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  1. Bold words from a man who refuses to have his bank accounts audited nor those of his lackys and relatives nor any transparency to his government.
  2. Looks like crop burning has begun just on time for the mills to open. As usual no monitoring. Peoples health will suffer. Thailands reputation will suffer. Tourism will suffer. Madness.
  3. ABSOLUTELY - thats where we are heading as soon as my son graduates in a few years. Either Phuket or Samui or Koh Phangan.
  4. This gentle effort at mediation should quieten the protesters (NOT!!!).
  5. The High Season? That would be the High Pollution Season. As usual it seems fire burning crops is taking precedence over peoples health and tourism.
  6. Cranking it up just in time for burning season. Thats sure to attract the tourists back.
  7. A great opportunity here for Thailand to run "Bangkok Hilton" live packages. 14 days quarantined in the Bangkok Hilton Prison, living like a prisoner, doing prison stuff like avoiding showers. I read that the government wants to open up tours of the prison so this is a great chance to combine objectives
  8. I almost feel sorry for them. There must be about 100,000 Hawkers, sellers of lucky charms and sunglasses etc... all vying for their attention.
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