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  1. Yes, unless I have something very serious I'll be waiting it out here.
  2. I'll be watching this closely as I'd also like to get back to Perth soon for similar reasons. I hear talk from Australia (via ABC News) that they may soon dispense with the mandatory quarantine in hotels and allow people to be fitted with a tracking bracelet and quarantine in their own homes. I'll be all for this as I own an apartment (currently empty) and spending 14 days locked down in my own apartment will be a zillion times better than being in a hotel room. I have looked online a few times but can't see any flights BKK-Perth. Hopefully there are some, or will be some soon.
  3. "What we want now are quality tourists who stay for a long time," Yuthasak said. Wish they'd make their minds up. They had tourists who stayed a long time and all they did was hound them. In their minds real tourists stayed a week or two, once a year. Anyone who stayed "for a long time" was accused of abusing tourist visas and often refused entry at airports and told they were no longer bona fide tourists and to get the appropriate visa.
  4. +1 ... In the past I always got my multi-reentry permit at same time as my annual retirement ext. This year (in July) I guessed I wouldn't be going in and out in the coming 12 months so didn't get the reentry stamp. Just as well as it would have been good money down the drain, plus a page wasted in my PP.
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