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  1. Our own dog was put down when it went around killing chickens and ducks, not eating them, just killing them - no guns though, one whack on the head was all it took. but not in Thailand ........... my neighbors ate him.
  2. Thailand has no extradition treaties with Greece, it was reported he has already left Thailand: following is excerpt of the law: "At present, Thailand has extradition treaties with 14 countries - the US, UK, Canada, China, Belgium, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Fiji, and Australia." Cheers
  3. Point by Point Manila traffic is wore than Jakarta, and Jakarta is maniacal - At least Bangkok traffic is organized and the stop lights work and obeyed(for the most part) Its only when the BIB get involved and try to control traffic flow is when it gets totally miffed up. True Naaaaah - Internet and TV is better in Thailand than Phillipines True Love the Filipina's they are so accommodating - genuine smiles, stop one and ask for direction, they might even accompany you to ensure you get where you want to go, stop Thai Girl and ask for directions, they look down and start walking faster, even if you speak Thai. Not much different from Taksin, a whole slew of drug dealers, traffickers, users etc etc etc were murdered on his watch, you see anyone crying about that now?? Peace
  4. This is exactly how I bought my condo - my friend (seller) wanted no Tax on the sale as he and his wife were cutting their losses in Thailand and leaving for good. I bought for what he paid for, nothing extra.
  5. Ummmm the husband pays it back. payback on 800,000 baht can't be much per month.
  6. Do they require the Spouse to go to immigration with them to show their face and identification when he applies for an extension?? If not, they should, that would put a damper on a lot of these phony marriages, read where one old gal was married to 16 Indians @ 10K Baht each.............on a side note the spouse getting a loan without an income seems to be a no starter............but i need nor a spouse or a loan so would't have a clue.
  7. I think most wives are open to doing this, but their boyfriends (Pee-Chai) won't, how will they make payments on the car she bought him if you are using it to play for hubby's loan.
  8. Take 2 hr naps in middle of the day helps me - I learned from the Thais, they are the Power Nap-Masters!!
  9. Oh Dear, me thinks someone needs a toke of good old fashioned Thai Buddha stick.
  10. Maybe the Thais should subscribe: https://hightimes.com/grow/
  11. Write your state congressman/woman............enough people bitch about this the better......it would be a simple process as setting up an Internet Computer in the lobby of American Citizen Services in Bangkok so you can log onto your Bank Records that they can verify - since this is the reason they re not issuing any more Letters, they claim they can't verify the amount in the bank. There used to be a terminal in the lobby so Amcits could log onto the SSA and VA Websites.........that should be sufficient. Write your elected officials and start a rally.
  12. I know you have heard this song at least a thousand times in Pattaya Bars.
  13. Hmmmmm I am getting wicked thoughts on your description - I want to party with you mano!!
  14. There are probably dozens operating like this..........I as in a guest house off second road, near McDonalds run by a Norwegian, asked for a Jack Daniels & Coke at his bar, he said - oh, only beer, I have no license for liquor, but if you buy a bottle, I'll put your name on it and I will be legal............then I noticed a lot of bottles with little signs hanging off them behind the bar ....... the price?? whatever it would cost for 20 shots, a bargain that was. .... where there's a will, there's a way, I give him credit for being creative. Now, what is that 'thing' in the first photo fingering the computer?? Scary. Wouldn't want to meet it in a dark ally.
  15. I am sure they will if you hurt one of them, for least favorite ex-wife had three cats, all were de-clawed, and after discovering they could scratch all they wanted and nothing happened, they would grab you and bite if they got pissed off...........she took the cats with her when she left.
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