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  1. Cyprus to let in Brits with COVID vaccine from May 1 How many bottles is the minimum to gain admission?
  2. Doncha jus' luv the selection of tools with which the BiB are armed. Pushers and pullers....,
  3. Surely large capacity cargo carrying submarines would solve the problem. Load up in the Gulf of Thailand, submerge, sail under the peninsular, surface in the Andaman Sea, unload...repeat. Are there no forward thinkers in this government?......
  4. Lifting tackle requires a Record of Inspections card be maintained. It is a mandatory requirement for slings and chains used in load handling to be periodically load tested, certified and recorded. Wait......what am I mumbling about....this is Thailand......
  5. This is the worst report I have read since the "I dismembered Momma" case ten years ago......
  6. These were in use twenty years ago as a record of Smallpox inoculations where travellers required a record to enter certain countries. It makes sense to resurrect them but only if the former International agreement is still valid.
  7. I would be lying exhausted on a beach if I had swum all the way from the Red Sea..
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