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  1. We can only hope to see the little general get his back side handed to him in a debate.
  2. What a shock. Myanmar does not fail in failing or doing harm to its own people. For decades, we had all that wasted hope. Lived near Burmese neighborhoods in Taiwan. They all waited for that day when Aung San Suu Kyi would change the country. She is a total failure
  3. Lived there for four years. It is like Hong Kong in that most jobs are in finance. The best I can say is that it is okay. Great if you are really rich or if you have young kids. The food is really good and diverse. The Indian food is inexpensive like Malaysia. If I had a choice between KL or Singapore, I would choose KL, especially now given the positive political situation. Singapore now looks rather old fashioned politically compared to Malaysia.
  4. I skip duty free in Thailand. In my experience, it is the worst in Asia. The prices of alcohol seems to be slightly lower than the inflated grocery store price.
  5. That is 33billion USD unless I am mistaken for Thailand. Taiwan wanted 11billion USD for 2019, and they have a real aggressor who advocates conflict if necessary. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/08/06/asia-pacific/taiwans-tsai-ing-wen-seeks-11-billion-defence-budget-china-threat-grows/#.XG4gIFUza00 Why does the Thai military need so much money, and why do they need conscripts, when those who have far more to fear need less ? How will the good soldier defend his position ?
  6. True, but it does not take that many people to face down the army, and lead to a history altering movements. The army likes the boring, dimwitted current status quo. Change would mean scrutiny, and they are not use to that. There is way too much fear in Thailand. Nobody feels like speaking freely about Thai politics.
  7. Says he who uses overwhelming firepower to settle disputes and suppresses discussion. Most hollow thing I have heard today
  8. She should have stayed there or flown from there. It is more civilized. How dare she wanting to escape a war zone. Thailand is a place for fulfilling dreams getting medical treatment, not solving other problems. People with non medical problems should avoid Thailand at all costs.
  9. Yeah, they should treat in the same competitive, free market way they treat alcohol.
  10. Did not know Thailand was at war. Other than just a lot gum flapping, I would say nothing good is happening in the country. Its moribund state remains as it has since military rule.
  11. The room temperature IQ's running the county have no affection for their fellow Thai. They seem them as people to be exploited. To this day, the average Thai is afraid to talk about politics. If that is not exploitation, it is hard to fathom what is.
  12. Who needs words when you have a banner . It sounds like not enough discussion is taking place just the waving of banners. Speaks poorly to the nimbleness of the military minds running the country.
  13. Taiwan, which has a substantial threat, end conscription late last year. They will have only volunteer troops. Why can Taiwan survive while Thailand can't? Thought the military party was way ahead anyway. Money taken from the military black hole to be used to help the economy. The people over the military? Chaos will ensue. Financial independence will lead to better education and a desire for competition. How will the military rule ?
  14. If true, the country will only get worse. A giant wet blanket will be where Thailand use to be.
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