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  1. So lawbreaking is fine actually, as long as you are doing it? Did you not know that tipping officials encourages and promotes corruption? Would you tip a policeman or immigration officer in Europe? No, of course you wouldn't. You epitomize hypocrisy at its best. You want a man who has 14 days overstay banned for five years, however, you go on your merry way like a clown tipping government officials when signs are clearly displayed with a hotline number informing you its against the law? Then you give a ' wai ' and walk towards the door? Classy.......NOT!
  2. Yeah, Had to have a few to get my head around some of your comments, however, the Thais up here think you are hilarious! So please ' Carry on Mac Duff '
  3. Mad as a wasp on a summers day my friend...lol and so is your logic.
  4. Deli, I have NOT written for weeks and weeks but I couldn't let this one go past. I can't believe what he wants to do to a guy on 14 days overstay. Maybe the guy forgot, maybe he had issues, but for 14 days, he wants to have him banned for five years! Also, you are right, I am out of this thread.
  5. I understand this, you are not Judge, jury and executioner and nor are you Thai immigration. You are obviously a poor man with too much time on his hands!
  6. And you know all there is to know about Thailand and how it works so perfectly? And also how the locals follow every law, at home and abroad? Get off the singha, and have a coffee and trhen leave the keyboard alone till you are sober .
  7. Nurse, Matzzon is off his medication and he's got out of bed again. God sake man, he was 14 days overstay!
  8. Hehe. Yup. We stole so many wheels we built a dream team. Champions LEAGUE winners last yeat and top of the PREMIER league by 8 points already this year. There's money in scrap! You clown. What a generalisation about such a fantastic city and all of its hardworking people ! You ever been there? Pathetic response.
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