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  1. Yes many do, quite rightly so. It's the idiots in the minority that are an issue; if they can't afford it, then like any country they are not particularly welcome! OPD (assume you refer to outpatient) is not bank-busting like cancer or being on life support after a crash or something similar. 18 million should cover pretty much everything in LOS many times over - 1-5m is generally sufficient. What I have not spotted is how much minimum cover will be required to qualify - many different policies available with a variety of levels.
  2. It is crystal clear that anyone, any age, anywhere on the planet should have adequate health and accident insurance at home, on holiday or if they live or are outside of a country like the UK that has a NHS. Why should someone else be expected to foot the bill if you get sick, crash your rental motorbike (regardless of fault) or get banged on the head by a ladyboy out to nick your wallet (regardless of fault). What is it with people that think they are bullet-proof as soon as they board a plane?
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