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  1. Good for you, they can eat cats, rats, puppies, Water monitors you name it. There was an NGO in Vietnam who gave you the snakes for free, all you had to do was buy the cages form them, fatten the snakes up then you release them into the paddies...........I had 16 at one time. Kids would get out of school, catch rats in the fields, I buy them at about 15 baht a kilo(10,000 dong) to feed the snakes, when they got big enough, go out at night so no one can see where and turn them loose. Win win, rats eat rice, snakes eat rats, lots of rice for people to eat. Of course, people eat snakes as we
  2. My neighbor in Vietnam has a huge yellow rat snake, he brings it over once in a while to eat rats in our Rice storage room, turns it loose and in a couple days brings it out with a lot of lumps throughout whole body. He also has a couple cobra's but damned if I will let him bring them over. (haha). His King Cobra eats other snakes, fantastic to watch, as long as it is in his or hers cage.
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