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  1. Isnt this supply chain management 101. Wouldnt they be given this information upon ordering. Wouldnt they then be able to properly inform hospitals of when their batch would arrive? Perhaps if the clown posse hadnt taken over full management of the entire process and just allowed hospitals to order directly?
  2. Many pundits have said it but this is what happens when the lowest common denominator of thug runs the show.
  3. I guess then the responsibility must lie with his boss, the one who took 'full responsibility for the covid vaccine rollout'. Wonder how his boss feels about that .
  4. I dont know how the PM sleeps at night with so many concerns. This is, of course, the highest priority for the moral integrity of Thailand to remain intact. Lottery ticket anyone? (its not gambling if someone you know makes money)
  5. Well I for one am relieved to see some predictability come to this pandemic. Up until now everything seemed to be unpredictable, uncertain. Phuket failing to open, thats something we were all certain about.
  6. I take your point and Thai laws concerning sex toys are laughably archaic - however in my very smart wifes defense - counterfeit or cheap sex toys can be quite dangerous.. https://www.medicaldaily.com/bootleg-sex-toys-may-contain-unsafe-chemicals-4-ways-spot-fake-adult-novelty-293864 https://dangerouslilly.com/toxictoys/ https://lifehacker.com/why-i-dont-recommend-buying-sex-toys-on-amazon-1733804821 Next time check the brand on your But(t) plug.
  7. Thai govt reiterates commitment to tackling corruption Editorial correction
  8. For once, not as silly as it may seem . As my wife explained, the concern is that these counterfeit toys have been known to damage those private parts (severely). Apparently there are standards for sticking objects in orifices which must be adhered to!
  9. Hmm sounds like a short term fix to a depressed property market. Doubt the Junta will show much sympathy. If the doors are opened we can expect certain property to temporarily spike as speculators from China swoop the market. Longer term Thailand is suffering a population decline and not much short of huge immigration will save it. Anticipate general property to continue to suffer low demand with but hotspots like Phuket may surge for a long time - pending tourism recovery.
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