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  1. I have known deep poverty. How presumptuous, You know nothing. Most of these cases are fueled by cash and greed.
  2. I renewed my debit card from Barclays, last year and it went to my UK address. My son sent it track and trace system, using the Post Office. He put it inside a birthday card to Thailand It was here in six days.
  3. Go to Tesco and spend 500 baht on it, if it doesn't work, contact the bank. Tell them you are stuck in Thailand due to Covid19 and quarantine restrictions. In speaking to the bank, you should first download a cheap app for overseas calls such as Yolla or similar ( loads on the market) where you are paying peanuts for international calls. I use it whenever I am calling overseas such as Qatar air or business or financial institution.
  4. That wasn't the question. He has to use the debit card in a transaction once before expiry to get it renewed and a new one sent out.
  5. Yes, It is like they just don't see danger. I have always said in my years here, I have found them as a race of people, to be reactive in whatever they do as opposed to being pro active. Without droning on and sounding like a grump, it's the same when 9 year old kids are driving motorbikes through the village AND on the roads nearby. No safety helmets, and no point talking about insurance or driving permits. Then they fall off and injure themselves, sometimes badly and sometimes deadly,, and the parents give that ' deer in the headlights ' blank
  6. Why don't you use it to buy some products at the supermarket? You have then used the card as per their instructions and you aren't getting withdrawal fee charges of 220 baht. neither. I did it yesterday at Tesco Lotus. Just 500 or 1000 baht will do the job.
  7. A river the size of the one pictured and he knew by the afternoon it was fast flowing but allowed 4 very young kids, who couldn't swim, to accompany him. What could possibly go wrong? When we hear of tragedies like these that are completely avoidable by just displaying a bit of common sense. Heartbreaking news.
  8. There is no room for a ' sandbox ' in Phuket. Not happening. All the government officials have got their heads in it. There will be no flights of vaccinated foreigners landing in Phuket in July, or August or September, ......none, zero, nada, Threats of deportation? Hardly anybody listens to that often rolled out empty headed government drivel anymore. The top and bottom is they are out of ideas, they failed, they ballsed it up at the last hurdle, for whatever reason. They didn't look to the future, they thought they were saving thems
  9. I would hate going shopping with you for what you might class as a big ticket item......say a garden hose!
  10. The hold up is " They dont have ample supplies of the vaccine" All the rest is smoke and mirrors and cover ups.
  11. Links to numbers with facts and figures on all the hundreds of Thais that have died in the UK in your statement above, which you have to hand, no doubt? A bit premature with your gratitude for the free vaccines when the roll out for foreigners has not begun yet., are you not? Let's see if they are on target or will there be further flip flopping and changing of minds and roll out dates. And whilst you are thanking Thailand, you may as well thank the Oxford university in the UK, as it is their vaccine the Thais intend to make under license and mass produce in Thailand.
  12. And I hope the Thais receiving free vaccines in the UK and Europe and the USA are equally grateful to the respective governments and also further grateful at the speed they were rolled out and with no confusion as to who could and could not receive them.
  13. I am unsure what vaccines will be available in Thailand but we know for sure Sinovac and Astra Zenica will be two of them. All my family members have now been vaccinated at least once, not all with the same vaccine. They told me they had ' no say in it ' when it came to vaccination. They got what they were given.
  14. Swollen legs for a while is preferable to oxygen and an ICU. The top and bottom of it, and I am not a fan of Sinovac, is no matter what vaccine you choose you will have certain people that are vulnerable to certain vaccines or elements of it that it is impossible to know in advance.
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