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  1. The UK, very likely, would have been much worse off. I agree about lockdown, not a long term solution. Look at the situation in New Zealand in comparison to Sweden with approximately twice the population, similar lifestyles etc. NZ statistics Confirmed 1,154 +0 Recovered 1,131 Deaths 22 Swedens Stats Confirmed 38,589 Recovered 4,971 Deaths 4,468 Twice the population yet 20x the fatality rate. Yep, that was the right approach alright. New Zealand went into a prolonged lockdown, 6 weeks beginning March 25. Then to Level 3, now in Level 2. There was an announcement by the Prime Minister today that a move to Level 1 will be announced early next week, possibly Monday. New Zealand has done well on a health perspective. The social and financial impact, as we all know, will be felt for a long time to come.
  2. Interesting... I wonder if it is a result of lifestyle or social conditions
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