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  1. An article in a local (Thai) newspaper reported, this morning, that there are 18,000 Thai Buddhists monks under medical treatment for smoking related health issues and that there is a push to discourage smoking amongst the ranks.
  2. If he had changed his surname to Kammasutra he might be in a different position today.
  3. I'm on my third 5 year Thai license. Last year turned out of a Hua Hin shopping centre onto the main road was stopped at police checkpoint and asked for license, Showed and waved on. Made a U turn after 50 meters drove forward and was stopped at the police checkpoint opposite he first, Asked for license, showed, waved on. Drove forward and my phone rang. Pulled over safely on the side and wife asked me to buy her a grocery item. Cursed, drove forward took first U Turn and back to the shopping centre. Departed the shopping centre, stopped at first police checkpoint and asked by the same policeman for license. Showed, waved on. Made U-turn to right drove forward and saw the same policeman cross over into my carriageway and start checking the line. Asked for drivers license by the same policeman, showed and waved on. Four checks in an elapsed time of under 12 minutes. good 'ere innit?
  4. I returned from a European trip last year arriving on a Saturday. Went with my Thai wife (the houseowner) to Hua Hin Immigration to file a TM30 and smiling IO told us 'no need' if returning to previous address. I have lived at the same address for 14 years and am on annual retirement extensions.
  5. Strange enough, tickets sold in a set of identical numbers are sold for more money than individual tickets whereas the chances of getting a price at all, are definitely bigger when holding different numbers. Illegal but Thai customers who want multiple tickets of the same number will pay without complaint.!
  6. Judging from the OP photograph there is a lack of understanding that the vacuum of space renders parachutes useless.
  7. Are the Thai Charity Lottery Tickets sold at face value? The regular Lottery Tickets are still being retailed at ThB100 plus in many areas.
  8. No sweat. The Thai Airways budget will cover it.......
  9. Thanks posters. Yes, I have had dealings with one awkward male IO but he is the exception. In the main this office is convenient and staffed with friendly IOs.
  10. Does the Immigration Office located in Bluport, Hua Hin issue Re Entry Permits? What is the cost of a Single Entry please?
  11. Standard features include power steering and ABS brakes. Wow! Will the innovation never end?
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