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  1. It all makes sense now. And the next step is where Bill Gates will personnly inject us with a vaccine containing the tracking device, and then world domination by the 1% will be complete. Or, it could just be a virus...
  2. What a wonderful and happy simple world you must live in, where chinese tech companies have nothing to do with the chinese government. Are there unicorns in this place as well?
  3. That site is slow to load because it has to go through the chinese firewall to its location in the Ministry of Propaganda. But another 50 cents for you for sharing the link!
  4. You must be a General in the Chinese 50 Cent Army with your endless posts of blind devotion to China and Emperor Xi.
  5. Dengue fever does not get transmitted from person to person, so not really relevant in a social distancing discussion, and the Thai road deaths falls under the logical fallacy of false equivalence. Both of your arguments are flawed.
  6. Inconvenience and inconsequential are different words with different meanings. You seem to have completely missed the point.
  7. How have we survived as a human race when a really small inconvenience that takes literally a few seconds becomes such a problem? Have you ever faced any real adversity in your life?
  8. Here we go - this should be good. Is this the one about world domination, or that the hospitals are making covid the cause of death to increase income, or a master plan by Bill Gates to inject us all with a tracker-laced vaccine to a disease that he engineered?
  9. You guys are hilarious! It's amazing what you come up with. Thank you and keep up with the entertainment. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will deal with a real problem...
  10. Obese young people are also at severe risk.
  11. Why can't you stop them? The concept of a health passport has been thrown around. You maybe can't force someone to take a vaccine, but you sure don't have to let them into your country if they present an avoidable risk.
  12. Another thing to consider is that obesity is a major covid risk factor, no matter the age. From what I've seen from the bars in Pattaya, there are some younger punters who may feel invincible, but might consider eating a couple of salads while in lockdown before heading out to crowded bars.
  13. But the other conspiracy theorists are saying hospitals are reporting non-covid deaths to be covid deaths to increase income, meaning the deaths are lower. I'm confused - is the earth flat or not?
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