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  1. A non-event shopped by a Thai neighbour. Ridiculous, but right now better not to take any risks of any kind.
  2. In my opinion and experience the pink card is worth having anyway. Minimal effort required to obtain it, but probably too much for many idle foreigners.
  3. I assume this is meant to be a joke. If not, the poster is a rather unpleasant piece of work.
  4. Sadly it disappeared a long time ago as a result of successive waves of immigration from China.
  5. Over 40 years plus I've never had a problem with Thai immigration concerning a number of different visa categories and related extensions. It appears from this thread that may be about to change....
  6. Strongly advise you, in the current atmosphere, to wear a mask when exercising outside your home.
  7. In over 40 years I've never once encountered any of these problems in Thailand which is why I'm still very happy to be here.
  8. Day before extension application for both bank book update and bank letter has been acceptable at CW for several years in my experience.
  9. You will not find anywhere here as good as, say, mid-Saudi Arabia or Arizona in the USA.
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