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  1. All borders are closed, except in some cases, for repatriation of a country's own nationals. The governments in Asia are planning to kick start their tourist economies firstly by domestic tourism, and then by regional tourism to countries with mutually low infection rates, such as Thailand to Cambodia or Thailand to Vietnam.International tourism will obviously take longer. I cannot see it being very successful as locally in Thailand, many don't have the funds currently and holidays are way down the list of priorities, the same in Vietnam and Cambodia.I should imagine Westerners here on long term visas and extensions will also be able to travel regionally when this is allowed to happen. They may also to get around the 14 day quarantine rule, by introducing a scheme that you must get a doctors certificate from a hospital after being checked out for Covid19, before you are allowed to travel. Both Thailand and Cambodia are hoping to get back the Chinese and South Koreans quickly when the restrictions are lifted. I personally, wouldn't fancy being on a plane or in close proximity to Chinese nationals at the moment, when they are speaking of a second spike in China. When this will happen depends on infection rates staying low but they are hoping for sometime in June or beginning of July currently.
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