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  1. Did not know Thailand was at war. Other than just a lot gum flapping, I would say nothing good is happening in the country. Its moribund state remains as it has since military rule.
  2. The room temperature IQ's running the county have no affection for their fellow Thai. They seem them as people to be exploited. To this day, the average Thai is afraid to talk about politics. If that is not exploitation, it is hard to fathom what is.
  3. Who needs words when you have a banner . It sounds like not enough discussion is taking place just the waving of banners. Speaks poorly to the nimbleness of the military minds running the country.
  4. Taiwan, which has a substantial threat, end conscription late last year. They will have only volunteer troops. Why can Taiwan survive while Thailand can't? Thought the military party was way ahead anyway. Money taken from the military black hole to be used to help the economy. The people over the military? Chaos will ensue. Financial independence will lead to better education and a desire for competition. How will the military rule ?
  5. If true, the country will only get worse. A giant wet blanket will be where Thailand use to be.
  6. We can agree that the laws are not great here. Business decisions based on breaking laws, regardless of how dumb they are, is not a good idea. That is why I do not do certain things here, and why technology does not thrive here.
  7. 1) So you are here just to flaunt your secret knowledge and less than secret wealth amongst those of us who disbelieve or would like to understand more ? And the B800k insult is to stress why you shouldn't have to share the specifics of your investment genius to us rabble? Then why are you here spouting off unless it is for some sort of cathartic reflex? Do you feel better now ? 2) The more people in a market drives up prices. So your not sharing only hurts you. property must really be your thing, because forming an argument is not
  8. We should trust you and the tuk tuk drivers who offer tours of Bangkok for B20. Okay, thanks for your inspiration and all important insights. We've learned a lot about investing in property market in Thailand.
  9. Guess this is your little secret and you won't share ? You got me there. Can't argue with a guy who has a secret. Sure many on this forum would rather hear your positive tale rather than my cautionary one. Up to you secret person.
  10. Sure everyone on this forum would rather hear you positive story instead of my negative one. So go ahead please. Tell us a positive story about investing in the Thai condo market .
  11. "However, the Bill has come under heavy criticism by farmer associations, millers and a Thai rice expert from the Thailand Development Research Institute, claiming that it will benefit agro giants at the expense of rice farmers. Lt-Gen Veerachon said “The Bill will help protect farmers in the long run so they will not be taken advantage of by millers who will suppress the price of their product, claiming that their grains are of substandard quality.”" The only discussions take place in the media. Government just rubber stamps laws without debate. Now the debate takes place as government fails to debate.
  12. What frivolous poll. It says nothing about the number of amulets, favorite TV shows or being able to name all members of bnk48. Completely out of touch with the what the population feels important.
  13. They are the new suckers. You can make money, but it is really difficult. There are easier places to invest and make money. Thailand aint one of them.
  14. Was trying to have my coffee this morning and the TV ran the JJ market thing at least 10 times. Asked the Thais there, but they would not talk to me, too afraid. The undeniable, indisputable, supreme, grandiose generalissimo could win based on fear alone.
  15. No, they fail the country and put its future in jeopardy. Was crossing the street just a minute ago, and almost got hit by a young woman on a scooter that was overtaking cars without taking notice of pedestrians. Spoke to an HIV councilor in Isan. She says new cases are daily and mostly due to unprotected sex. Thailand's real problems have not been addressed since the coup The coup was a very expensive peace that no nation can afford.
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