO, bank and my apartment owner. i've never met anyone who's had a different experience and i've never seen a foreigner being asked to show their passport. i never understand why some people seem to think this is such a big issue...? have never carried my passport around, but now have photos of relevant pages on my phone, just in case. but i'd put money on never being asked.
  9. just sounds like an excuse for thai bashing from a 'new' member. suggest this topic is closed.
  10. picked this up on cnn, dont know who the guy is but what on earth was he thinking?!
  11. it certainly sounds like thailand, sadly, isn't/was never the place for you; 1. I do not want to spend the rest of my life jumping through endless hoops to be able to live in Thailand. Too much stress. i have recently changed to retirement extension status, sure it was a bit time consuming to set up but not difficult and certainly not stressful. i went to CW and found all the IOs i dealt with to be helpful and friendly. 2. I don't have enough savings to deposit 800k baht and not not touch it for 5 months and also not touch 400k for the rest of my life.My monthly is not an issue. if you dont meet the basic financial requirements then thailand long term is a non-starter - it's a no brainer 3. I don't want to live with the constant changes and consequences if the rules change and I no longer meet Thai requirements. immigration policies change in every county, that's just how it is, they dont change excessively often here and legitimate ex-pats who meet the criteria generally have no issues adapting. 4. I cannot afford the cost of comprehensive medical insurance. At age 66, I do not qualify for any reasonable premiums. My Medicare premiums the USA is a fraction of what medical insurance will cost me in Thailand. if you can't manage the financial cost of living here then up front you need to seriously consider if you should live here 5. I do not like being stopped by immigration police outside my apartment and demanding my passport and documents and fearing arrest and possible deportation. not sure where you live but in 20 years in bangkok i, and all my friends, have never had to show passports or any documents to the police. i have never feared arrest or deportation, as neither would any normal law abiding citizen. what what activities where you getting up to to draw the attention of the police and make you fear arrest and deportation?! 6. I am tired of the smog.
  12. mayans mc - sub sons of anarchy, dull, managed to get to the end. just. wont bother with season 2 das boot 2018 - good if beale street could talk - good movie
  13. i haven't experienced the airline... but amazon coffee's not very good.
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