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  1. The north is worse than Delhi and this government doesnt seem to consider the health of its citizens a high priority. Chang Mai is a hazard zone.
  2. We have. I work around the region so have a good knowledge of it. However my wife is thai and we have kids. For us there are really only two alternatives. North Australia or an Island in Thailand. We are still looking at options but not very impressed with the way things are going. To anyone who doesnt have our restrictions I would recommend Cambodia or Philippines as possibilities. Not crazy about Malaysia, Myanmar too undeveloped and not suitable - also expensive for expats. Laos landlocked and suffering pollution these days. Vietnam just difficult and getting expensive although South is ok. Thoughts?
  3. Thats actually way down from the usual war zone level of carnage on the roads here. Not sure the figures will hold water by end year.
  4. The annual ritual of gradually reducing the overly optimistic annual growth rates begins as reality bites.
  5. Nows the chance to vote for a more effective government people.... just sayin
  6. Ensuring that Thailand is ready for a progressive democracy. I think the author needs to review the definition of democracy. I thought that under the constitution, the upper house was not for election but selection by the military - am I wrong?
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