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  1. So there we have it, the video for all to see and the heroic efforts of a Thai bully on full show attacking a skinny, young Chilean lad whose offense was to be drunk and to ask to go somewhere where the fat bully didn't want to go, or with his limited vocabulary he couldn't understand, felt he was justified to launch a number of attacks against the young person. From the video we can also gather that it was definitely ' on the cards ' in the fat bully's head to hit the young kid with a bottle and he seriously considered it. We then have the odd homophobe on here saying
  2. Do YOU realize that sleeping with old Thai men in government positions or polcemen is common practice for many girls in Isaarn where they strive to be the mia noi or the gik!
  3. And what else did your crystal ball say? Amazing how people can form different opinions just looking at a photograph. I see an arrogant motorcycle taxi driver annoyed because he has been caught or the foreigner has complained.
  4. Correct, he doesn't say the lad was drunk. I think with the photo of the motorbike taxi driver with all the police around him and it looks like his accommodation in the background, the chances are this is the bully who picks on kids! They said they had arrested him at 10am the following morning at his room. This looks like his room, itr sure isn't walking street or the police station.
  5. Usually, like all big cities more opportunities for the ' unsavory types ' to disappear and reinvent themselves in a big city. More scams and opportunities and target the vulnerable and the gullible.
  6. Stupid comment. Many of the girls are driven there by the prime motives of ' Too lazy to learn at school and greed for easy money ' from foreigners. Pattaya where the streets are paved with gold and even the uneducated can strike it rich, if they find a gullible foreigner. You then try victim blaming for what looks like an unprovoked attack with your silly unproven and ill thought out analysis of the situation. Plenty of these motorcycle guys are quite happy for their girlfriends and partners to go with foreigners as long as they bring money home so their w
  7. 1. Maybe, the young lad was just not the violent type?................... There are plenty in the world. 2. Maybe, the young guy was sitting alone and the thug decided to join him and sit down uninvited? All the makings this of an unwarranted and unjustified attack. They lad didn't fight back, He spoke very little English and was crying, either through frustration at not being understood or not being able to understand this attack without reason. Just another thug in Pattaya, he certainly is no spring chicken either by the photo.
  8. I sometimes wonder if these polls are conducted and reported just to inflame foreigners and keep message-boards ticking over. Any poll can reflect what you want it to, it depends on how the question is phrased and also the options given for the answers.
  9. Me too! Although some of the nice resorts in Isaarn and laid back life can be good fun, I do enjoy Koh Chang and miss it.
  10. I was in Whitby last time I was in the UK. It was warm weather. The place is well taken care of, expensive, classy and I had a great time. Heavy on the wallet for everything.Property is expensive there these days.
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