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  1. No baiting whatsoever. Thanks for the info, it's what I wanted to hear. I guess my concern arises from CM and a couple of other places we'd like to visit being near the Myanmar border, where I believe there are covid outbreaks, so it crossed my mind perhaps there has been some local warnings that I hadn't heard about. Anyway, thanks again for your reply.
  2. Good question. I guess your address is on a computer and they'll send the ticket there. When I bought my new car in Pattaya 6 years ago I got a resident certificate from Chonburi Immigration, and I've changed my address about 5-6 times since then, and have lived in 3 different provinces. So they would have to do a hell of a lot of searching to find my current address just to collect a fine of a few hundred baht.
  3. Considering visiting CM in near future and just curious if there's any need for extra concern? We will obviously be taking all the usual precautions...facemasks, using hand sanitizer, washing hands frequently, avoiding close contact with others. Has there been any specific local warnings recently?
  4. They got to be super careful about crew from Philippines. Western Australia recently had several cases on ships coming into NW ports.
  5. Year, airline and bomb are two words you should never put together.
  6. I read somewhere some time ago that you are supposed to change you car registration to the new province but nobody ever does. My car has Chonburi plates and I've been living in Korat for the past 4 years. I could go through all the rigmarole of changing my car rego to Korat then a week later have a fight with my missis and go back to Pattaya....better just leave things way they are now.
  7. Sounds good. Hope it's out soon and all the vaccinated people can start to freely move around the world again on aircraft and not doing quarantines, while the anti-vax crowd can remain home watching TV.
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