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  1. Im certainly going to follow the PMs example and avoid the Sinovac dumped on Thailand. I hope private hospitals will be allowed to have pay for vaccine soon.
  2. Not unless Wuhan Lab moved to Thailand! - WHO will do anything to divert attention away from their Chinese overlords.
  3. The only way Ill watch is if he takes the dare and does the Sinovac... or is that just for the rabid masses?
  4. Yup.... 10% of the British Isles, of every man, woman and child, is set to jump on a plane to Thailand tomorrow.
  5. Thai airways has been an appallingly run business for a long time. Annual profits for the four years prior to Covid below. Its been mired in cronyism, nepotism, bad management, aging aircraft etc.. Pity the poor shareholders. Scammed. Annual profits below −(minus) 12,042 million baht (2019) −(minus) 11,625 million baht (2018) -(minus) 2107 million baht (2017) +15.14 million baht (2016) etc...
  6. Sounds like the Team at TAT are planning another luxury "workshop" to test this theory out
  7. Good choice Mr. Privileged PM. I woudnt put that Sinovac junk in my veins either. Save it for the toiling masses.
  8. Nah - its the helpless masses that get the junk Sinovac. The big shots get the proven and safe. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2073147/anutin-prayut-to-get-astrazeneca-shot?fbclid=IwAR0247ITqb443615FEoB7paomdYJrSZZg_qnomh2G1FJL7G2LdQU5vissW8
  9. Your just not going to believe this - after health Min - weed man - pushed the Sinovac. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2073147/anutin-prayut-to-get-astrazeneca-shot?fbclid=IwAR0247ITqb443615FEoB7paomdYJrSZZg_qnomh2G1FJL7G2LdQU5vissW8
  10. Right - now that the first vaccine in Thailand story is out of the way can private hospitals please start stocking the pfizer vaccine?
  11. Now just another 30,999,943 more tourists to reach TAT's 2021 target
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