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  1. Thought the junta did that anyway: Chinese submarines, South Korean fighter jets and American helicopters, all do not have a common communications network.
  2. "The federation said that the Government’s approach is wrong, and should have started with finding out the truth about the real problems in the company, which have brought the airline to its knees." cha cha's jackboots are pressed against the neck of at least one golden goose. But if you want people to know the truth, you best start telling it. Was there an article some years back that spoke of entitled people getting free fuel and maintenance on their private jets, as well as, free airfare on the airline itself ? More than that, THAI just cannot compete with Cathay or other airlines. I will NEVER fly Thai so long as the junta is in charge of the country.
  3. And they wonder why Thailand does not progress. So many who can do good choose not to. They're for sale. Sadly, this is expected behavior in Thailand. So much for the unsung heroes of Thai government. So many farangs go on about Thaksin, but there are just too many of these slimey politicos running around selling out for a quick buck.
  4. Sorry, can't get excited with the moves of an autocrat that is desperate for pats on the back at home and abroad. He doesn't even like foreigners, but he is desperate for their favorable opinion of him. This story rings hollow compared to how Taiwan, Cambodia and Vietnam handled the pandemic. Cambodia, if you remember, allowed a cruise ship dock that was turned away by the US and Thailand. cha cha is no hero. It is not in him. Unsung sums it up nicely as there is little to sing about.
  5. What comes with such status, arrogance, ineptitude, poor governance ?
  6. cha cha will probably go down in history as one the worst coup leaders in Thailand. Many had their second homes there: oil workers, internet vagabonds, artists. But not after guiding hand of cha cha. He has only caused trouble and pain.
  7. Thanks for making my point that much clearer. He did not bother tourists and did not hamper other's business. Yes. at a lower price than the army he raided the cookie jar. Thaksin could have been the greatest leader in Asia if he wasn't so in love with money. He took money and robbed himself of a place in history. He was and is a short sighted fool.
  8. It is up to the Thai people not one more farang. They want to elect a three legged cat then so be it. A shin would be a huge improvement at this time. Shin's never messed with business or tourism. The army has tinkered with both from day one. My and other working expats are betting on Vietnam. Its rapidly getting back to normal.
  9. What a non surprise. Thai rak Thai. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Thai military has done nothing for the people of Thailand or Thailand's reputation. Thaksin's leadership flawed as it was was still better than the Thai military.
  10. The current Thai government begs for trust from its people, but then digs up a 21 year old case for a border jump and some party favors. All they want to do is instill fear, not promote justice.
  11. Thought they were going to build some luxury homes for entitled civil servants. Just Ironwood trees? There are no other trees in Thai forests? What is the Thai translation for "bio diversity". Its a step forward from condos.
  12. Think he needs more curry in his diet. Dementia is setting in. Use to be in awe of CP for the simple fact that they would wheel carts out of their Cambodian offices and fry chicken at the roadside. They know exactly who they are. These statements are delusional. 1. Rich people like to meet other rich people. 2. Their time is limited, so why blow it in Thailand? 3. Backpackers do more for the locals than the rich. They buy locally made products and stay at locally owned hotels. Volume is where you make your money chicken man. Does he sell chicken to only wealthy people? No. What a dummy.
  13. Ah cha cha, always looking after those who do not need any help.
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