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  1. You just got to wonder. They want tourists to come to the country and spend money and stimulate the local economy, but they don't want you to come too often. Like what's the issue? All we do is spend-spend-spend. We take taxis, buses, trains, planes....we pay. We eat/drink...we pay...We stay in hotels/apartments/rooms/houses...we pay....We go see movies, go shopping, go to clubs, have a massage, get a gal for the night....we pay, pay, pay.
  2. I've been through these same situations myself several times. Had the man in the adjoining townhouse start a welding/metalwork factory in his driveway....I moved....Had the lady in another adjoining townhouse start a restaurant/late night drinking spot in her driveway....I moved....Had the lady in the apartment directly above me start a storeroom/wholesale business in her apartment, so they were dragging cartons in and out all day, all night....I moved. I could go on and tell about another half a dozen similar experiences, but the point is: as a farang with pretty well zero rights, all you can do is move.
  3. My wife had an AC serviceman come and check ours out a couple days ago. He did some cleaning outside at the compressor (I was inside so didn't see what he was doing but could hear work going on) then in the bedroom he dismantled the ac and cleaned everything, flushing water through it using a huge plastic bag to collect the water. Cost 500Bt. (plus wife gave him some vegs from her garden as a bonus because he did such a good job)
  4. I noticed they are no longer stapling these cards into passports on arrival, so I imagine that tourists losing these cards must be a very common occurrence.
  5. +1 the writing's on the wall, the party's over and Thailand wants the farang expats gone, they don't even want farang tourists popping in too often. Many of us are stuck here in marriages, relationships, with kids, invested in homes/property...but anyone planning to come in the future and set up fresh...you gotta have rocks in your head.
  6. There's something wrong here: T.sasalin This needs to be sorted out. Hopefully the locals will know.
  7. Same here, one time only about 3 years ago, was hellish, like you say at least 4 hours at Thai Imm, my Thai wife was through in about 2 minutes. I'll never do that again, will totally avoid that border crossing.
  8. I'm really surprised that it's been this long, that nobody's rolled him already.
  9. Well flies, ants, dung beetles and others are all part of the process of decomposition. If they were all to vanish tomorrow within no time we'd be knee deep in dead carcasses and animal dung. But mosquitoes serve no purpose as far as I know, other than spread sickness, death and discomfort, be good if we could eradicate them totally.
  10. An alien shows up in an area, so the locals talk and inform the officials of the alien's presence, so the officials visit the alien to check out the aliens documents and then fine the alien for breaches of laws restricting the aliens to registered areas....sounds familiar doesn't it....apartheid era South Africa...Jews in Nazi Germany.
  11. I hope the hospital remembers to do 10 TM30 reports for these aliens.
  12. They keep bringing up the Erawan Shrine bombing as one of, if not the, prime reason for knowing foreigners whereabouts. Yeah, great idea, like a terrorist flies in Thailand to carry out a planned bomb attack and he/she is going to report all their movements to immigration.
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