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  1. Unless they take serious measures such as harsh fines, penalties and other measures the situation will remain the same. Thats a given. Every other country does these things and sees results. Boggles the mind.
  2. “The government does not want to use drastic measures such as imposing fines for littering, as keeping your community clean should be a basic conscious behaviour of Thais,” Wow.... I mean wow... what an ignorant statement. Fines are the only thing that HAS worked in any country. Looking around Thailand it doesnt seem that goodwill and public conscience works for anything, littering, driving, paying taxes etc..
  3. Ah suspected that - but it still works very well - never have a problem shipping.
  4. It can be a <deleted> shoot unfortunately - like all random laws in thailand there are multiple variations as to how it is enforced from None - to overdone. Easiest thing is to get it sent non-tracked (UPS).
  5. Beyond insane! - its MAD MAX fury road out there. Wild insane drivers going 150 cutting 3 lanes no indicator and never a siren of law enforcement. Bits and pieces hanging from the rearvision mirror wont save someone from stupid driving nor the other lives they endanger.
  6. Im in malaysia at the moment so it defaults to My.iherb but it should be https://th.iherb.com/. It will default to your country now. I had no problems ordering from the US site before - anticipate no problems from the Thai link - may be the same order mechanism.
  7. That is the case however its 3 months per person - if you can produce other passports or copies of they should give it back. Best thing is to get it here through iherb who now have a thai site. its about the same for most. Only unusual products not included here.
  8. Plastic all over the beaches and behind any resort, air pollution so thick it will make kids cough. Roads so dangerous they kill more each year than the Iraq war at its height. Cant see these points tackled above?
  9. If 'IT Savvy' means 'using facebook and instagram while walking very slowly' then I would have to agree. If it means digital government services which speed up administration and reduce time for government processes then I would have to laugh long and hard.
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