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  1. All these committees talking about committees is not a waste of time at all. Finally the military is going to have to answer to somebody.
  2. Most people I know are concerned about their business or job. A holiday is not on their mind at all. Again, if they do not have similar visa rules a Malaysia or Vietnam, they will not be as successful in the future.
  3. The current government shooting the country in the foot is to be expected. It will just make the disillusioned youth more so. Oh, but wait, cha cha is going to start a reconciliation panel. The country is saved. The junta's talk is never in line with their actions.
  4. The courts need to be non political and not under ANY part of the government or big business.
  5. The last group of reconciliation pros were such a success that a repeat performance is needed. More reform talk from a coup leader now clinging to power. The last coup leader at least wanted a civilian government, but less than nimble minded cha cha thought he knew better. This is why there are young people demanding change.
  6. These kids are Thailand's future. They are making gains not seen before. Or there is descent in the ranks. Seeing cha cha finally leave office will help Thailand to compete.
  7. Why any government involvement? American businessmen can't figure things out for themselves?
  8. Deescalation will not happen if this happens. This is precisely why the youth wants to change things in Thailand.
  9. Who needs Thailand that bad especially now? If the junta is serious about saving the Thai tourist industry, allow 90 visa like Malaysia and Vietnam, once normalcy comes along. US$100,000 flu insurance? Why not just beef up travel insurance? The junta is better at creating problems than solving them.
  10. Lovely stunt, but cha cha would gladly stick that knife in all MP's right eye to retain power. cha cha is calling his cling to power noble like all deluded man babies. We all hope Malaysia's prime minister gets voted out soon. He tried calling for emergency powers too. The ousting of the Malay PM will spur more in Thailand to ask cha cha to resign. If cha cha does not go, somebody will probably get hurt.
  11. The junta has been trying, or pretending to try, to give the area a make over since it ceased power in 2014. Looks like the virus will do that for them. If they could stop dumping raw sewage into the water, that would be a great improvement.
  12. cha cha is so out of touch or just evil. These children see where their future lies, and they want to change it. They want the military out of government. Their parents and teachers do not have the intestinal fortitude that these young people have. Think everyone knew this was going to happen one day. A coup leader who prances around saying hie is doing a great job. Most older people are use to submitting authority figures. These brave kids are a refreshing change. I change what will not go away.
  13. It sounds like the US has started waking up to the belt road initiative China has in play. Thailand gets to play one against the other. Wonder how much this is costing the US tax payer.
  14. The road map resides in that Chinese speaking country to the north. They have the highest penetration in Asia and the world's largest car market. But please continue pontificating the virtues of the junta government. Think she looks a little pale. She needs to go outside and play.
  15. The world economy is still struggling. Surprised it was only a mere 14% and change. Thailand only seems to see things that effects Thailand. It is the most inward looking country I have ever been to.
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