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  1. WRONG. It is harmful to those and their families who have no choice in the matter. If the Thai army cannot woo volunteers, let them "reform" as the fascists who call themselves democrats use to say. You make it out like Thailand is under siege. Its not. Drugs are a social problem. Do you think the army is equipped to handle that? How has the military handled vehicular deaths in the last six years, the economy or anything else? How has it handled teen pregnancies or STDs? If the answer is well, then they should teach the public sector. You do not want an army in the public sector. The Shans, Cambodians and Burmese are not looking to invade. The Shans do have nice food though .
  2. Have a friend who was looking at living Bangkok. She almost fell for this, but her middle class Thai friends talked her out of it, say Thailand just is not that great anymore. They are looking at Malaysia, or they will rent in Bangkok for a spell.
  3. He and credible information are already doing that on a daily basis.
  4. Does this include those media stocks everyone made such a big deal about? He will put the cha cha history to shame. The last 6 years has been a blight. He and people like him will one rid the country of military interference.
  5. It was a few weeks ago they said there was enough cash to operate. Now their pants are on fire. They use to have a nice Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok flight for around B10K back in the day. Today, there are cheaper, better choices and let's face it, who likes the government of Thailand these days? Wasn't their an article a few years ago how Thai would maintain fat cat family's private planes for free ? Would love to see cha cha have to deal with this mess which happened under his usurping.
  6. He is a buffoon. Everybody in this government has been weakened by military intelligence. Spoofing a gps is not hard. Also, monitoring every car on the road will require a huge data center. Somebody is looking for a pay day, not for a solution. As if Thailand has the luxury to entertain such silliness.
  7. I could be wrong, but many on this forum have had sons conscripted and report that most of their jobs were menial. Why did Taiwan do away with conscription? The have an almost imminent threat, yet they did away with conscription. Perhaps it was because they were not getting what they were paying for. Say 30k x one pound sterling x 365 = 109,500,000 We know the cost is higher than that and that is why it is not fair to have an army that takes tax payers money, yet is in no way answers to the public. Wild borders not withstanding. You and I do not agree.
  8. Of course it would lessen the numbers of personnel if there was no mandatory service. You think people would volunteer because there are fewer conscripts? Somehow I and most on this forum would doubt that. Been on both sides of the border and the boys in black, who guard the boarder, are somewhat of an elite force compared to the poor shmo's that drew the short straw. Some generals may have to polish their own boots, wash their own cars, cook their own food, and do their own dishes, but the borders will remain safe. If they want those lessens, let them volunteer or allow the money to go to education. Let the people decide one way or another, not the army.
  9. 30,000 conscripts cost the Thai tax payer money, so they are a budget issue. Money that could be spent on roads and education is spent on these 30,000 men who would rather being doing something else with their time. Lived on the Malaysian side of the border for a while. Rarely saw anything other than police and immigration. Frequented other border areas too. Have rarely seen anything other than police and immigration. Taiwan just stopped their mandatory armed service, and they are under threat by one of the largest military presences known. So why is it a good thing ?
  10. Do the military conscripts patrol those boarders? How many of those in uniform actually patrol the border? Those skirmishes you mentioned were just that. How many men and how much money are open to debate. The conscripts are not needed. That is a good place to cut.
  11. The bike sharing business was totally trashed. cha cha's gifted bike lanes to the people Bangkok was a total disaster. A disaster he never seemed to have acknowledged. Is there not that very wide and long stretch of elevated sidewalk that connects Sukhimvit with Lumpini ? How is that used today? Few people will want to ride if the air quality is poor. In Beijing, people just live with the fact they will live five years less than the average Chinese, or they leave Beijing.
  12. For those who feed off crumbs today, there will probably be enough crumbs tomorrow. Until Thais want more, they will be stuck with less. They see these things as parlor games for the wealthy.
  13. What is the Thai word for "pathetic"? The rest of world is passing Thailand by.
  14. A country full of non civic minded, unimpassioned fence sitters. What could possibly go right? We all miss the Shinawatres now. At least when they were around, the country did not feel quite so lethargic. Maybe they should start by telling the military their children have better things to do than waste part of their lives in uniform.
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