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  1. there should have been a guy or girl like this collecting fares from passengers. why do you say 'farang appreciation day', were the thai passengers paying, and if so why didnt you pay? the boats operate an 'honesty' policy where passengers are expected to pay if overlooked by the on board ticket seller, which can happen when the boats are busy. you could always offer to pay to staff you find on the piers.
  2. A trailer truck flipped over due to a brake and engine malfunction with all due respect how can this possibly be known at this point? why are articles containing such obvious speculation, if not obviously incorrect information, simply cut and pasted onto this site, with absolutely no value added by he OP. there is a need for a sub ed to ensure basic quality control.
  3. not pedantic, a valid point, it's surprising the lack of knowledge about thailand many people here have. if you want to understand what's going on in the country, you need to understand the country.
  4. every day hotels, guest houses, etc. have to complete a form (i've only seen it written but it may be online too) with passport information of all foreign guests including visa/visa exempt details, this is sent to local police/immigration.
  5. for someone who wanted his privacy respected and claimed to want to stay out of the limelight he certainly bangs on a lot.
  6. not sure about the dangerous bit, but if you knew anything about thai culture you'd know why she is referred to as 'aunt'.
  7. but, but, but... how can this be? surely some mistake... bangkok has these amazing air purification machines...
  8. fingers crossed, but... reported in the daily mail? think i'll wait for a more reputable news organisation to cover the story
  9. well, yes, and no. if she was working legally with all the relevant qualifications, documentation and work permits it paints a different picture to someone working illegally. if she was breaking the law prior to the drugs bust surely this would be taken into account when granting, or not granting, her bail. and while not proof of involvement in the drugs case does show a casual disregard for the law in thailand.
  10. i've long liked firefox, from a purely user point of view, but the recent update of the tablet app was awful, it was really un-userfriendly so i deleted it and use crome, which, imho, is not as good as the old firefox but is better than the new! so many 'improvements' in technology actually result in a worse use experience. however the new firefox on my notebook seems fine and not to different, from a user point of view, to the previous version.
  11. my mate works for one of the big paint companies and told me that paint has to be adapted for different areas of the world due to varying climatic conditions because of how paint reacts chemically. as glue and rubber are chemically based products you'd think the same would apply. so a product not designed for certain climatic conditions could well fail. failed my chemistry exam at school so dont take this as gospel but it makes sense...
  12. so only valid for corona virus treatment. surely a policy that covers medical treatment including corona virus is going to be far more useful?
  13. no it doesn't. it's very possible for the package to be identified as carrying drugs by a customs sniffer dog, alert customs official, random checking of packages by post office/customs staff or from a tip off. once a package is identified as containing drugs, especially if it is a large amount, it is allowed to proceed to it's destination/addressee and the police take appropriate action. happens in many countries and is to be applauded as effective action by customs and police working together. now other matters; while she could have a TEFF certificate at 19 she is extremely unli
  14. common sense really, but doesn't stop thai 'journalists' making such claims time after time. if only more care was taken and not re-post articles with such obvious errors, or the OP make relevant correction of obvious error/s when posting.
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