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  1. First this is a request for Help, and is not really in Thailand but in Vietnam. I live in both Vietnam and Thailand. Here's the scenario: My lady has five dogs, and over a hundred chickens and maybe 30 ducks. One dog, a male which I liked very much, took to killing chickens and ducks and carrying them around in his mouth. Not eating them, just killing them. He made the mistake of killing a neighbors prized fighting rooster, worth about $500.00, (10 million dong) even pulling it out of its cage, needless to say the dog was dispatched with extreme prejudice. I think I can smell him cooking now, enough said. So, what I was thinking, what could we have done early in his life to stop this from ever starting. How do you stop a dog from killing free range birds - Or can you?????. FYI I raised 26 Siberian Huskies - sled dogs - on my land in the US, and had free range chickens there as well, none of them ever killed a single bird to my knowledge. Constructive informative replies only please - the Animal Rights Nazi's can stay home.
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