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  1. Too early to judge. Learn how to spell in the meantime.
  2. German nonetheless, and with a lot to answer for.
  3. Message to all Israelis following this news - be on your guard.
  4. This is going nowhere. Just a bunch of gold diggers. Move on...
  5. Just let them get to know you. It's that simple. Ignore the advice of the many animal haters you will see in these postings.
  6. Not so good, but not as bad as several other similar northern economies/ countries.
  7. Vance is not very smart, and is a lifelong Democrat like his Dad. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. I could be very wrong, but I suspect much ado about nothing.
  8. From what we have seen so far from Biden I wouldn't be surprised if the Republicans made some gains in the mid-terms, Trump or no Trump.
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