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  1. I've heard this BS every 2 or3 years or so since the 1970s. The reality is, of course, that they have no intention to change anything. Life is so sweet for the elite just as things are.
  2. This is just a distraction to take peoples' minds off what he's really been up to.
  3. Such a shame that animals world wide are so badly treated. Good for her for trying to help Kaavan.
  4. These women will be from the ranks of the poor. The Thai elite and the Thai authorities couldn't care less about them.
  5. Why have you allowed this process to be carried out by contractors ?
  6. I'm afraid it's days are numbered now. The cruel and disgusting eating habits of certain people from this part of the world will prevail, sad to say.
  7. If any cleaning occurs anywhere in Thailand it usually consists, at best, of the dragging of an over-wet mop across the floor. Nothing else gets touched in most cafes, restaurants or households.
  8. My advice is do not use any agent. Learn to speak basic Thai, learn how to deal with the Thai authorities, learn how to make time to get things done and, most of all, learn how to overcome laziness.
  9. They most certainly did, led by Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and supported by the USA.
  10. Brit leavers will put up with a lot in order to be rid of the EU, EEC, Common Market or whatever it's calling itself these days. Britain should never have joined in the first place. It should have gone flat out to strengthen ties within the Commonwealth and the USA.
  11. Joint account for you and your wife for general purposes, single account for you for 800k willed to your wife in the event of your death. Can't really understand what the problem is.
  12. ....more like because he's both corrupt and senile.
  13. Yes, he's busy getting back to the swamp. Snouts in the trough etc.
  14. May well be legally correct, but the driver should be ashamed of herself for not facing up to what she did. Instead, she ran away.
  15. Sounds as though you've got the covid virus. Isolate without any delay.
  16. Just about anywhere. Strange question.
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