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  1. @downunder66: agree, in Oz they have the experience and expertise. That's why I flew back to Perth and getting my treatment there and not in Thailand (where I'd rather be right now) there's also the added plus that the cost of all my treatment is covered by Medicare.
  2. arjunadawn & Sheryl: Here's the update on my situation: I went to Thailand early Jan' and saw a doctor at Saranaree University Hospital, Korat. A very nice lady, she had a quick look at me and asked if I used a moisturiser and then prescribed two creams for me to use. A week later I flew back to Perth and saw a skin cancer specialist, she went over my body with a big magnifying glass instrument the size of a tennis racquet and ordered 3 biopsies. I got the results last week, nothing too serious, no melanomia, one is early skin cancer and the doc will cut that out this Monday, the others can be treated with freezing. Then I'll need a course of fluorouracil 5% cream. The specialist told me I'm lucky that I got the check up when I did, my skin condition is not so serious and can be treated, but if I left it for a longer time then I could have some big problems. I need to remain in Perth for approx two months until everything is completed, then I'll return to Thailand. But now I've made a lifestyle change...no more lying on beaches and riding motorcycles wearing singlets & shorts.
  3. I'm 71 yo, retired in Thailand, currently on holiday with my Thai wife in Perth, Australia. While I'm in Perth I've had some routine health check-ups and all is good. However I have a couple small sunspots on my left arm that require a closer look. This morning I saw a skin specialist and he wants to do a biopsy on these spots as there's a possibility they could be early cancerous and require removing or other treatment. I wanted a second opinion so an hour later I saw another doctor at a different clinic (I didn't tell him anything about already seeing the skin specialist) and this second doctor also said these spots need closer inspection and may require a biopsy and removal. So something needs to be done. Now, we have flights booked back to Thailand in just under 3 weeks, and Xmas/NY is almost here. So not much, if anything, will get done before we depart. Should I go see skin specialists at a hospital in Thailand (we live in Korat) and do what needs to be done there? Or should I return to Perth after a few weeks and continue with the skin specialist I saw this morning? Cost is also a factor. In Australia I hold the Medicare card, but don't have any private health insurance and don't have any pension card. So I have to pay myself for any tests & treatment. I can get free treatment at gov' hospitals but I believe the waiting list is long. In Thailand I don't have health cover, but I know from past experience that medical treatment is very much cheaper than Western countries, particularly in the Thai gov hospitals. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has had this type of treatment done in Thailand and how it went and what the charges were.
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