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  1. Quite right. The mighty fleet of the Cambodian Navy have priority.
  2. Must be. She's got the double badge too.
  3. Judging from the numbers of Thai flagged aircraft parked at Suwanabhumi they flew all their assets back here before filing for bankruptcy.
  4. Got our last bill (Hua Hin area) which, from the units consumed, would have been around ThB 3500 but final total was around ThB 650. Bills in my Thai wife's name but she has my surname. Tried to work out the discount rational but gave up!
  5. Hes seven years old! How many people has he met and known during this 'lifetime'? Who writes this <deleted>?
  6. The term 'high fever' is misleading. I suspect that, when their temperatures were checked on arrival it exceeded the normal level but the individuals were not showing any symptoms. Rushing them to hospital is good. The rapid movement through the air creates a cooling effect.......BS!
  7. A tight nurses outfit with mask and miniskirt would be my choice........
  8. Not so, he had his arms surgically shortened. Look on the bright side. When he retires he will be moored at the mouth of the Chaophaya River as a warning buoy.
  9. Pattaya does not have this so why is it allowed to flourish in Phuket.......
  10. You want to make holsters for the guns out of old tyres?
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