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  1. Guarantee the safety of a decision...... <deleted>?
  2. And here was me thinking strict regulations are already in place.
  3. Should have stuck to using 'Hello Kitty' logos or many other cartoon figures subject to copyright yet blatantly exploited by local companies and individuals.
  4. This is why the Watchman never swims in the sea........
  5. The report in the OP is confusing and lacks detail. As read, this family were traveling in the trailer? No. The reader is left to assume that they were in the cab of a truck towing a trailer when, suddenly, beyond the control of the driver the engine and brakes malfunctioned causing the truck to catch fire and eject the infant through the windscreen but not the driver and passenger who must have been restrained.
  6. Presumably the representatives of the China Railway Design Corporation will have completed their quarantine by that date.
  7. An ant can lift 1200 times its own weight but an elephant can lift only a quarter of its own weight Despite this amazing fact an ant cannot lift an elephant.
  8. Oh, you naughty British soldiers with your barrack humor
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